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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 1 Recap

The mountains are undulating, under the sunlight, like colorful pictures, overlapping and surrounding, standing half-slope quietly. If you look at it, you can see emerald in the surrounding Bailizhi. The mountain road is winding and deep. There are no people around here. Only a passenger car is coming from a distance. When the station has not stopped, you will see Zhao Si staggering. Down, wrestling on the spot.

Seeing his reckless appearance, Xie Guangkun took a hand in hand, and the two of them sat next to each other, and then talked about the gossip about entering the city this morning. Zhao Si took photos of Xie Guangkun coming out of the massage parlor as a threat and asked him for a few boxes of moxibustion. Although moxibustion was not expensive, it was a gift from Xie Guangkun to his daughter-in-law.

When he returned home, Xie Guangkun handed moxibustion to Wang Xiaomeng, but he did not know that he had done bad things with kind intentions. Wang Meilan was dissatisfied with Zhao Si’s favoritism, and worried about Liu Ying every day. She had never cared about herself. The only jewelry in this life was the small gold necklace bought by her son, which was not a few dollars.

Zhao Si understood the reason for Wang Meilan’s temper, but he was stupid and didn’t know how to please people. The more he explained, the more angry he was. In the evening, the daughter-in-laws of Xie and Zhao had their own ideas. Wang Xiaomeng was not very comfortable with Xie Guangkun’s hospitality. Liu Ying focused on the effect of moxibustion. Because she was not good at using it, she planned to go to the clinic tomorrow morning to ask about it.

Since Wang Musheng took over the Ivory Villa, thinking about how to develop and grow every day, he invited Xiao Shuang to live broadcast. However, the traffic was not ideal, but Song Xiaofeng ridiculed him. The two of them fought hard in the kitchen, and the others hurriedly fought and failed to discuss a solution.

Nowadays, the dog market is not good, and Xiao Shuang still needs live streaming. Wang Dana learned that her son was digging a wall, so she immediately called and ordered Wang Musheng to send Xiao Shuang back to the dog farm. Unexpectedly, Wang Musheng made up his mind to keep Xiao Shuang, and actually offered to resign for her. It happened that Yang Xiaoyan’s water plant was also short of live broadcasts, and the couple frowned.

The villa urgently needs to bring the anchor, Song Xiaofeng personally led the team to welcome Erya to join. Seeing Erya standing in Song Xiaofeng’s team, Wang Musheng couldn’t help but feel yin and yang strange, leaving Erya confused and gradually feeling Wang Musheng’s hostility.

At the same time, Liu Neng ran around the street chasing waste products to sell an aluminum water bottle. As a kindergarten principal, Li Yinping came to inform the opening time and invited Du Xiaoshuang to join him. Ivory Mountain is preparing to use the new ecological farm to build an online economy, but Du Xiaoshuang is worried about the crops. The current planting methods are not ecologically healthy, so they can’t open the market at all. They can only study how to grow organic products in better ways, and write A good plan.

Song Xiaofeng valued this live broadcast very much and got up early in the morning to clean up his image. Song Qinglian was worried that her husband was thinking about it, and warned him. Unexpectedly, Song Xiaofeng was smiling and promised to be a responsible person during work. In order to promote the sweetness between husband and wife, Song Xiaofeng took Song Qinglian and agreed to kiss each other in the morning and evening, finally let Song Qinglian feel relieved.

Before leaving the house, Song Xiaofeng saw Song Fugui, his father-in-law, and suffocated his stomach with bad water, and helped him make suggestions to cook mature rice with the new and old companion rice as early as possible to prevent the rice from being steamed in other pots. Even though Song Fugui and Li Jingwen were married, they were still separated, mainly because Li Jingwen had to take care of the elderly in the hospital, which really made him feel uneasy.

Li Cheng met last year’s “old acquaintance” in the villa and mistakenly caught him as a thief. As a result, the thief is no better than in the past. He is now a shipper in the villa. An oolong incident made Li Cheng a little embarrassed, so he learned that the thief was named Liu Qian, whose name was not very serious, but he was very temperamental.

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