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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 15 Recap

The heartbroken Kesiyi put all his heart into training. Lin Wen blamed the promised effort, persuaded Kesiwei to leave the promise, and was really hurt to the wordless. Kesiyi finally nodded, then let go of his hands and feet, and Ren Linwen to himself Punch. The other side was still thinking about the incredible, the promise of watering the plants was knocked down by the sudden pain, and turned over and over on the sofa. After finishing the training, Kesi received the promised call again. She was so angry that she refuted the promised words. He promised to think of Zhou Yanxin’s strategy and quickly put pity on the phone. The strategy took effect again, and Kesi hurried home quickly.

Promise again began to conspiratorially complain to gain sympathy, but I can only take the promise to rest, but seeing I want to leave, I hurried to stop the promise, who knows that Yunzhu’s phone call is really jealous. Above, he simply grabbed the promised call and answered the promise. Yun Zhu on the phone directly invited promise. In order to explain it clearly, the promise also chose to go to the appointment. The promise that he wanted to repay could not explain the reason with Kesi, but only asked Kesi to wait for her return.

Yun Zhu met with Xu Xu, and Xu Xu showed Yun Zhu the lucky bracelet she received that year. Yun Zhu remembered the scene of the car accident that he ran into with Ke Si three years ago. Ke Si urged Yun Zhu to call to save people. I went to encourage the promise not to give up hope. Yun Zhu did not expect that Xu Xu was such a persistent person, nor did he expect that Xu promised to admit the wrong person. Yun Zhu did not directly expose it, but took advantage of the promised mentality of repaying his favor and offered to promise to announce the news of the two people’s relationship.

But the promise was sternly refused, bluntly saying that the bracelet could not buy love, what I was thinking of was an incredible face. Unexpectedly, the promise was also inconceivable, Yun Zhu was completely speechless and could only watch the promise to leave. On the other hand, Kesi listened to the promise, waited anxiously at home, and even gave up the training plan. Thinking of the possibility that tomorrow’s promise might be beaten, Keshishi was afraid of arousing suspicion of promise.

He quickly searched the Internet for a method and learned that melatonin can help sleep. Keshi put some in milk and chicken soup and watched the promise to drink. . Feeling the emotion of the promise, he was very happy, and Kesi misunderstood that it was a happy date with Yunzhu. Who knew that before the promise was explained, Kesi asked to resign and insisted on leaving. The promise was heartbroken, but there was still no answer.

The next day, Kesi took the initiative to attack on the court. Originally, he had the upper hand again and again, but he did not expect to see the face of his father Linda in the audience. When he was frightened, Kesi accidentally exposed his flaws, was caught by his opponent and ended the game directly. The masked heroine surrendered and eliminated. Zhixiao proposed that Yunzhu’s resurrection is incredible, and he can still compete on the same stage, but Yunzhu disdains today’s failure.

Kesi, who was progressing unfavorably, returned home with a dejected look, and promised to detect what was wrong with Kesi, so he proposed to take Kesi to the park where his mother often took herself to go on the swings to remove all the troubles. I can imagine that the promise at this moment is worrying for myself, and I am very happy.

The next day, Kesi met with Promise for breakfast. After the last night’s heart-to-heart, their behavior became unnatural, like a twist between a young couple. Even Promise became shy and hurried away. Going to work, but even if I go out, promise still can’t calm my heart, my heart beating wildly.

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