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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 9 Recap

Wu Qihao came to Jiangnan to order silk and wanted to make Su-style cloth nowhere to go. Su Tan’er is now in a state of desperation. As a result, Ning Yi still persuades her and the shopkeeper Xi to give up the business of Sui cloth altogether, and the shopkeeper Xi looks at Ning Yi. That’s wrong, and Su Tan’er is now full of heart and eyes to carry forward the Su style cloth business, and has not noticed this at all, and hurriedly asked the shopkeeper Xi to find silk again. The shopkeeper Xi came directly to Wu Qihao’s door and decided to do things for him.

The shopkeeper Xi told Su Tan’er that he had found a private goods. Su Tan’er didn’t think much, and immediately followed out. After thinking about it, Ning Yi still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the cloth business this year, so he went to the Men’s College to find Qin Youxiang and Kang Xian to get to know him. They knew that he was worrying about the cloth, so they came. Interested, want to hear his opinion. Ning Yi felt that he could take advantage of the profit of the fisherman. Why should he increase his income? This coincided with the idea of ​​Qin Lao. Kang Xian repeatedly admired him and asked him to go home and negotiate with his wife. Watching him leave without saying a word.

Su Tan’er was taken to a private house, which was indeed filled with silk, but the owner was Wu Qihao, and Su Tan’er’s expression changed suddenly. Ning Yi returned home and heard that Su Tan’er had found the silk. He suddenly felt bad. It was clear that there could be no more silk now, so he hurriedly led people to chase it. Su Tan’er has been trapped in a private house by Wu Qihao. Wu Qihao is extremely conceited, and promises the shopkeeper Xi to be the owner of the Wu family, wanting to take this opportunity to occupy Su Tan’er.

At this moment, Ning Yi broke into the door single-handedly. Seeing him break in, Wu Qihao immediately ran upstairs and prepared to hide. He followed him and stopped the others at the Geng Guardian, and Ning Yi directly chased him. , Beat Wu Qihao upstairs severely. At this time, Wu Shi was entertaining Duwei Song. He heard that Wu Qihao was about to be killed by Ning Yi. He hurriedly led people to chase him out. Only then did Wu Qihao rescue the half-dead Wu Qihao. Ning Yi took Su Tan’er’s hand and left here. Before leaving, he vowed to bankrupt Wujia.

Ning Yi brought Su Tan’er back home. Su Tan’er was wronged and worried about Suibu’s affairs. She couldn’t help crying. Ning Yi comforted her, making the Geng Nursing Hospital on the side embarrassing. At night, Su Tan’er couldn’t fall asleep. Ning Yi moved to the master bedroom as if he knew she was scared, spreading on the floor beside her bed, and sleeping with him. Su Tan’er was looking for a topic, she was a little unsure, whether she was not good enough to the shopkeeper Xi, that would lead to his betrayal. Ning Yi was the person who came over and advised Su Tan’er to sleep well, and just leave the rest to him.

When Ning Yi woke up in the morning, she saw Su Tan’er preparing breakfast for herself and leaving her own bedding. The sudden happiness warmed Ning Yi’s heart. He asked Su Tan’er to have a good rest at home, and then went to the cloth. Row. When the shopkeeper Xi left, Ning Yi recommended the best performer in the store to take up the job shop. This person was very smart. He knew Ning Yi’s thoughts when he read the note that Ning Yi took out, and went to do things right away.

Seeing that Ning Yi was so generous, the silk merchant began to want to terminate the contract. Although they were finally persuaded to give up the contract in order not to offend the court, Wu Qihao spread Song Xian’s promise to do business in the cloth business. Naturally there was no one. Dare to oppose the court. After Ning Yi learned about this, he couldn’t help but sigh, how could Song Xian cooperate with such a stupid person. Knowing that Su Tan’er would not understand, Ning Yi quietly informed him of his plan, Su Tan’er exclaimed wonderfully.

Song Xian did not know what Wu Qihao had caused at this time. He fell in love with Nie Yunzhu who sold preserved eggs on the road. She and his sister Yuan Jin’er were doing business here. Song Xian came to molest Nie Yunzhu. Yuan Jin’er was not a foodie. Those who are soft and afraid of hardship, immediately went back.

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