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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 14 Recap

Hu Shi saw Wang Mengzou excitedly coming forward to hug him, and even kissed his face. This enthusiasm made Wang Mengzou embarrassed for a while. Wang Meng and Zoulai set up a distribution station for “New Youth”. Mentioned those women, Hu Shi explained that they were all poets of the Beijing Poetry Club.

Wang Mengzou brought a letter from Hu’s mother, saying that there were many rumors about him in his hometown, and Hu’s mother urged him to go home and get married later. But after reading the content of the letter, Hu Shi smiled that this was all nonsense, and hugging was just normal etiquette.

After Lu Xun and his old friend got together, he returned home and asked his classmate Yang Kaiming why he didn’t come. Yang Kaiming returned to his hometown to teach after graduation, and then slept on his stomach on a table in a widow’s house because he was drunk. As a result, the widow was drowned in Shentang, a villager. Yang Kaiming went crazy because of the stimulation. He only begged and talked crazy on the street all day, and no one knew anyone anymore.

Lu Xun was feeling that this world is really crazy, his cousin Jiu Sun ran in madly and said that someone was going to kill him, hiding under the table but he didn’t dare to go out. Jiu Sun was confused because he saw many starving people on the way there, and was stimulated. They had to lift Jiu Sun to the hospital. When Lu Xun saw this situation, his resentment could no longer be hidden. He thought of the execution scene where the sword was thrown in his hands in Caishi, and the steamed buns stained with blood. He put up a pen and wrote a text, and named it “The Diary of a Madman.” .

In the heavy rain, Hu Shi was wearing a robe, holding a paper umbrella and looking at the trees and plants of Peking University, and the student standing in the pavilion pulling the proposal, smiling very gently. Hu Shi went home to get married. Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu wrote a wedding gift list for Hu Shi, saying that they would post it to stop those slanders of Hu Shi, and by the way block those girlfriends with ulterior motives.

Li Dazhao was pasting the paper on the bed at home, but his unskilled skills were rejected by his wife Zhao Renlan and Xiaosha. Zhao Renlan, a thrifty housekeeper, made Li Dazhao very comfortable. In order to help his wife and children, Li Dazhao decided to eat hot pot together, and gave Xiao Sha some silver dollars before leaving.

The kindness and affection of the husband and wife were really enviable. Guo Xingang and Deng Zhongxia suddenly visited their new home and saw that their master was about to leave, but Li Dazhao kept them. Guo Xingang was temporarily unable to mail the tuition due to something at home, and the school needs a teacher to guarantee him. Li Dazhao heard that the tuition fee only needs a deposit of five yuan, so he doesn’t even need to provide a guarantee. Zhao Renlan also found out the three yuan left in his pocket and gave him the three yuan of the ocean road fee, but now their family’s mutton can’t be eaten.

Li Dazhao, who had promised the children, had to bend over to coax them. At this time, Cai Yuanpei sent someone to bring his salary to Zhao Renlan. He knew that Li Dazhao always spends money lavishly, so he deducted thirty oceans every month and waited for Zhao Renlan to come and give it to her. He also asked him to rest at home. Spend two days with family. The husband and wife looked at the ocean and laughed, and they were able to take the children to eat mutton.

In the Shanghai Yadong Library, Wang Mengzou told Yannian Qiaonian the good news that Wu Zhihui’s French language training class had started in Beijing. Wu Zhihui specially invited Yannian Qiaonian to go to Beijing for tuition. The distribution headquarters of “New Youth” has been transferred to Beijing. They can continue to work-study in the past, and Beijing is the exchange center of ideological trends, and they will have better development in the past.

Yannian agreed to go. Looking at Liu Mei, she still asked if she wanted to go together, but Liu Mei could only decide after going back and discussing with her parents. Master Liu is a shareholder of the French language training class, but this daughter followed Yannian to Beijing. It was not in a romantic relationship, and her mother was somewhat unwilling. However, Mr. Liu happily agreed with his glasses. He knew that Chen Duxiu and Chen Yannian would have a bright future. He believed that his daughter would be happy if he could be with Yannian.

At the entrance of Changxin Store in Beijing, Li Dazhao brought a truckload of Chinese New Year goods to celebrate the New Year. The workers in Changxindian didn’t pay any wages this year, so he bought a bunch of Chinese New Year goods with his wages and sent them to them. He also brought his wife and daughter here to celebrate the New Year with the workers. Chen Duxiu was writing Spring Festival couplets with Hu Shi in the yard of his home, and Yan Nian Qiao Nian, who came to Beijing, also celebrated the New Year at home.

Chen Duxiu said frankly that this New Year’s celebration is a family reunion, and the second celebration is when Hu Shi finally got married after 13 years of long-distance running, and the third celebration is Yannian, Qiao Nian can continue to study and stay in France as soon as possible. The young people study and discuss together, and Yannian is also happy that he can finally discuss academic studies with more aspiring young people.

In the Changxin shop, Li Dazhao and the workers were making dumplings while talking to them about Lenin’s thoughts. Under Lenin’s leadership, Russia established the first socialist country led by the working class, also called Soviet power. They announced that they would no longer participate in the world war and divided the land among the people. Zhao Shiyan listened to the introduction that the socialist system is the master of the people, and the speed of making dumplings in his hands slowed down. The workers also laughed. Li Dazhao is the Russian bearded man.

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