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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 10 Recap

Song Xian was seduced by Yuan Jin’er and suddenly smiled. They planned to stay in Ningjiang for a longer period of time because of Suibu’s affairs. They happened to have Yuan Jin’er as the company, and they could have more fun. For Yuan Jin’er, she has a way to deal with a disciple like them. Instead of letting them pester her honest sister, she might as well deal with it herself. Yuan Jin’er took Nie Yunzhu and continued selling preserved eggs. Ning Yi’s four friends came to them and said that they would help them to try them.

With their help, the business of the preserved egg stalls is getting better and better. They combined the duck eggs with other condiments, and the aftertaste is endless. The people are attracted by their rhetoric, and they come to buy them after tasting. In order to give back to the four elder brothers, Nie Yunzhu decided to teach them to pickle preserved eggs together. At the same time, they kept trying new tricks. Several people just lamented that Ning Yi did not teach such good things to these friends, but gave them Girl Nie, Ning Yi appeared in front of them.

After Ning Yi heard that Nie Yunzhu shared the method of making preserved eggs, he planned to open an alliance company headquarters called Zhuji. After hearing about his calculations, everyone wanted to join in and share their worries for the ladies in the family. With their joining, the business of preserved eggs can be said to be more and more prosperous, and more and more people join in. As the founder, Ning Yi did nothing but just provided business plans. The bamboo plan is carried forward.

With the help of the shopkeeper Xi, Wu Qihao reproduced all the patterns of the Soviet style. Hearing that Ning Yi had a new pattern and started an alliance, Wu Qihao used his power in Ningjiang to buy the surroundings. All the people selling preserved eggs will be driven away from the land, if they are not convinced, they will use force to drive them away. Wu Qihao made people confused about all the preserved eggs, and Shen Miao was injured because of this. Ning Yi went to find Wu Qihao to avenge him when he saw this. His passion made everyone unable to resist working hard with him.

The business of Su-style cloth shop was all taken away by U-style. Su Tan’er made up her mind to close all the shops and waited until she thought of a way to reopen the shop. Seeing that she set up the shop and closed, Su Tan’er felt uncomfortable. At this time Erfang still stood up and accused them. One closed the shop and the other was fighting with the Uzbek. Ning Yi took the initiative to stand up and explain to the old lady, but this time the old lady hesitated. Su Tan’er asked her grandfather to give them a month. During this month they will sell preserved eggs for a living.

Ning Yi sold the cloth shop and bought a lot of preserved egg carts. He established the bamboo plan membership system and let Nie Yunzhu and Yuan Jiner teach it to everyone. Everyone collected buyer information, and Ning Yi’s method worked. , Making a lot of money, Ning Yi proposed to open a bamboo kitchen restaurant, this time everyone has no objections. Yuan Jin’er presented a song for everyone, and it happened to be heard by Duwei Song. Wu Qihao sent his men to call Yuan Jin’er away. Yuan Jin’er reluctantly left, and Ning Yi sent the others away.

Ning Yi was painting in the room. He happened to hear Yuan Jin’er calling for help. He dashed up, but was pressed by Song Duwei with a knife. Just as Song Duwei wanted to kill and pay for her life, a woman in black appeared and saved him. Ning Yi, the masked woman named Lu Hongti, was injured after she rescued Ning Yi, Ning Yi secretly followed, and got off Lu Hongti, who was chased by officers and soldiers.

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