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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 16 Recap

After the Kesiyi defeat, Lin Wen also lost the game. Zhou Yanxin, who was anxious, didn’t know how to comfort Lin Wen. He just assured Lin Wen that if he promised to attack the mad tiger, he would resist. But for Lin Wen, This is the greatest comfort.

The graduation ceremony was approaching, Kesi invited Linda to participate, but Linda refused, Kesi had no choice but to not force it. The next day, Ke Si Wei took photos at the graduation ceremony and promised to know Ke Si Wei’s graduation ceremony, but Zhou Yanxin on the side said that today Liang Zhixiao will propose to Ke Si Wei. He promised to go to school quickly, and he saw it. Xiao holding a bouquet of roses to confess to the mysterious scene, under Liang Zhixiao’s performance pressure, promised to express his emotions eagerly, admitting his love for the mysterious, and finally ended his crush on Double Arrow. In the situation, Kesiyi resolutely rejected Liang Zhixiao, but held hands to promise, ran across the entire campus, conveying his joy to everyone.

Promise and Kesi are finally in the process of being in a relationship. The two people who have never been in love are excited and scared, but after a long time together, the two people think that the most natural state is the most comfortable. Looking at the incredible face, he promised to finally put down his inner guard and open his heart to the incredible face. It is incredible that for the first day of the two of them, they baked cakes and spread the cream. Under the play and play, they both smiled inadvertently.

Looking at the new staff, Yun Zhu couldn’t help but wonder about Liang Zhixiao’s whereabouts. After learning that Zhixiao confessed that he was rejected, Yun Zhu personally approached Liang Zhixiao and looked at the empty wine bottles and the dim room full of houses. Zhu personally cleaned up the room for Xiaoxiao, and also took out the honey water he had prepared. He wanted to cheer up Xiaoxiao. Seeing Yunzhu’s ignorance of himself, Zhixiao also admitted to Yunzhu that he did speak too much. Only then did I know that what he had said to Yun Zhu hurt people like that, but Yun Zhu still responded with a gentle expression, and he would always cheer for him.

It is conceivable to propose to keep the love secret, but can’t help but stay in the company everywhere to block the promises, take the oath of sovereignty, look at the promise, and secretly joy. But at this time, Wu Dongde asked Kesiyi for information. It was only then that Kesi recalled the task he had originally promised, monitoring the promise for Wu Dongde, and worrying about how to deal with Wu Dongde, but Yun Zhu sent a text message and said yes.

Ke Si Wei agreed to resurrect Ke Si, Ke Si Wei quickly found Yun Zhu, and Zhi Xiao was also there, persuading Yun Zhu not to worry about the past of the three people anymore, and only then did Yun Zhu’s mood slightly eased. Although he got the resurrection card, when the finals came, Kesi had to remove his mask to see people. At that time, he promised to discover what Kesi had been deceiving. Why didn’t Kesi know that this romance was destined to end at the beginning , It’s just that I am willing to seize this last time and love it again.

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