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A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 Episode 37 Recap

Jiang Luo led the army to the gate of Yongzhou City, and suddenly found that there was no one in the city. After realizing the plan, he immediately turned back to Yujingzhou. Xie Chongjin learned that Jiang Luo was in the middle of the game, but still stubbornly resisted and refused to abandon the secret. The hall suddenly became a mess, Xie Chongjin took the opportunity to escape.

The prince and his concubine were placed in the army. The prince was worried about insecurity here. After all, the army was mostly criminals and Xie Wanyu was still here. Then Xie Wanyu showed up and said that she would never return to Dayue Palace to be Jiang Luo’s queen. She only liked Ban Heng alone. Ban Huai happened to come over to hear her, so she promised her marriage with Ban Heng without authorization. Xie Wanyu was temporarily shy. ran away.

The adult who came out with Shi Chonghai and Shi Feixian assassinated Shi Feixian under Xie Chongjin’s instruction, but Shi Chonghai blocked the knife. Shi Chonghai was dying and woke up and regretted that Shi Feixian was exiled. Shi Feixian had actually let go of his resentment towards his grandfather in his heart, holding Shi Chonghai and crying bitterly.

Xie Chongjin escaped and was chased by Prince Akqi. Shi Jin and Banhua also chased him up. Xie Chongjin deliberately attracted Ban Hua who was alone, and combined with the secret guards to capture her. Jiang Luo met with Shi Feixian on his way to Yujingzhou. Shi Feixian suggested that he should return to Beijing first, and Xie Chongjin would get away with his resourcefulness.

Even if Rong Xia came after him, Xie Chongjin was not afraid, threatening Rong Xia with Ban Hua’s life, he had to let Xie Chongjin return to Beijing. Xie Chongjin put Banhua in prison, and Banhua was already poisoned by hidden weapons. Shi Jin worried about Ban Hua and asked the prince what to do. The prince did not dare to call the shots and waited for Rong Xiao to make a decision.

Rong Xia said that the plan for the present was to break into the capital, but he couldn’t think of any other way. Shi Feixian escaped from the dead. She understood that Xie Chongjin wanted to put herself to death. Of course, Xie Chongjin did not admit it. Due to the situation, Shi Feixian did not care about Xie Chongjin, and she still interceded for Xie Zhongjin in front of Jiang Luo.

Xie Wanyu was worried about Ban Hua, but Ban Heng did not allow her to commit the danger. The two brothers and sisters, Shi Jin and Suyue, sighed with the situation of the Shi family today, but Shi Jin felt that there was nothing wrong with such a day. Xie Wanyu questioned Xie Chongjin, but the other party insisted on killing Ban Hua and Rong Xia, so Xie Wanyu had no choice but to go to prison and take a look at Ban Hua.

Jiang Luo prepared the queen’s court dress for Shi Feixian in advance, and promised that if Rong Xia retires and surrenders, he immediately abolishes Xie Wanyu and sets her up, then Xie Chongjin will also let her handle it. Rong Xia carefully arranged the arrangement, and finally led his troops to the capital with Akqi. Jiang Luo was panicked and asked to send a message to Rong Xia and immediately summoned Xie Zhongjin to enter the palace.

Shi Feixian went to prison to satirize Banhua. In order to repay the life-saving grace of Banhua in exile in Xizhou, she promised to help her with one last thing, and Banhua asked her to go to Banhua’s old possessions to get her favorite one. A white fur coat. Soon, Xie Chongjin brought the white fur coat to Ban Hua, took her to the city gate, and forced Rong Xia to surrender and retreat with Ban Hua’s life.

Rong Xia saw Ban Hua standing on the tower, heartbroken, thinking of the dreams Ban Hua once told him. She once dreamed that she was wearing the white fur that he gave and stood on the tower and died with an arrow. At that time, Rong Xia was still comforting. She, but now Banhua’s dream seems to be coming true.

One side is the world of great cause, and the other side is the beloved Ban Hua. One can imagine how entangled Rong Xia’s heart is. After Xie Chongjin counted to three, Rong Xia finally made up his mind, raised his bow and arrow, and shot an arrow towards Ban Hua.

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