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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 39 Recap

Zhou Changxiao, at Ban Heng’s instructions, branched Uncle Xie and Mrs. Xie and climbed up the wall of Xie’s mansion by himself. Unexpectedly, Uncle Xie went to the toilet with a stomachache on the way. He heard a loud noise and mistakenly thought that Xie Wanyu was injured. He climbed in and saw that Ban Heng, who fell from the roof, was in his bed with an ashamed face.

Uncle Xie was very angry and asked Ban Heng to call Ban Huai to propose marriage. Ban Heng took the initiative to confess to Xie Wanyu and took out the bracelet he had prepared, but he was cheated by the traitor commercial flour. Xie Wanyu didn’t blame him. Fortunately, Xie’s mother also agreed to the marriage.

Rong You specially prepared a lot of new things for the Ban family. After going through difficulties, they finally returned to the Ban House, and now they agreed not to separate again. The emperor went to find Rong You in person, hoping that he could think about what he had said before in the court.

Jiang Zhang is not afraid of government affairs, but that he is afraid that he has no ability to govern the country and is ashamed of the world. If Rong Yu wants to, he can go to the imperial study to find him before tomorrow morning. Ban Ben heard the conversation between them and went over and took Rong’s hand. The next day, Jiang Zhang waited for a long time, only waiting for a letter from Rong Yi.

Su Yue thought that the emperor’s trust in Rong Yi was a trouble for raising tigers. She proposed to the emperor that he imitate the practice of the previous emperor and let Rong Yi accept great kindness and have to serve the court, waiting for the great cause to settle down before letting them retire to the mountains and forests.

In the early morning, Jiang Zhang ordered all the officials to be knighted and made Rong Yi the prime minister, so that he could marry Ban Yi in the Dayue Palace and enjoy the national ceremony. Ban Yi said many conditions for Rong Yi to marry him in the morning, and Rong Yi should be subordinated one by one. After the early dynasty, many ministers privately discussed whether to obey the queen’s instructions. At the same time, Rong Ye was also ready to marry Ban Ye.

The people of Banhuai prepared many wedding checkpoints for Rong Yi. As a result, before the time came, Rong Yi came in a gorgeous costume. The soft and hard country had to block the door. Ban Huai quickly asked people to inform Ban Yi. Ban Er put on his clothes and came out. He happened to hear the love words of Rong Er to her, and he was very happy.

The second level is wrist wrestling, and Rong can compete with soft wrist wrestling. In order to help Rong Yi, Du Jiu had to like her in his soft ear, and his soft heart was relaxed and lost to Rong Yi. In the third level, Ban Huai asked Rong Yi to take out a penny of entry fee. Ban Huai threw his penny out of the door crack and was thrown out by Ban Huai as a spy.

Uncle Xie and Xie Qilin also came. Ban Huai and others refused to open the door. Rong Yu had to hit the door. Uncle Xie had long wanted to tear down the door of Ban’s house and came forward to help. The door was finally opened, and Rong Yu fell at the feet of Ban Yu. He turned over and looked at Ban Yu. Ban Yu immediately realized that he was the Langjun in his dream.

Su Yue went to provoke Princess Anle to attack Rong Yue. Looking at Princess Anle’s look, she seemed to think that Su Yue’s words also made sense. Rong Yu worshipped their parents with Ban Yu. Ban Huai and Yin Shi were very reluctant to give up with Ban Yu. Rong Yu proposed that they go to Rong Fu together.

Although this is not polite, Rong Ye said that it is reasonable for his family to go with him. Therefore, Rong Qian and Ban Qian sat in the carriage with everyone, which was very lively. At this time, they went to the Great Moon Palace to get married.

In front of the majestic and huge moon palace steps, the two men dressed solemnly and took over the treasure of the ceremonial officer. When they stood up, Ben Yi almost fell down because of heavy clothes, and Rong Yi carefully hugged her. After the courtesy is all over, Ban Yi and Rong Yi are going to enter the Great Moon Palace.

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