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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 28 Recap

Xie Arong said that the news he heard was that Xie Qiang was killed by the Wu family. He hoped that Gao Xiaotian could help him find the real murderer. Xie Chu was his cousin, but he was doing business in China. He was not very clear about the matter. When Xie Qiang was still there, Xie Qiang did not tell him much. Although he knew that his son Xie Qiang did a lot of illegal things, he still hoped that Gao Xiaotian could help him find it.

Gao Xiaotian agreed to the murder of Xie Qiang. Xie Chu found out about Xie Arong’s visit to Gao Xiaotian. Xie Chu approached Xie Arong and asked. Xie Arong did not hide it. He said that he went to the domestic police because he thought that Xie Chu would tell him the real murderer, but Xie Chu Chu had been hesitating and refusing to say directly, Xie Chu was a little perfunctory, and repeatedly promised that he would punish the murderer.

Xie Fei found out that Wu He often went to a Cuihua restaurant in Chinatown. He wanted to find Wu He for revenge, but Xie Arong refused to let Xie Fei impulse. Xie Arong stopped Xie Fei, but went to the hotel by himself, pretending to join the gang and approach the people of Wu’s gang.

Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao started investigating Luo Bin’s gang. Wei Zimeng installed the wiretap on the counter of the supermarket. People who heard Luo Bin’s gang would probably come to the supermarket again tomorrow to blackmail the supermarket boss. Gao Xiaotian ordered to wait. Tomorrow, Luo Bin’s gang will cooperate with the local police to arrest people when they blackmail again.

Here, Gu Simiao used technical means to adjust the surveillance video of Wu Xiaoguang’s supermarket to the highest definition. They spotted the driver who killed Wu Xiaoguang and saw the driver hit a person when he went out. It seemed that the person still knew The driver, but this is just speculation. Gao Xiaotian asked to contact the embassy to find out the identity of the witness as soon as possible.

The team soon found the witness. The witness was He Qingtian, the owner of the supermarket. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao came to ask about the situation. He Qingtian looked panicked and denied that the person in the photo was not himself. Wei Zimeng and Gu Simiao indicated their identities, hoping that He Qingtian could provide some clues, but He Qingtian said that they did not know the driver wearing the helmet. Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng realized that He Qingtian was timid and did not dare to tell the truth. They went back and reported the situation to Gao Xiaotian.

People from Luo Bin’s gang went to the supermarket to blackmail again. Gu Simiao and Wei Zimeng cooperated with the local police to rush into the supermarket and directly arrested Luo Bin’s people. Luo Bin did not intend to stop after learning the news, and even planned to fight The working group tried, and Gao Xiaotian had guessed Luo Bin’s reaction long ago. He waited for Luo Bin to do it. As long as Luo Bin jumped higher, they would have more information.

The Xie’s gang and Wu’s gang have made an appointment to meet. He Qingtian’s son is working for the Wu’s gang and wants to participate in this meeting. He Qingtian and his wife watched his son holding guns and insisted on going to the gang activities. They couldn’t stop them no matter how much. He Qingtian had no choice but to secretly call the working group, telling the working group that the leaders of the two chambers of commerce are going to talk in the Hongbin Building, maybe they will fight. After learning the news, Gao Xiaotian went to Hongbin Tower alone.

In the Hongbin Building, the Xie’s Chamber of Commerce and the Wu’s Chamber of Commerce have already sat down and started talking. Xie Chu said that his brother should not die in vain. If Wu He cede several supermarkets on the corner of the street to himself, the matter would be even. But Wu He said that it was Xie Chu who killed Wu Xiaoguang first. Wu Xiaoguang was his own member. He couldn’t ignore it. They couldn’t agree on the terms. They all raised guns and pointed them at each other. When confronted, Gao Xiaotian came.

Gao Xiaotian revealed his identity to everyone and asked both parties to put down their guns. Wu He and Xie Chu weighed them down, and they both let them put down their guns. Xie Chu told Gao Xiaotian not to be nosy, but Gao Xiaotian said He hurt the interests of overseas Chinese, and he will manage to the end. Xie Chu asked Gao Xiaotian what he planned to do. Gao Xiaotian talked about Nuo Kang. Nuo Kang was a drug lord along the Mekong River and killed Chinese fishermen. The Chinese police crossed the border.

They arrested Nuo Kang and made him subject to sanctions. As long as Xie Chu and the others continue to infringe on the interests of overseas Chinese, Nuo Kang’s yesterday is what Xie Chu and the others are today. Gao Xiaotian educates them again, but Wu He is very generous. , Didn’t do anything to Gao Xiaotian, but Xie Chu’s men threatened Gao Xiaotian with guns. After a while, the police arrived. The two sides couldn’t discuss it well, so they both left.

After Gao Xiaotian went back, he gave Gu Simiao the scene of the confrontation between the chambers that he had taken with his miniature camera. When everyone was talking, there was a huge explosion outside the door of the station. The car they parked at the door exploded. The cars burned, which was obviously the gang threatening Gao Xiaotian.

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