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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 2 Recap

Liu Ying’s flower garden is still under construction, and it was just a bit rudimentary, which made Liu Neng very excited. Regardless of whether you can make money or not, the beauty of this three-acre greenhouse is really likable, but at this time Liu Ying and Wang Xiaomeng are still in Wang Changgui’s clinic. Seeing moxibustion placed on the table, Huang Shiyou looked through it carefully. It was a bit unspeakable. He simply explained that moxibustion was helpful for pregnancy, so the two of them suddenly realized that they were not worried.

Wang Xiaomeng did not express anything, but returned home silently all the way. He happened to see Xie Guangkun counseling his son on homework, and he said that the white was black, which was a mistake. Zhao Jinfeng noticed that there was something wrong with his daughter-in-law, and frequently winked at Xie Guangkun. Wang Xiaomeng threw moxibustion in front of Xie Yongqiang and mentioned the usefulness of moxibustion.

Xie Yongqiang felt that there should be a misunderstanding, so he asked Xie Guangkun to understand, but I didn’t know if I asked. Even Xie Guangkun himself had two big heads, and he called for good intentions to do bad things. When he came to the city and passed the massage shop, considering that Wang Xiaomeng often worked hard, he finally bought moxibustion from the clerk. He did not expect that the “promoting family harmony” in the other party’s mouth actually meant the husband and wife relationship.

Knowing the whole story, Xie Yongqiang finally breathed a sigh of relief, ready to speak clearly with his wife, and the family resolved the misunderstanding. Only Liu Ying is still thinking about it, and even thinks that Zhao Si is complaining that her stomach is not up to date, and wants to use her as a childbirth machine. Liu Yingyue became more upset when he thought about it, and angrily proposed to go to work in Liu Hongxu’s flower garden. Liu Hongxu naturally welcomed it when he heard about it and arranged for her to take charge of the operation.

Xiao Shuang stayed in the villa to take root and renovated the live broadcast room. Yang Xiaoyan asked Wang Musheng to tune people to no avail, so at the suggestion of Li Qiuge and others, he personally broadcasted live broadcasts to promote the products of water plants. Wang Musheng came to Xiao Shuang to talk about work, but he drove Li Cheng away. Xiao Shuang worried that Wang Musheng’s persistence would cause trouble to his parents, but he did not hesitate to destroy his relatives in order to develop the villa.

Song Xiaofeng realized the benefits of webcasting and became interested in it, and wanted to make Erya an adult anchor. Through this contact, Song Xiaofeng believes that Erya’s live broadcast is too monotonous and should be updated with some interesting content, so he decided to decorate the live broadcast room into a farmhouse, and let the creative team update the story every day, narrating the Northeast rural areas in the form of a story. The house is short, and it’s a little flicking.

According to Song Xiaofeng’s suggestion, Song Fugui rushed to the door of the hospital non-stop, and finally saw his newlyweds who had not been together for many days. Although Li Jingwen feels a little guilty for Song Fugui, she still has to take care of the second aunt in the hospital bed, she can’t walk away at all, and she plans to end her life.

It stands to reason that Li Jingwen is filial and moving, and indeed shouldn’t be jealous of her, but Song Fugui still thinks too much, and has to drag Li Jingwen to the small hotel to chat. In name, it was a chattering, but in fact, everyone’s heart was like a mirror, especially Li Jingwen was even more annoyed. Song Fugui slapped Song Fugui in anger and treated him as an old hooligan.

Wang Yun learned that Taobao service stations had risen, and immediately rushed to inform Xie Dajiao. This news seemed to provide convenience for the common people, but it made Dajiao Supermarket a rival. Song Xiaofeng went home and found that his daughter-in-law had cooked a table of good dishes. He was immediately overwhelmed. He didn’t expect to see Song Fugui entering the door quietly before eating two bites.

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