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Papa & Daddy (2021) 酷蓋爸爸

Papa & Daddy
Other Title: 酷蓋爸爸 / Ku Gai Ba Ba / Papa & Daddy

Genres: BL, romance, family
Ye Tian Lun
Release Date:
Related Show:


  • Melvin Sia as Damian
  • Lin Hui Huang as Jie Li
  • Zhao Yi Lan

Damian, who runs a restaurant in Taipei, has always had a dream of “getting a family and raising children”. After two years of stable relationship with YouTuber boyfriend Jie Li, the two embarked on a surrogacy journey together and gave birth to their son Kai Kai. Until the son entered the kindergarten and began to face the curiosity and differences of his peers and the gossip of the parents, the two fathers had to think about how to explain to the young Kaikai what “mother” was.

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