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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 29 Recap

Tang San wanted to get rid of those who chased his mother in the Spirit Hall one by one, and begged Yu Xiaogang to tell him the truth of the year. Yu Xiaogang clearly remembered that Tang Hao was once the right and left hand of Qian Xun Ji, one of the best masters, gold After the assembly and dispersal of the Iron Triangle, Yu Xiaogang followed Tang Hao to the Wuhun Hall and devoted himself to the research of mutant Wuhun. Soon after Tang Hao returned to the Wuhun Hall and was chased by Qian Xunji, Yu Xiaogang also left Wuhun. Dian, the study of mutant Wuhun was also stranded.

After Qianxun died of illness, his wife Bibi Dong took over the Wuhun Hall, and Yu Xiaogang no longer paid attention to the Wuhun Hall. Until the mutant Wuhun medicine appeared in Yehuo Village, Yu Xiao just knew that there were still people studying. For the mutant martial soul, Tang San believed that his father was doing this and wanted to avenge his mother. Tang San wanted to enter the finals, and then stopped his father, persuading him not to hurt the innocent for revenge, and Yu Xiaogang promised to help him enter the finals.

Xiao Wu was absent-minded all the time. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong questioned hard. Only when Xiao Wu said that Dugu Yan liked Tang San made her feel flustered. The two of them decided that Xiao Wu was in love with Tang San and asked her to try kissing. Once Tang San, I found the feeling I like. After Yu Xiaogang ate the nine-grade Zizhi and finally had his own three spirit rings, he could smoothly improve his spirit ability in the future, and Tang San was also happy for him.

Dugu Bo came to Tang San overnight and promised that he would be able to enter the finals without him participating. Tang San didn’t want to take shortcuts, but wanted to compete fairly on his own strength. He only asked him to help out when his opponent made insidious tricks. Dugu Bo never stopped. Persevering, can’t wait to find revenge from the people of Canghui Academy, Tang San desperately stopped, and asked him to hang up the jade pendant, so that the people in Canghui Academy could not know that his poison was cured. Look at their ultimate goal, Dugu Bo also Had to give up and gave Tang San the nickname “Little Poison”.

Xiao Wu racked her brains to find a chance to kiss Tang San, but she was interrupted by others, and she was anxious. Ning Rongrong was curious about Xiao Wu’s progress, so she hurried to see what was going on, and Zhu Zhuqing followed her. Tomorrow is the registration deadline. All the fairy herbs that Tang San brought back were sold, but the buyer was threatened by Prince Xuexing and promised to pay two days later. Rand asked Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong to discuss. Go to Xueqinghe for help tomorrow.

Xiao Wu finally waited until everyone had left. She wanted to kiss Tang San when she suddenly heard Zhu Zhuqing yelling. She hurried out to follow Tang San and learned that Ning Rongrong had been taken away. Others heard the news. They hurried out to save people. They were blocked by a shiny sword. Rand found that this sword had amazing spirit power. They were not opponents. Rand sent Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang to the Qibao Liuli Sect. The rudder reported the letter and sent Xiao Wu and Tang San to the auction overnight to stare at the fairy herbs, and get back the auction money to pay the registration fee as soon as possible.

As expected, Ning Fengzhi, the lord of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect, sent Grandpa Sword to take Ning Rongrong back to the sub-rudder. She was forbidden to return to the Schanke Academy. Someone hired Grandpa Sword to take action in the finals and promised to help Ning after the event was completed. Rong Rong promoted Wu Hun to the Nine Treasure Glazed Glaze Pagoda, and Ning Rongrong summoned the Wu Hun. Unexpectedly, after Ning Rongrong ate the immortal herbs, he would have already been promoted to the Nine Treasure Glazed Glaze Pagoda. Ning Rongrong left half a step.

Tang San and Xiao Wu came to the auction. As Prince Xue Xing was in trouble, the bidding price of the immortal medicinal herb dropped again and again. Prince Xue Xing sent someone to pass a message to Tang San. As long as Tang San and Xiao Wu left the Slacker, Tang San promised to let him join the Royal Academy and obtain the qualifications for the competition, and Tang San would not compromise. Thanks to Ning Fengzhi’s arrival in time, he bought all the fairy herbs for 2500 gold soul coins.

Osike hurried to the Qibao Liulizong to divide the rudder. Grandpa Sword locked Ning Rongrong into the room. Ou Sike begged Grandpa Sword to save Ning Rongrong. Grandpa Sword had him driven away without distinction, and Ning Rongrong followed the door Fireworks were released from the crevice to ask for help from Osike. Osike hurried in to find Grandpa Jian. He believed that he kidnapped Ning Rongrong for the supreme lord. Grandpa Jian used three swords to threaten Osike. He released thick smoke and went to the backyard to rescue Ning. Rongrong.

Osike just wanted to take Ning Rongrong away, but was caught by Grandpa Jian. Grandpa Jian beat him up, and Osike was beaten again and again to beg for mercy and promised not to save Ning Rongrong.

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  1. really appreciate your hardwork, my chinese not so good, but i do not wait subtitle, some part i do not understand thus i come here to digest and get enlightened, many thanks, keep up the good work


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