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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 27 Recap

Luo Bin’s subordinates ran to a supermarket to make trouble. The clerk quickly called for the rescuers. The Luo family and Xie family gangs opened fire on the street. Carlos received the call to the police and hurriedly sent the police over, Gao Xiaotian They also followed. The two gang members heard the sirens and saw that the situation was not good, so they fled and left.

After Carlos led people to clean up the scene, they let Gao Xiaotian, who did not have bulletproof vests, come in. The people in the working group watched. With bullets all over the floor, many people fell in a pool of blood. After the working group returned to the station, everyone felt a little heavy. They knew that what to do next was very difficult. Gao Xiaotian was very optimistic in front of everyone, but after they left, he began to have a headache about how to accomplish this. Sub-task.

At this time, Wang Minzhang brought news that there is now a new gang leader Luo Bin who is occupying the old gang’s territory. Gao Xiaotian decided to start with this Luo Bin and start the work of eradicating evil. Gao Xiaotian set up a task to ask everyone to visit Chinatown in depth, to let the local expatriates dispel their worries and to have trust in the working group, and to ask the embassy to find local Chinese radio stations and Chinese newspapers, and they should announce the elimination Evil report calls have allowed the vast numbers of overseas Chinese to provide more clues.

Xie Arong asked Aber Xie Chu, who was cleaning at Xie Chu’s house, about Xie Chu’s situation, but Aber Xie kept silent, saying that he was only responsible for cleaning and didn’t know anything else. Wu He saw the news on Chinese TV and newspapers. He was a little afraid of the domestic public security, but Xie Chu did not put Gao Xiaotian and the others in his eyes, and continued to call Wu He to investigate Xie Qiang’s shooting and ask Wu He To compensate himself, Wu He proposed to find a day for both of them to sit down and drink tea and have a good talk, and Xie Chu agreed.

He Qingtian, the owner of a supermarket in Chinatown, saw the news in the newspaper. He intentionally wanted to report the gang to the police, but He Qingtian’s wife was worried about retaliation from the gang and refused to let He Qingtian call the report and let He Qingtian take charge of his son. He said that his son had been fooling around outside all day and even wanted to join the gang. When He Qingtian reported it, maybe even his son was arrested.

The reporting call was announced for three days, but the news received by the working group was very scattered, most of which were the emotions of the victims, and there were no specific clues. Gao Xiaotian felt that they were new and not trusted by the expatriates as expected. , They still have to go deep into the streets for interviews. Gao Xiaotian and Wei Zimeng were strolling in the street and found that there were two people following them. They told the two people directly that they told the boss of the two people not to do stalking, and to come to them directly if they had the ability.

Wang Minzhang has investigated Luo Bin’s situation and learned his trajectory, and told Gao Xiaotian that Luo Bin is now in the boxing gym in Chinatown. Gao Xiaotian went directly to the boxing gym to find Luo Bin and let Luo Bin. Quickly stop the illegal and criminal activities of extortion, but Luo Bin is very arrogant, saying that he is a citizen of country A, and that Gao Xiaotian has no evidence, and he can’t do anything about it. Gao Xiaotian asked Luo Bin not to speak too much.

Full, I have to pay it back sooner or later. Gao Xiaotian came here this time to provoke Luo Bin deliberately. As long as Luo Bin is not cautious, the easier it is to show his feet and leave evidence. Here Yin Zhihang went to the police station and asked Carlos to ask the local police to cooperate with them in investigating Luo Bin’s gang. They said that they had seen Luo Bin’s gang threaten the supermarket owner with a gun. Carlos was still hesitating, but Yin Zhihang persuaded him Next, Carlos wavered.

In the evening, Xie Arong recalled the past. Back then, Xie Arong was threatened. Xie Qiang couldn’t see through, so he killed the threatening Xie Arong. Xie Arong was very disappointed with his son, and Xie Qiang decided to go to Xie Chu. Xie Fei stayed at Xie Chu’s house for a few days, always thinking about revenge, but Xie Arong told Xie Fei not to be impulsive. Xie Arong called the hotline for reporting and asked Gao Xiaotian to meet him. Wu Shengnan told Gao Xiaotian about the matter. Gao Xiaotian agreed, and a few people arranged to meet in a secluded place.

Xie Arong and Gao Xiaotian exchanged greetings. Gao Xiaotian said that his son Xie Qiang was killed and hoped that Gao Xiaotian could help find out the culprit. Gao Xiaotian said that he would never ignore the matter, and Wu Shengnan asked Xie Arong about the relationship between the Wu clan and the Xie clan, and the relationship between Xie Qiang and Xie Chu.

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