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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 40 End Recap

Ban Yu and Rong Yu married in the big moon palace. Shi Jin looked at him with a smile and was happy to find happiness for Ban Yu. After the couple’s worship, Rong Yi and Ban Yi drank the wine, and from then on, the love was unyipable, and the white head was eternal.

After that, Ban Yan entered the bridal chamber, and the emperor let people pass on the banquet. Princess Anle quietly stepped down. Shi Jin stepped down from the hall and told the guards to strengthen patrol. When he saw the palace people presenting dishes, he found that the last man’s footsteps were a little messy.

Uncle Xie and Ban Huai drank too much, quarreled in the hall, and were helped down by their respective sons. Rong Rong just got up and drank, and was unconscious because of poisoning.

Princess Anle told Ban Yi that the queen arranged for someone to attack Yung early in the morning, and she needed to leave quickly at this moment, otherwise the queen would also attack her. How could Ban Qian leave Rong Qian? She left and took the sword and went to the Great Moon Palace.

Under the instructions of the queen, the imperial doctor guided everyone to mistakenly believe that Rong Yi drank the fat of the wine of the rice and was poisoned. Sure enough, the court officials all speculated that Ban Ye refused to the Zen throne, so they poisoned Rong Ye. They proposed to call the Ban Ye to ask clearly, and check whether Ban Ye was poisoned to prove whether she had poisoned.

Su Yue forced people to take the emperor away and ordered the imperial army to capture Ban in the palace. Just as their attention was diverted, Du Jiu quietly took away Rong.

Someone worked overtime in the palace and sent poisonous meals to the class family by falsely passing on the imperial decree. They were found abnormal by the class family and knocked them unconscious. Shi Jin questioned Su Yue, but she had stepped into Shi Feixian’s old road and ignored Shi Jin’s stop.

Su Yue took the civil and military officials to ask the empress dowager to preside over the overall situation. After waking up, Banhuai came to the palace to maintain Banhui. Uncle Xie shares a common hatred with him, so he will fight against those who have fallen into the well against the class’s family.

The Empress Dowager ordered the forbidden army to quickly escort her family to work. Unexpectedly, Rong Wei and the emperor, who had never been poisoned, appeared with the forbidden army. Only then did everyone know that everything was a conspiracy of Su Yue.

She wanted to poison Rong Ye to frame Ban Ye and wait for the opportunity to overthrow the Ben family, but all this was known by Rong Ye in advance, and he planned with the emperor’s general. The emperor ordered these people to be taken to the Dali Temple, and all justices have their own accounts.

Because of the deception of Rong, Ban was a little angry. Shi Jin took Su Yue away. He didn’t expect Su Yue to become a person like Shi Feixian, who did everything he could to compete for power and profit.

Rong Rong had been chasing Ban, who had been chasing Ban had returned to the bridal chamber. He apologized to Ban had admitted his mistake, and Ban had refused to accept it. After spending so much time with her, Rong Yi knew her heart for a long time. She took the initiative to hold her and kiss her, took her to bed, swayed red curtains, bridal chamber candles, and finally had lovers.

Time flies. Du Jiu and Softly became a relative and had a child. Xie Wanyu was also pregnant. They actually wanted to have a child on the same day. Banhuai and Yinshi left the glory and wealth of the capital and returned to the mountains and countryside to live a comfortable life.

During this period, Akqi looked at each other with the hard country. He always wanted the hard country and himself to return to the grassland.

The ups and downs of power struggle made Jiang Luo crazy. Princess Anle cultivates herself in the Ann. Ban Yi sends her her favorite flower tea every year on her birthday. Shi Jin was still alone as a general. His daughter would hope that he could teach the shooting skills of the Ban family. Shi Jin used his tricks to teach him at the beginning.

Thinking of the scene at that time, he suddenly died. Ban Wei also learned the reason why she made a dream foreshadowing herself. At the beginning, she risked her life to save the next week’s father. Perhaps this is the reason for her dream, but more because she controlled her own destiny and lived her extraordinary womanly.

Spring goes to autumn, and winter is covered with silver. Ban Yu stands under a tree full of red bars. At first, the snow in the world is a picture of a pleasant talent and beauty. They have gone through a lot and now they have finally joined hands for the rest of their lives.


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