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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 38 Recap

Rong Xia shot an arrow at Ban Hua, Xie Zhongjin didn’t expect that he would kill Ban Hua himself, his eyes were full of shock and surprise. Rong Xia immediately ordered to attack the city. Xie Zhongjin was besieged and injured by Akqi and Shi Jin on the city gate, and was rescued by his men. He returned to the main hall to inform Jiang Luo that the city gate had been lost and he could only surrender.

Shi Feixian thought that since Rong Xia shot Ban Huan, he would surely make Ban Old General’s subordinates angry, and he could use Ban Lao General’s subordinates to lead the Imperial Guard to resist Yung Xia. The two veterans of General Ban Huan guarded the gate as expected, and the resurrected Ban Hua appeared with a tiger charm. The two veterans opened the door and Ban Hua led the soldiers into the hall.

Jiang Luo and Shi Feixian were both incredible to see Banhua coming back from death. When the situation reversed, Jiang Luo was taken away, and Shi Feixian was left in the hall. She knew that Xie Chongjin had betrayed Jiang Luo. He had cooperated with Rong Xia and used Banhua’s suspended animation to deceive Jiang Luo and Shi Feixian.

Shi Feixian was upset and angry, she was only one step away from the Queen of Daye, but now it seemed that defeat was set. Banhua didn’t kill her in the end, Jiang Luo escaped from the hall and saw Xie Chongjin as a life-saving straw, but he did not expect that Xie Chongjin would have betrayed himself long ago. Xie Chongjin claimed that he was the first to betray, and Jiang Luo was in despair when he remembered what he had said to Shi Feixian. Rong Xia ordered him to be locked into the partial hall.

Xie Wanyu hit Jiang Luo’s face with a letter of divorce, and Jiang Luo was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. The Ban family finally returned to Ban Mansion, this time of drifting and drifting seemed like a lifetime. Rong Xia’s chest was injured, and today Banhua knew that the man in Xuanyi was him. Daye returned to orthodoxy, Jiang Zhang ascended to the position of emperor, and Rong Xia took the initiative to ask for punishment in the court.

Prior to this, he misrepresented the first emperor’s will, causing Jiang Luo to seek power to usurp the throne, so he took the initiative to resign. Jiang Zhang said that he would punish him, but he actually wanted to let the emperor be in Rong Xia. The courtiers were in an uproar and knelt down and begged him to think twice, but Jiang Zhang was determined. Ban Hua stood up and accused him of being too absurd, and then angrily left the hall, Rong Xia was instructed to follow her out.

The Queen Mother resolutely opposed Jiang Zhang’s decision, and the Queen did not understand. Jiang Zhang began to suspect that Su Yue loved her not herself, but the queen of this great cause. Rong Xia conveyed Jiang Zhang’s will and fined Jiang Luo and Shi Feixian for life imprisonment. Ban’s pomegranate not only survived, but also blossomed and bear fruit. Ban Hua and his parents teased Ban Heng and asked him when he would go to Xie Wanyu to propose a marriage.

Ban Heng always felt that Xie Wanyu had just retired Jiang Luo, and he rushed to propose relatives as if taking advantage of others. Yin reminded Banhua that he had time to go to Shijia and thank Shi Jin. Su Yue hoped that Shi Jin would let the imperial army force Jiang Zhang to take back his life, get rid of flaws, and assist Jiang Zhang in the upper position, so that their Shi family would have real power.

However, Shi Jin had already seen clearly that these powers are all clouds, and family talents are the most important. It is rare for Ban Heng to get together with his brother Zhou Changxiao. He said that he helped Zhou Changxiao talk about his relationship with Miss Sun, but he wanted to help himself propose marriage to Xie Wanyu. The Xie family gathered at this time. Xie Qilin said that Xie Wanyu and Ban Heng had a very close relationship.

Uncle Xie was overjoyed and claimed that if Xie Wanyu liked Ban Heng, he would go to propose marriage in person. Xie Wanyu was shy again. The queen mother talked to Banhua separately and gave her the imperial decree of the first emperor, saying that she was worried about the defeat of the Ban family and used this imperial decree to designate Banhua as the princess of Changle.

The queen mother no longer concealed and asked Cheng Amber’s thoughts. Ban Hua said that Cheng Amber had no other ideas about the throne, and she finally let go of her hanging heart.

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