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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 11 Recap

Ning Yi rescued Lu Hongti. He saw that Lu Hongti didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, but he was also a heroine anyway, so he was kindly entertained and gave her a temporary stay in the small courtyard used by his friend to hide from his wife. That day, Ning Yi chose the address of Zhuji Fanzhuang. The four friends are the shareholders of their Fanzhuang. He gave most of the credit to Nie Yunzhu. If he hadn’t seen her duck eggs, Ning Yi would not have thought of the business of preserved eggs. Ning Yi did not give her a chance to shirk, and the other people also agreed with her to be the boss, and finally Nie Yunzhu also agreed.

Ning Yi presided over the opening of Zhuji Fanzhuang, and there were a lot of guests. Nie Yunzhu was still a little anxious, worried that she could not do well. Ning Yi comforted her and allowed her to re-behave so that Nie Yunzhu can confidently appear in front of the public. Greet the guests generously. The envoy of Han wanted to come to visit when Qin Youxiang was in despair, but he ate behind closed doors. Old Qin and Kang Xian went to Ning Yi’s Zhuji Fanzhuang to join in the fun, Ning Yi warmly entertained them.

The two old people also gave face to face, and they were full of praise for his preserved eggs. Ning Yi took the opportunity to ask them to help name the new dish, which was the icing on the cake. When Lord Han passed by Zhuji Fanzhuang, he was very disdainful of them. He accidentally saw Old Qin and Old Kang chatting with Ning Yi. He wiped the sweat on his head and entered, but he could not say a word in front of Old Qin. .

When the host envoy Han returned home, he began to flatter Ning Yi. He talked about him, and finally got involved with Qin Lao and Kang Lao. He wanted Ning Yi to send a book to Qin Lao, better Qi Ning How Yi met the two of them. Ning Yi flipped through the booklet, took out the two golden leaves, and agreed to pass it to Old Qin, saying it was a courtesy exchange, but in fact it was threatening. The envoy Han immediately changed his mind and handed over the work of Silk Su Taner.

Su Wenxing suddenly changed her mind. Su Wenxing couldn’t believe it. After Su Tan’er got the silk from Su Wenxing, she didn’t plan to swallow it alone. However, she sold it to Boss Xue at a low price, and cooperated with him to make Wu Shi spit out Jiangnan. silk. Su Tan’er and Ning Yi started together, while Ning Yi used his contacts to widely publicize the imperial high price to buy silk. People who wanted to make money began to conspire to buy silk.

The silk that Xue Jin got was not a small amount, and Wu Qihao was eager to sign up for it right now, but was stopped by the more suspicious father Wu. They planned to watch the changes so as not to fall into their trap. On this day, Ning Yi’s four friends came to Wushibuhang. They specifically talked about Ning Yi’s affairs, drew the attention of the shopkeeper Xi, and then tempted him to go to Zhuji to attend the appointment. After seeing him leave, they questioned loudly. After hearing this, the employees immediately went to tell Wu Qihao.

The shopkeeper Xi was humiliated by Ning Yi and walked out of Zhujifanzhuang unscathed. He soon realized that something was wrong. As expected, in the next second he saw Wu Qihao passing by in a carriage. He was anxious to explain, but Wu Qihao He has been identified as a mutiny. It was spread outside that Ning Yi borrowed money to buy silk. Wu Qihao believed in this because of the shopkeeper Xi. He went directly to Xue Jin and bought silk at twice the price of Ning Yi.

Ning Yi did not stop his actions. He took out a large sum of money to buy the silk supplier and asked him to tell other suppliers. When the supplier saw that he was offering fifteen times the price, he immediately agreed. Ning Yi.

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