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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 15 Recap

Li Dazhao’s admiration of the socialist system came from the heart. It was the New Year that Li Dazhao brought young talents from Peking University to Chen Duxiu’s house to pay a New Year’s greeting, brought gifts to the children, and encouraged Yannian Qiao Nianduo to communicate with Peking University students. . Faced with the various problems raised by the students about the New Culture Movement, Chen Duxiu told them that there will be a series of new culture lectures in the new semester, and they can take the initiative to discuss and communicate with them one by one.

Looking at the celebration banners to be hung up by the students, Li Dazhao told them that the establishment of the reading club was mainly to spread the truth and develop the wisdom of the people to change China. In order to realize this ideal, the reading club should be simple and plain, and they should also be down-to-earth. Calm down to read and think. At the reading club, every aspiring young man commented on the current affairs of the month, and Yannian took the lead in speaking and expounded the current affairs of the month concisely.

At this time, Li Dazhao brought Cai Yuanpei to the reading club, and Cai Yuanpei praised that Yannian’s summary and combing were very well done, and he was also very pleased that the students listened enthusiastically. However, because of the different beliefs and ideas, the students tend to be red-haired. Cai Yuanpei admires this kind of benign controversy very much, and suggests that they can come to themselves if they have difficulties.

Lu Xun was lying on the floor in his home, writing page after page of manuscripts, and the manuscript paper scattered all over the floor was his painstaking effort. Qian Xuan opened the door and walked in. He was shocked when he saw Lu Xun who was so tired that he turned over and lay on the ground. Then he saw the smile on Lu Xun’s face. He knew that the first modern vernacular novel in China, “A Madman’s Diary”, was scattered all over the floor. “The manuscript. The novel has been completed, but no name has been signed. Zhou Shuren frowned and wrote the word “Lu Xun”. This will be his future name.

The release of “A Madman’s Diary” is a blockbuster in Chinese culture and literary history. Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Hu Shi and Cai Yuanpei in the Department of Literature of Peking University excitedly recited and tasted this novel written by Lu Xun, and every word and sentence impacted. With their hearts and thoughts, this novel that directly confronted the “cannibalism” society was a potent medicine for exposing and criticizing feudal ethics, and they unanimously decided to publish it in “New Youth” immediately.

In a house in Changsha, Hunan, a group of young people gathered together and were about to have a meeting. Xiao Zisheng said that the study meeting proposed by Mao Zedong is finally perfected. Gou Rixin is getting better and better every day, so he named it ” Xinmin Society”. Mao Zedong read the constitution and emphasized the need to arm the mind with new cultures, new sports, and new ideas, and insist on self-discipline to improve people’s minds and customs. The Xinmin Society is headed by Xiao Zisheng as the director-general and Mao Zedong and Chen Shunong as the officers.

However, Xiao Zisheng is preparing to study in France for a work-study program. Mao Zedong has undertaken most of the work. Although he has no intention of studying abroad, he will actively plan for the students. Cai Hesen’s mother Ge Jianhao encourages young people to stay in France actively, to see the world more and learn more knowledge, and her old wife also wants to go if she has the opportunity.

The publication of “Madman’s Diary” made “New Youth” more widely spread and fame. Editors raised the cost of manuscripts, Chen Duxiu proposed that manuscript fees would go up, and the price of newspapers and magazines would also be lowered. “New Youth” will be published in vernacular. Cai Yuanpei has also become a member of the editorial department of “New Youth”.

“New Youth” has become a unique magazine in the country only one year after it came to Beijing. Li Dazhao suggested to encourage more students and masters from Beijing. Run some newspapers with attitude. Qian Xuantong was dissatisfied with Huang Kan and Gu Hongming’s visit to Lin Shu’s house to discuss how to refute “New Youth”. Cai Yuanpei was very open-minded. He agreed with Lin Shu’s dissatisfaction with the New Culture Movement and agreed that Lin Shu would also come to Peking University.

Lectures, they should have this grace for those who are engaged in new sports. They are all people who have grown up amidst the wind and rain, so why not be afraid of these abuses and slanders. Chen Duxiu proposed to hold a series of lectures on vernacular Chinese to promote and popularize the vernacular movement.

Looking at the vernacular lectures posted on the bulletin board, the students were full of interest, but Zhang Fengzai took out his pen and quickly recorded it. When Gu Hongming and Lin Shu met at home, the two were quite critical of the New Culture Movement, believing that only the two of them are the right way in culture. Zhang Changli was a student of Lin Shu.

He brought his cousin Zhang Fengzai to Lin Shu’s house. Lin Shu called them to ask if they wanted to compete with representatives of new culture such as Chen Duxiu. Lin Shu intends to restore the orthodox of the Qing Dynasty and help the three guidelines of Confucianism.

Gu Hongming agrees with his ideal, but if he wants to overthrow Cai Yuanpei, he cannot. Huang Kan and others also have different opinions on whether to restore the monarchy, but they have the same goal of restoring ancient ways. Zhang Fengzai took out the excerpted topic of the vernacular series of lectures and the lecturer. Huang Kan suggested that Lin Shu could go to Peking University to listen to the content of the lectures before he knew how to refute their fallacies.

Lin Shu sat on a bench and listened to Chen Duxiu’s speech, coldly humming his remarks as arrogant, and Qian Xuantong’s extreme views caused an uproar. Hu Shi gave a speech for the first time after his wedding, and a group of female poets first talked to his wife quietly.

Hu Shi still has a graceful appearance. He bluntly said that classical Chinese writing is dead writing. It is too difficult to spread among the people today. Only plain and easy-to-understand writing such as vernacular writing is a living writing. Huang Kan stood up in public and argued that it is not a fact that Hu Shi’s vernacular is easier than classical Chinese.

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