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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 28 Recap

Tang San asked Dugu Bo to fulfill his promise to subdue 2000 Gold Soul Coins. Dugu Bo claimed that the cost of eating and drinking was provided by the royal family. He didn’t have any money. Tang San asked him to check if he had controlled Haotian Douluo for ten years. Possibly, only the spirit system spirit of the nine spirit rings could control Haotian Douluo. Tang San was dissatisfied and complained that Dugu Bo did not keep his promise. He could not meet both requirements. Dugu Bo promised to show him a way to make money.

Dugu Bo led Tang San and Xiao Wu to a mysterious valley where various medicinal materials grew. It was the valley formed after the battle between the Nine Spirit Ring Douluo and the people of the Wuhun Hall. Dugu Bo was still a seven spirit ring at the time. Watching pharmaceuticals, testing drugs, and finally cultivated into a nine spirit ring. Tang San wanted to make money as soon as possible to pay the registration fee. Waiting for the medicine to be sold again was too slow, so Dugu Bo led him to an invisible barrier. , Let him try to find more valuable treasures, Dugu Bo tried for many years without crossing the barrier.

Tang San tried to touch the barrier, and suddenly heard the gentle and familiar figure reminding Tang San to use the blue silver grass. Tang San summoned the blue silver grass, and took Xiao Wu through the barrier without much effort. Dugu Bo was surprised. shocked. Tang San and Xiao Wu seemed to have entered a magical world. There were strange flowers and weeds growing here. Xiao Wu could recognize the fairy herbs such as Qirong Tongtianju and Eight-petal Xianlan. They both continued to walk forward, and blue appeared in front of them.

The shining light circle woven by the silver grass, Tang San felt familiar here, appeared countless times in his dreams, Xiao Wu tried to touch the light circle, but was stunned, Tang San was anxious, I don’t know who it was to Xiao Wu. After magic, the gentle voice appeared again. She claimed to be Tang San’s mother. Tang San had never heard her father say it before. He didn’t believe it. His mother had to admit that she had let Tang Hao conceal it, as long as Tang San didn’t study Xuan Tianbao. The talent of the record can live a life in a dull life, and will never come here. If Tang San appears here, it means he has talent.

His mother told the story in detail. On the day Tang San was born, the first Zong Qianxunji of the Martial Soul Palace led many masters to chase and kill her for thousands of miles. One was because of her identity, but because she wanted to regain the Xuantian Baolu, because the Xuantian Baolu was A technique that is separate from the soul master and the soul beast. If you practice this skill, you don’t need to hunt and kill the soul beast to improve your martial soul. The situation that the soul master and the soul beast are incompatible for many years will be completely eliminated. It disappeared completely in Douluo Continent. Unfortunately, neither she nor Tang Hao were able to practice this technique, so Qianxunji chased down their couple at all costs.

His mother regretted that he did not grow up with Tang San and did not give him the warmth of his family, so she specially created this space mezzanine for Tang San. Even Tang Hao could not enter. His mother repeatedly told Tang San not to seek revenge, but to take Xuantianbao. Only when the recording and soul skills are practiced to the extreme can the existence of the soul master in Douluo mainland be completely eliminated and a peaceful world restored.

His mother specially left this large piece of fairy herb to Tang San, and finally her mother gave Tang San two special ones. The gift is Acacia Heartbroken Red and Ice Fire Eyes. The mother hid all her soul power in the Acacia Heartbroken Red Flowers before he was alive, which can help Tang San become a real powerhouse. Ice and Fire Eyes can absorb beyond the range of ability. Soul beast.

Tang San didn’t want anything. As long as his mother came back, his mother told him to stay by Tang Hao’s side. Don’t let him go to the Wuhun Hall to seek revenge. After these long words, his mother’s voice would disappear forever. Now, the halo in front of him was gone, Tang San was crying so hard, the first close communication with his mother in his life, it ended in a hurry.

Dugu Yan recovered as before, and learned that Tang San had saved her life. He lied that she and Tang San were happy, and forced Dugu Bo to find Tang San back. Dugu Bo didn’t dare to delay and hurried out to find someone. Xiao Wu woke up in a daze and found that she was full of martial arts power and was promoted to the fourth spirit ring. Tang San guessed that it was the Acacia Heartbroken Red skill left by his mother. Xiao Wu summoned the Martial Soul, and it turned out to be the Acacia Heartbroken. Hong Hua, Tang San was reluctant to use the ice and fire water from his mother, so he summoned the blue silver grass to take Xiao Wu out of here.

Dugu Bo kept guarding outside the barrier and forced Tang San to marry Dugu Yan as soon as possible. Dugu Yan had to admit that she was lying, just to let Dugu Bo get Tang San back.

Tang San asked Dugu Bo to help the Slanke Academy team pass the finals, and used the octagonal black icegrass collected from the interlayer to detoxify him. Dugu Bo knew that this fairy grass could detoxify all the poisons, he weighed and agreed. Tang San took Xiao Wu back to the academy and gave each classmate a fairy herb.

They couldn’t wait to take it back to the house and eat it. Tang San gave Yu Xiaogang a ninth-grade purple chrysanthemum. Yu Xiaogang couldn’t wait to know the origin of these fairy-grade medicinal herbs. Tang San 1510 described the experience of entering the space mezzanine to receive gifts from his mother. Tang San vowed to find and kill his mother. Yu Xiaogang’s murderer, Yu Xiaogang persuaded him not to seek revenge, and explained that Qianxunji was dead, and he had a daughter named Qian Renxue.

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