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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 22 Recap

Li Jun took this opportunity to exhale, Ding Yanming lost again to Meng Yan, and his confidence was greatly reduced. Li Tianzhen had a lot of trust in Meng Yan, and he hadn’t noticed Meng Yan’s strange emotions. Even during the bidding process, he hadn’t noticed Meng Yan’s solemn expression. Since Li Jun had already obtained the Yunxia Village project, he was very proud of him. Even if he encountered Yan Shousheng at the door, he couldn’t help but provoke him. He even stated publicly that Meng Yan is his son-in-law.

Guo Yuanyuan was angry that Li Tianzhen and Li Jun pretended to be unfamiliar before, so she taunted Li Tianzhen to conceal his identity in front of Strict Shousheng, so she went to work in Xinmeicheng. Li Tianzhen believed that he was serious and responsible during work, and even if he left, he did not cause any loss to Xinmeicheng. Li Jun believed that Guo Yuanyuan was deliberately accusing his daughter, so he immediately questioned Guo Yuanyuan’s use of a photo to drive Li Tianzhen away.

After the bidding was over, Li Jun personally arranged a dinner to invite Meng Yan. He originally planned to call Cao Yu, but Li Tianzhen precluded him. During this period, due to Li Tianzhen’s presence, Meng Yan was forced to call him Uncle Li Jun and drank a lot of alcohol with him. When the meal was over, he immediately ran to the bathroom and vomited, and even hated himself for being an enemy. There was a strong smile in front of him.

Li Tianzhen was worried about Meng Yan and couldn’t help breaking into the men’s room. Meng Yan was afraid that he would not be able to play in front of Li Tianzhen, so he lost his temper and wanted to drive her away. Li Tianzhen realized that Meng Yan was in a bad mood and didn’t care too much. Meng Yan couldn’t stand Li Tianzhen’s tenderness and thoughtfulness, so he cried in front of her, admitting that he loved Li Tianzhen very much, so he didn’t know how to continue acting.

Although Meng Yan was talking drunk, Li Tianzhen took his words into his heart and felt Meng Yan’s pain at the same time. She hoped that Meng Yan could share everything with herself, including happiness and sadness. Li Tianzhen took Meng Yan home and personally took care of him. Meng Yan kept calling Li Tianzhen as Mrs. Meng, but Li Tianzhen went up to call his husband. The two were sweet and warm.

Ding Yanming was frustrated and thoroughly figured out his own shortcomings. He decided to go back to school to teach in order to make up for the impurity in the design. Guo Yuanyuan did not want Ding Yanming to leave. She hoped that the relationship between the two could be upgraded to marriage. However, Ding Yanming felt that the marriage was the weakest, and Guo Yuanyuan was so angry that Guo Yuanyuan directly proposed to break up.

Qiao Ke’s mother learned that Kuandi had won the bid, so she went to Xinmeicheng to ask Qiao Ke for money. Due to his many previous behaviors, Qiao Ke has been completely disappointed with his mother. Every time he comes to find himself, it is related to money, and he never takes care of the relationship between mother and daughter. After Qiao Ke drove his mother away, he couldn’t help calling Lu Yiming, and when he heard a familiar voice on the phone, he burst into tears.

Lu Yiming realized that something was wrong with Joe and rushed to Xinmeicheng immediately. Not long after the reception was passed on, Qiao Ke rushed out excitedly and left in front of the crowd holding Lu Yiming’s arm. The two went to the restaurant together. Lu Yiming asked Joe Ke for dessert, which gradually improved her mood.

Yunxia Village is about to be demolished. The government considers that the children in the orphanage will need time to move out, so the orphanage will be the last. Li Tianzhen took Meng Yan to the orphanage to look for memories. There are so many beautiful things about her, Lu Yiming and Qiao Ke, so I can’t bear it from the bottom of my heart, but this place is like a nightmare for Meng Yan. Just as Li Tianzhen and others picked up the remnant stone of the orphanage as a memorial, Meng Yan felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to destroy everything here.

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