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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 1 Recap

A young girl Linglong (Kang Ning) was accidentally bitten by a wolf when she defected to her father’s old friend. She encounters Yan Qing (Gu Jiacheng), the son of Taiwei . Yan Qing mistakenly thought that Linglong was a female thief. Linglong also resented Yan Qing’s arrogance. Qing is the son of Linglong’s father’s old friend. Linglong logically lives in Yan’s Mansion, but a theft occurred that night. Yanyu suspects that Linglong is a thief. In order to prove her innocence, Linglong launched an investigation and discovered that her senses had been bitten by a wolf. He became very keen, and the abnormal Linglong attracted Yan Qing’s attention. He couldn’t help but approach Linglong. The two people worked together to let go of the barriers, cracked the case, and slowly developed feelings. When working together to investigate deeply, he was bitten by a wolf. The experience stimulated another personality in the heart and became a violent and decisive female wolf king

Episode 1: Linglong and Yanqing meets three sides, the fate of heaven is destined

In the mountains that connect between the Southern Chu and the Western Jukes, the ancient wolf clan is dormant, and the secret of the wolf clan can make people have longevity and supreme power. Eighteen years ago, the wolf clan died of the wolf king due to civil strife, and the remnant wolf clan was reorganized as a wolf guard by the frontier general Yan Qing, punishing evil and promoting good. As for the secrets of the wolf clan, it seems to have long been forgotten.

In a wooden house deep in the mountains, blood suddenly appeared, wolves roared through the world, and Yan Qing led dozens of wolf people to slaughter all the thieves in the house. Since Yan Qing entered the army, he has made great achievements, but he still hasn’t been promoted. He enjoys freedom himself. It was just mentioned that his father hadn’t asked questions for many years, and Yan Qing naturally felt resentment, but now he was led home by a family member.

The city was prosperous, and sack fell from the sky and slammed straight at a woman with a white gauze face. Yan Qing stepped forward to rescue her before she caught her eye. Linglong’s complexion was anxious and panicked, and she was carrying a lot of silver bills, which attracted Yan Qing’s suspicion. Fortunately, Linglong was anxious and became wise, so she diverted Yan Qing’s attention by stealthily robbing civilian girls from outside.

Linglong took advantage of the Yanqing investigator’s foreign residence and stunned the guard by applying medicine. She took the opportunity to escape into the agreed dense forest and met a mysterious man wearing a hat. Linglong handed out the silver note that she agreed to deliver in advance, and learned from the other party that her mother was seriously ill, and she had to use an octagonal gold plate to be saved.

The Yan family’s first-in-law passed away, and the fourth son Yanyu was indifferent. As the eldest son, Yan Jue wanted to inherit the family business. The biggest obstacle was Yanqing. Yan Qing had soft eyes and was called home this time because of the marriage, so it naturally became Yan Jue’s thorny eye. As soon as Yan Qing returned to his hometown, Yan Jue staged a show of brotherly love. Later, with the jade pendant left by his mother, Yan Qing led Yan Qing to the Nanchu Temple, hoping to frame Yan Qing with chaos.

Only one female guest in the temple lived here, Linglong. When she was waiting to take a bath, she clearly noticed that there was someone in the room, and she could leave without any excuses. It’s a pity that Yan Qing saw Linglong’s mind at a glance, and controlled it with absolute force.

Linglong is meticulous and good at disguising, and he is calm in the face of things, but Yan Qing is impressed by the relationship between the two sides. While the two were chatting, the fragrance in the room worked, evoking Yanqing’s physical and psychological desires, and Linglong used a silver needle to enter the acupuncture point to restore his mind.

Muscle odor only has a fascination effect on men. Recalling what Yan Jue said before, Yan Qing instantly understood the key. There was an abnormal noise outside the door, and the third son of Zhang’s family came to catch the rape in bed. Unexpectedly, the door broke open. Only the Linglong envoy and brother Tong were about to do things for men and women.

Linglong pretended to be surprised and walked into the door, and in a few words asked Zhang’s youngest brother to take away Brother Tong, wanting to deal with her military law. Linglong deliberately prevented Yan Qing from fleeing. In addition to not wanting to provoke people, she also took the opportunity to play a trick on Yan Qing. Sure enough, the third child of the Zhang family had just left the room. In order to save Brother Tong, Yan Qing brought him to a gang fight and was scolded by his father.

The next day, Linglong took the initiative to come to Yanfu to treat her father-in-law’s disease and added an octagonal gold plate to the prescription. Yan Qing, who was gossiping with Yan Yu not far away, knew that Linglong was the princess of Nanchu, but it was a pity that she had been growing up in Lenggong, and only after Nanchu was defeated would she be sent to the West as a hostage.

Linglong has been accompanied by broom stars across the sky since she was born, and she has lost her reputation as a family member. Since then, the mother and daughter have been beaten into the cold palace. Linglong listened to Yourou and others’ ridicule outside the house, but she was still able to laugh and talk with her, her words and deeds were inferior to others, showing her deep mind.

Whether it is to make use of her superiority, sell worthless beauty products to make money, or to save her father-in-law, to obtain an octagonal gold plate, all show her intelligence, but this intelligence has long been hidden above the beams of the house. Yan Qing has a panoramic view.

After Yan Qing returned to the mansion, he saw Yan Juexing hurriedly introduce him into the hall, and the two brothers faced his father together in anger. The royal tribute was lost under Yan’s eyelids, and Yan’s father asked Yan Jue to retrieve the tribute within seven days. However, Yan Jue deliberately put the heavy burden on Yan Qing.

Yan Qing judged that the tribute was hidden in the dung car following the indentation of the axle. He took his wolf guard to a newly opened steamed bun shop and confidently believed that the steamed bun shop was the place to hide the tribute. Just as they were about to besiege the steamed bun shop, Yan Jue suddenly showed up with a group of people, and he wanted to take Yan Qing’s credit for solving the case.

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