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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 16 Recap

Huang Kan didn’t hesitate to say anything. For example, Hu Shi’s wife died and his family members sent more texts in classical Chinese than in the vernacular, and the cost of sending them was more. Hu Shi smiled warmly. He asked Huang Kan to write a letter of rejection just a few days ago when he declined a friend’s invitation to invite him to a political office. Huang Kan indicated his rejection by using the words “because of talent and knowledge, incompetence, and forgiveness.” But Hu Shi told him that he only replied “can’t do it, thank you.” The students stood up and applauded in support of the vernacular movement, which completely annoyed Lin Shu.

As soon as he got home, Lin Shu asked to appeal to the government to purge Peking University and replace Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu. Zhang Changli is already preparing materials for impeachment, but the amount of materials is not enough to succeed in one fell swoop. He asked Lin Shu to go out of the mountain to lead the snake out of the cave. Only when Cai Yuanpei, Chen Duxiu and others showed their flaws, they could wait for the opportunity. Zhang Fengzai even suggested that Chen Duxiu should start first, so that he can only follow the vines if he destroys his power and prestige.

Lin Shu scolded them for their villainous behavior and walked away, but Zhang Changli praised Zhang Fengzai’s cleverness while pretending to appease the teacher. The next day, the public notice on the campus of Peking University posted foul language about Chen Duxiu’s role as a traitor when studying in Japan. A group of retro-style children led by Zhang Fengzai continued to confuse people, leading to intense conflict between Deng Zhongxia and other students.

Chen Duxiu and others met in the editorial department, Yannian reported on the adjustment of the publication price of newspapers and periodicals. Li Dazhao hoped that they could expand the scope of distribution a little bit and distribute more in factories and other places. Li Dazhao has achieved some results in popularizing the New Culture Movement, but there are also many voices against it. Hu Shi still objected to Liu Bannong’s suggestion that “New Youth” should be propagated by running a newspaper, which made Liu Bannong very dissatisfied.

Liu Bannong and Qian Xuantong proposed to sing a double song. He suggested that Lin Shu and other retroists’ critical sentences should be compiled into a reader’s letter, and then they would publish a rebuttal article in the name of the new youth editor. This move is bound to happen. It caused an uproar, and this letter from the readers was signed under the pseudonym “Wang Jingxuan”. This new genre, Chen Duxiu, found it novel, but Hu Shi disagreed with the low-profile approach of running a street newspaper, thinking it was simply self-destructive of the Great Wall.

Chen Duxiu felt that Hu Shi was exaggerating, and that new things need new means to express. But Hu Shi believes that they are serious academic journals, and they cannot act like this just to attract attention. Cai Yuanpei with “New Youth” came in to praise this self-questioning and self-response article. Chen Duxiu’s funny and silent Hu Shi had a toothache. I don’t know why Cai Yuanpei said that this toothache can also be cured. He listened to the jokes of everyone. Hu Shi also chuckled.

At the reading conference, Zhao Shiyan, Yannian and others reviewed and discussed the “Book of Fu Wang Jingxuan”. Huang Kan’s protégé Fu Sinian also came to observe. He actually came to represent the Student Union to do something for the New Culture Movement. Everyone expressed their opinions. Deng Zhongxia and other students suggested that they should go out and promote the new culture more. They should use the form of live-action drama to present this question-and-answer letter to the people for performance. Fu Si Nian will provide costume props and rehearsal venues.

Deng Zhongxia is in charge of adapting the script, and Zhao Shiyan is in charge of the director. The title of this play is tentatively scheduled to be “The Bells of the Red Mansion”. A group of young people discuss the role and the script. Liu Mei is positioned to play Wang Jingxuan’s A corner. Yannian explains to her the multiple meanings of female roles. , Liu Mei also readily agreed. After the arrangement was completed, everyone performed their duties and prepared excitedly.

Finally it came to the day of the performance. Li Dazhao was busy patrolling the set and the venue. Chen Duxiu took his wife and children to see it, and Jun Man took Hu Shi’s wife Wang Dongxiu to watch the show. The shy Dongxiu was very embarrassed. I am also afraid of embarrassing my husband. But Hu Shi was very happy. He happily took his wife and introduced him to Cai Yuanpei and others. He also took his wife’s hands and seated her to watch. Li Dazhao saw Dongxiu and sighed that he would have brought his wife to take a look.

The performance finally began. Several young people used vivid performances to show the stubbornness of the retro school and the unwavering steadfastness of the reformist school, and the last shout of “life is a test language, death is a tomb”, It is even more exciting for all of you to listen to. Chen Duxiu took the lead in applause, and then remembered a fierce applause, which made the young students who worked so hard on the stage to perform both gratified and deeply moved.

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