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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 3 Recap

The Zhao family prepared the food and waited for Liu Ying. Unexpectedly, he was waiting for Liu Ying to complain. Zhao Si didn’t know about moxibustion. As he couldn’t tell the cause and effect, he became more and more chaotic, and even said nothing. stand up. Liu Ying slammed the door and left, regardless of Wang Meilan’s obstruction, and returned to her family with a bag. Liu Neng learned that his daughter had been wronged by her in-laws, so he was so angry that he went straight to settle accounts with Zhao Si. As a result, the Zhao family and the father and son were more than the other. It took a long time to show up.

Zhao Si was afraid that Liu Neng could do it. He was stunned that he did not dare to go out through the iron gate. He could only endure the opponent’s anger and madness, and then explained the source of moxibustion. Liu Neng let him go for the time being, and agreed to confront Xie Guangkun tomorrow. Until the next morning, Xie Guangkun took advantage of Wang Xiaomeng and Xie Guangkun’s outing, but had a big brainstorm at home. According to the analysis of the young couple’s sight of dragons all day The two are emotionally at odds.

On the way Wang Xiaomeng was driving to work, he happened to meet Liu Neng and Zhao Si who were coming together. Regarding the two men mentioned moxibustion, the original good mood instantly disappeared. Liu Neng learned the real situation from Xie Guangkun, and Zhao Si also threw the responsibility for family conflicts to Xie Guangkun.

Even if the misunderstanding is completely resolved, Liu Ying has made up his mind to develop the flower garden business and does not want to go around the pot every day and lose the value of life. Liu Neng fully supported her daughter’s idea and used the private money as a subsidy. Considering that Li Xiulian did not know about the private money deposited by her wife, she repeatedly urged Liu Ying to keep it secret.

After several days of meticulous preparation, the first live broadcast of Song Xiaofeng and Erya was very popular, especially the content of the live broadcast focused on rural stories, so with Song Xiaofeng’s eloquent narration, the popularity skyrocketed.

Du Xiaoshuang wanted to go to the Taobao service station to find out the situation, so at the invitation of Liu Yishui, he took his ride. Nowadays, they are advocating live broadcast towns. The two have discussed this. Liu Yishui agrees that this approach can not only boost the economy, but also promote the sale of his own agricultural and sideline products. Du Xiaoshuang revealed his thoughts to Liu Yishui, which also received a good response.

After repeated consideration, Song Fugui felt that he couldn’t understand what was said on the phone, so he went to Li Jingwen himself, intending to apologize to her. Li Jingwen knew that Song Fugui was not a bad person, and knew his careful thoughts, so she said that she had received a marriage certificate and must be from the Song family. This sentence was like a dose of centering, and Song Fugui was completely relieved.

Zhao Lanni went to Liu Ying after school and wanted to live with her grandma for two days. Li Xiulian reminded Liu Neng to talk to the Zhao family. As a result, Liu Neng couldn’t save his face and could not live or die. In the end, Li Xiulian called Wang Meilan, which saved many misunderstandings and troubles between her relatives.

With the frequent increase in the number of live broadcast followers, Yang Xiaoyan became more comfortable in front of the camera. Wang Dana expressed dissatisfaction with Yang Xiaoyan’s live broadcast behavior and was somewhat jealous. However, Yang Xiaoyan had to fight for the promotion of the brand and couldn’t listen. Any suggestions from him.

Seeing Yang Xiaoyan dressed up before departure to discuss cooperation with customers. Seeing that his wife was in a much younger state than before, Wang Dana felt neither energized nor confident, so after Yang Xiaoyan left, he immediately called Lightning and asked him to put aside his work first and be sure to follow Yang Xiaoyan behind him. When Liu Jiawang received a new task, he followed Yang Xiaoyan’s movements on the grounds of protecting personal safety and reported to Wang Dana at any time.

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