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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 26 Recap

Li Zhi helped the sweaty Kudi Liuli onto the couch. Kudi Liuli was too thirsty, so Li Zhi hurriedly greeted Yuen Long to fetch water. Pei Xingjian was worried about Kudi Liuli. He wanted to go in and see what was going on. Yuen Long used various excuses to stop him. Suddenly he heard Li Zhi’s call. Yuen Long hurried in. Pei Xingjian was uneasy, so he had to go to Wucai for help. Wu When Cairen went to the Imperial Garden to relax, he asked the court lady Yuliu to pass on a message, so that Wu Cairen must go to the East Palace.

After Wu Cairen returned to the palace four hours later, Yu Liu told her Pei Xingjian’s message. Wu Cairen realized that the situation was not good, so he hurried to the east palace without saying anything. The king’s servant gave Li Zhi something, but Yuen Long blocked it in every possible way. The king’s servant rushed in and put down the things and came out soon. He looked panicked and didn’t allow Yuen Long to tell anyone what he saw.

Li Shimin brought Concubine Yang and Li Ming to the East Palace to pick lotus seeds. Yuen Long looked at Li Ming. Li Ming knew that he had succeeded. The king’s servant and Yuen Long invited Li Shimin and others into the palace. Li Shimin asked about the whereabouts of the prince. Li Zhi is studying in the Guardian Hall. Wu Cairen hurried to the East Palace, met Mo Kun halfway, and Mo Kun called her aside.

Li Shimin came directly to the gate of the Guardian Palace. There was no movement inside. Li Shimin suddenly became angry and asked Li Zhi whereabouts. The royal servant had to take them to the backyard. Li Shimin saw Li Zhi and the maids reeling silk from a distance. I remembered the deceased queen eldest son. She liked to raise silkworms and reel silk before she was alive. Li Zhi hurried over to apologize to Li Shimin. He wanted to secretly make a piece of silk for Li Shimin as a birthday gift, but it was broken. Li Shimin Concubine Yang and Li Ming were dumbfounded at the praise of him.

Yuen Long hurriedly returned to the study, rummaged through the incense burner, and bumped into Pei Xingjian. Yuen Long was so scared that he ran away. Pei Xingjian had already taken away the unburnt incense. Wu Cairen hurried to the East Palace, claiming that he was here to learn textile embroidery. Li Shimin had a happy heart and personally inspected the whole process of sericulture and silk reeling. He was full of praise for Li Zhi’s silk weaving skills, and Li Zhi admitted it was Kudi Liuli taught him, Li Shimin called Kudi Liuli to give him a reward.

Li Zhi invited Li Shimin and his party to drink tea. Wu Cairen suddenly became hot and felt that the incense smell here was too strong. Li Shimin also felt hot and weak. Li Zhi called Yuen Long, who was on duty today, and Yuen Long was so scared to hug him. He ran away with the incense burner. Pei Xingjian hurriedly stopped him, and publicly exposed the incense incense in the incense burner. He had confiscated these incense from Fengyue place when he was studying in Simen. Li Ming and Concubine Yang were fanning the flames. Li Shimin severely taught Li Zhi and suspected. He got these from Fengyue Place, and Li Zhi had no idea about it.

Wu Cairen revisited the recent events in the palace. At first, some people spread rumors to slander Li Zhi, and now there is an inexplicable scent of love, and he believes that someone has deliberately planted and framed Li Zhi. At this moment, Mo Kun hurried to report to Li Shimin that he found Lu Qingxiang from Yuen Long’s house. Li Shimin forced Yuen Long to confess to the behind-the-scenes master.

Concubine Yang was worried that the matter would be revealed, so she threatened and threatened him around the corner, Yuen Long admitted. He did it alone, and there was no behind-the-scenes leader. Li Shimin asked Pei Xingjian to pull Yuen Long out of his rod and declared an iron law in public. From now on, if anyone dared to spread Li Zhi’s rumors, he would be severely punished.

Li Shimin suspected that Li Ming and Concubine Yang had heard the rumors, so he deliberately asked him to pick up lotus in the East Palace, just to get him to catch Li Zhixian. Li Shimin severely taught Li Ming and Concubine Yang, and fined Concubine Yang to go back and think behind closed doors. It is said that Concubine Yang is not allowed to go to the hall and be punished to kneel and be embarrassed. Li Shimin also asked Gao’s servant to warn Li Ming to do it for himself.

Concubine Yang persuaded Li Ming to be careful in the future, so as not to anger Li Shimin. Caiyue fanned the flames on the sidelines and claimed that all this was caused by Cudi Liuli. Li Ming vowed to kill Cudi Liuli to avoid future troubles. Take a bite of blood. Li Zhi thanked Wu Cairen for coming forward to clarify the facts. Wu Cairen felt that all this was because of Pei Xingjian’s meticulous thoughts that allowed Li Zhi to escape, reminding him to be careful in the future. Pei Xingjian came to see Kudi Liuli and saw that she was crying with pears and rain. He wiped her tears away, vowing to protect her well in the future, and Kudi Liuli broke into a smile.

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