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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 34 Recap

When Ye Zhanyan saw Sheng Huainan pulling Luo Zhi away from the back, her eyes were full of jealousy. She couldn’t understand why she finally got the unique happiness, but had to lose it at the same time. Luo Zhi’s happiness is the pain in Ye Zhanyan’s heart. Every time after losing, he really regrets it, but he doesn’t know where he was wrong.

Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi ran all the way, drinking the strongest wine, and sneaking into the exhibition hall together to see the organ that she most wanted to see. Luo Zhi was like a reporter, interviewing Sheng Huainan on various issues, everything she had heard about him, and wanted to know a real Sheng Huainan instead of hearsay.

Sheng Huainan took Luo Zhi to the outside of the exhibition hall, with love proverbs hanging on the walls. Women are part of men, so they need to leave their parents and become one. Listening to Luo Zhi recalling the past, Sheng Huainan took the initiative to drink the wine she had drunk. The last time Luo Zhi was tortured to extract a confession, for Sheng Huainan it was an unforgettable confession.

The two leaned on each other and fell asleep outside the exhibition hall. When Luo Zhi woke up, he saw a book. At this moment, Luo Zhi was leaning against a warm bosom, and Sheng Huainan was using this book to shield her from the glare. When Sheng Huainan got closer and closer, Luo Zhi thought of not brushing his teeth in the morning, but how could he dislike each other if he admired each other. With the warmth of the sun, this kiss became more memorable.

While Jiang Baili was divining his confused feelings, Gobi was also recalling their past. He finally would not contact Jiang Baili selfishly, but chose to swallow the bitterness. And Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan finally established a relationship, the Southern Cross is their token of love, so that their lives will not get lost.

Early in the morning, Jiang Baili hand-washed clothes next to the washing machine to vent. It was not until Luo Zhi came back to share the happiness between her and Sheng Huainan that Jiang Baili temporarily drove away the haze. Jiang Baili cheered and moved, as if he was more excited and happy than Luo Zhi.

Soon it was the Spring Festival again, and all the students were ready to pack their bags and go home. Sheng Huainan wanted to take advantage of this time to go home, like his parents confessed the relationship between him and Luo Zhi, so as to give each other a sense of security and let Luo Zhi understand how serious his feelings are.

However, Sheng Huainan’s grandfather was seriously ill, and he was encouraged to spend the New Year in the hospital, and Sheng Huainan’s father was also overwhelmed by the company’s affairs. Sheng Huainan’s mother specifically instructed on the phone not to mention Luo Zhi in front of his father, but she did not let Sheng Huainan dispel Luo Zhi’s intention to bring Luo Zhi home.

Before leaving, Sheng Huainan took Luo Zhi to go shopping, dating like an ordinary couple. They are like hawthorn candied haws and strawberry candied haws in his hands. Sheng Huainan likes to stick to himself, but he is willing to break principles for Luo Zhi. When Luo Zhi’s mouth was full of sugar, Sheng Huainan would naturally use his mouth to clean up for her.

On the day of leaving the school, Gobi and Gu Zhiye went to the girls’ dormitory together to fight for the right to escort Jiang Belli. Jiang Baili has never tried to be scrambled by two men. She didn’t feel happy because of it. Instead, she felt extremely troubled because she was at a loss.

Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi once again set foot on the land of Harbin. Sheng Huainan is looking forward to the future, hoping that this relationship can be blessed by his parents, but Luo Zhi only wants to be well now, not seeking the future. Luo Zhi was very aware of the contradictions between the two families. She didn’t dare to ask for too much, only wishing that the happy dream could wake up later.

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