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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 27 Recap

It turned out that when Pei Xingjian learned that Li Zhi had called Ku Di Liuli to the East Palace, he went to ask Wu Cairen to go to the East Palace, but Wu Cairen was not there, Pei Xingjian went to the study to find Li Zhi, and Yuen Long pushed him three times, so he was suspicious, so he secretly Climbing on the roof, he saw Li Zhi and Ku Di Liuli being stunned by the fragrance of Emotion, he hurriedly jumped into the window, took away the fragrance of Emotion, asked the servant of the king to fetch ice cubes, and forcibly awakened Li Zhi and Kudi Liuli, Pei Xingjian It was concluded that Li Ming would bring Li Shimin to catch the current situation soon, and he decided to do everything possible, and let the servant of the king lead Li Shimin and others to the backyard, which not only eliminated Li Zhi’s suspicion, but also witnessed his filial piety and kindness.

Wucai learned the ins and outs of the matter from the servants of the king, and he was still puzzled. He didn’t know whether the rumor in the palace about Li Zhi’s masculinity was true or false. The servant of the king proved that Li Zhi and Kudi Liuli were innocent. , Li Zhi only took a fancy to Kudi Liuli’s talent, and the talented martial artist was relieved.

Pei Xingjian gave Kudi Liuli soup and medicine. When he learned that Kudi Liuli saw Sun Decheng’s message, he went to Sun Decheng without paying attention to the meal. Then Sun Decheng rushed to give Kudi Liuli sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Pei Xingjian realized that the situation was not good. Hurry to chase Kudi Liuli. Kudi Liuli hurried to see Sun Decheng, walked to a secluded place, and was strangled with a rope by a masked assassin.

Thanks to Pei Xingjian in time to interrupt the rope, the assassin was so scared and ran away. Kudi Liuli suffocated and fell unconscious, Pei Xingjian She had to be rescued by artificial respiration, and Kudi Liuli finally woke up. Pei Xingjian saw that the waist card dropped by the assassin belonged to the Royal Palace of Cao, so he concluded that Li Ming sent someone to assassinate Kudi Liuli.

The assassin stumbled and fled, Sun Decheng met and hugged the assassin, Pei Xingjian immediately threw a dart, the assassin took the opportunity to escape, Pei Xingjian asked Sun Decheng to go to Buluyuan to take care of Cudi Liuli, he immediately chased the assassin, and the assassin ran to Jinle The vicinity of the palace disappeared. When Pei Xingjian met the guards on patrol, he handed over the card of the Cao Palace to him, and asked the guard leader to help catch the assassin.

The more Sun Decheng thought about it, the more things went wrong, suspecting that Pei Xingjian threw a dart to deliberately let go of the assassin, and worried that he and Li Ming were in the same group. Ku Di Liuli firmly believed in Pei Xingjian’s character, and Sun Decheng was still uneasy and gave her a thousand warnings. That night, Kudi Liuli was so scared that he couldn’t sleep at night. Pei Xingjian played the flute on the roof to embolden her. Kudi Liuli gradually relaxed his vigilance and fell asleep on the bedside.

There was a lot of rumors about the assassination of Kudi Liuli in the palace. Everyone suspected that Li Ming and Concubine Yang sent someone to retaliate against Kudi Liuli. The head of the guard returned Cao Wangfu’s badge to Li Ming. Li Ming defended him in every possible way. There are rumors that they suspect that their mother and son are waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against Kudi Liuli. Li Ming promised to find out the truth as soon as possible. Yang Fei persuaded Li Ming not to act rashly, and concluded that Kudi Liuli could not afford the big storm.

Li Zhi didn’t worry about Kudi Liuli, so he brought the king’s servant to Shangfu Ju, hesitated for a long time at the door or left silently. He was worried that Kudi Liuli would cause unnecessary trouble. When Zhuo Jinniang came back from her injury, she saw that the peony flowers on the dress that Kudi Liuli embroidered for the grandson empress was ingenious, and it was embroidered on both sides. Zhuo Jinniang knew that only the dead An’s was the only one capable of this kind of art in the world. She hated it. The heart came spontaneously, and wanted to get rid of Kudi Liuli’s future troubles, Deng Qiniang tried his best to defend Kudi Liuli, but Zhuo Jinniang was still brooding.

Deng Qiniang was responsible for embroidering the shawl for Mrs. Wei, and Ku Di Liuli helped her embroider when he took the time, and even taught her double-sided embroidery. Deng Qiniang was grateful to her. Suddenly Zhuo Jinniang sent someone to call Kudi Liuli. Deng Qiniang guessed that Zhuo Jinniang would ask about double-sided embroidery and asked Kudi Liuli about the relationship with An’s. Kudi Liuli hurriedly found an excuse to cover up.

Sure enough, as expected by Deng Qiniang, Zhuo Jinniang asked Kudi Liuli’s double-sided embroiderer hardly where she inherited. Kudi Liuli repeatedly claimed that the dead fairy in Yixin Palace had given her a dream and taught her the double-sided embroidery stitches. She only learned this skill. Ku Di Liuli promised to report to Zhuo Jinniang the next time she had a dream. Zhuo Jinniang didn’t believe it at all, but she didn’t want to lose this rare opportunity, so she could only let it go.

Sun Decheng heard that Pei Xingjian went to the Shangfu Bureau to find Kudi Liuli. He made the longan red date soup with his own hands and sent Xiao Shunzi to Kudi Liuli. He also instructed him to let Pei Xingjian drink a bowl as well, and he would use the ginger.

In the bowl next to him, Sun Decheng prescribed medicine in the soup bowl, and calculated that Pei Xingjian had an attack when he was out of the palace. Xiao Shunzi advised Sun Decheng to think twice. Sun Decheng suspected that Pei Xingjian was not good for Kudi Liuli and wanted to poison him to remove the hidden dangers around Kudi Liuli.

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