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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 12 Recap

Wu Qihao bought the silk in Xue Jin’s hands at a high price, thinking that Ning Yi had nowhere to go. As everyone knows, his original suppliers already had a rebellious heart. They were still a little worried and did not dare to fight with Wu. But when they heard that Wu Qihao had bought Xue Jin’s silk at a high price, their heart’s imbalance broke out. Various suppliers came to Ushibu to discuss an argument. At the moment, Wu Qihao only cares about his own face, so he promised to make up for the order.

After the suppliers had left, the shopkeeper handed the ledger to Wu Qihao. There was not much money left in their account, and they could not spend any more. Wu Qihao did not dare to let his father know about it, so he came to the bank. Intend to borrow money. Wu Qihao borrowed twenty thousand taels of silver at once, and this incident reached Su Wenxing’s ears. He was excited to find his father and asked him to take the money from his account to Uzbekistan. He believed that he would be able to cooperate this time. Make a big profit. Wu Qihao heard that Su Wenxing and Ning Yi had a grudge, and immediately agreed to cooperate with them.

After the great victory of Yasukuni, the situation changed suddenly. When the emperor was in urgent need of employment, Prime Minister Li went to Jiangning, and Li Gang rushed to Qin Lao and begged him to come out. Qin Lao knew he was coming, so he also prepared for him Bowl of thin porridge with preserved eggs. Old Qin said that he was waiting for someone. His staff had already gone to Zhuji Fanzhuang and specially invited Ning Yi. Ning Yi didn’t panic at all, and seemed to know that he was not an ordinary person, and calmly followed.

Su Tan’er heard the news when she arrived, and immediately took a knife and chased it. She just happened to see Ning Yi chatting with Qin Lao. She didn’t know why she rushed to protect Ning Yi, and Ning Yi quickly pulled her to Qin. Old introduction. Knowing the truth, Su Tan’er became more cautious, and immediately found an excuse to leave. Qin did not care. She sat down to drink and chat with Ning Yi. They chatted about the war four years ago. Ning Yi guessed Qin’s plan. Knowing what he wanted to help himself.

Old Qin actually wanted Ning Yi to be an official in the court and invited him to discuss the plan of the Wu dynasty and change the fate of the Wu dynasty. Ning Yi thought for a moment and actually rejected the kindness of Qin Lao. He now has a person in his heart, Su Mansion is the world, willing to stay in Jiangning to be a son-in-law. Old Qin knew what he wanted, so he was no longer embarrassed. After having a drink with him, he set off for Wudu. Before leaving, Old Qin left a token for Ning Yi.

Afterwards, Ning Yi went to another hospital to deliver food to Lu Hongti. Lu Hongti was defensive against him, but he was very impatient with his nagging, so she told the real reason why she assassinated Song Xian. After fighting for a long time, the most uncomfortable thing is his dog officer who robs civilian women like this. Ning Yi saved her life, otherwise she would not bear him until now. Seeing that she was finally willing to talk to herself, Ning Yi wanted to worship her as a teacher. Who knew that Lu Hongti refused on the grounds that he spoke too much.

Wudu and the ministers of the Central Government were persuading the emperor to pay tribute to Jingguo. At this time, Qin Xiang returned to the Central Government. The emperor who was going to visit the Taishi stopped, and Qin Xiang had already prepared and took out his trump card. The first emperor’s edict, the first emperor’s edict clearly stated that he wanted Qin Xiang to assist the emperor to regain the lost land in the north. He has been dormant for a long time, just to replenish his energy, for this opportunity now. Qin Xiang had already prepared the firearms, only when he attacked, the emperor heard this and had no reason to refuse.

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