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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 33 Recap

If they are too close, they often can’t see each other clearly. Only by keeping a distance occasionally can they see the person in front of them. Similarly, when Luo Zhi was determined to become strangers with Sheng Huainan, he could learn from Zhang Mingrui that all the concerns in the past were from Sheng Huainan. The food she likes, the cold and warm when she was sick, Sheng Huainan was afraid that Luo Zhi would not accept it, and would rather let her mistakenly think that this kind of care came from Zhang Mingrui and willingly.

During this period, Luo Zhi responded to Xu Riqing’s request and returned everything that originally belonged to Zhang Mingrui. When meeting Sheng Huainan, Luo Zhi pretended to answer the phone but was ruthlessly exposed on the spot. Sheng Huainan had known that Luo Zhi had lost his necklace, and didn’t care about these things at all, but he still couldn’t stop Luo Zhi to leave.

Luo Zhi came to the cafeteria alone, refused Gobi’s invitation for Jiang Baili, and hoped that the other party would stop being selfishly entangled. The exam was over, Luo Zhi met Jiang Belle to celebrate the invitation, but saw Gu Zhiye again. The difference is that even though Gu Zhiye is more difficult to see through, he is single after all. Luo Zhi intentionally reminded Jiang Baili that he did not interfere too much after being rejected.

The three of them came to KTV to sing, because Sheng Huainan saw Gu Zhiye taking Luo Zhi and Jiang Baili away at the school gate, and they followed them all the time. Fate made this group of young people gather here for various reasons. When Jiang Baili accidentally saw Gobi’s affectionate money sing a love song to Chen Mohan, tears flowed with memory.

The love song was previously sung to Jiang Baili by Gobi, and now it also belongs to other women. The scene where Jiang Baili leaned against the door and wept, and happened to be hit by Gobi and Chen Mohan who opened the door. Chen Mohan never minded showing off Gobi’s obedience to her in front of Jiang Baili, but this time, Jiang Baili had Gu Zhiye next to her.

Gu Zhiye hugged Jiang Baili’s shoulders and took her away from the place of right and wrong, which also gave Gobi no more playful thoughts. Similarly, Chen Mohan also saw Gobi’s thoughts, but he unintentionally made her a chicken soup and refused to sing love songs with her in public. No longer as angry as usual.

But Jiang Baili was running excitedly and almost had a car accident. Fortunately, Gu Zhiye stood in front of her to protect her. Jiang Baili couldn’t bear the sadness at this moment, and she took the initiative to cry in Gu Zhiye’s arms. She knew that such behavior was rude, so she begged for five seconds of indulgence.

When feeling that Jiang Baili was crying miserably in his arms, Gu Zhiye seemed to be sincere for a moment, and wanted to caress Jiang Baili and comfort her. Only five seconds passed in a flash, and before Gu Zhiye’s hand touched Jiang Baili, he felt empty in his arms. Perhaps Gu Zhiye has been in the workplace for many years, and he has rarely encountered a simple girl like Jiang Baili.

Luo Zhi, who was still waiting in the box, also waited for Sheng Huainan. No matter how Luo Zhi refused, Sheng Huainan didn’t intend to give up. Even if he became a stranger, he could meet Luo Zhi again. Sheng Huainan announced his likes to the world, proving his intentions.

Ye Zhanyan also held a farewell party here, and Zhuo Chen’s uniqueness was also sent to her mobile phone. Zhuo Chen found his and Ye Zhanyan’s constellations and placed them in the same sky. This was the last thing Zhuo Chen did. Zhuo Chen’s giving up made Ye Zhanyan annoyed and ordered the other party to return to his side immediately.

At this time, Sheng Huainan also took Luo Zhi’s hand and passed Ye Zhanyan. This time, no matter what Ye Zhanyan said to strike up a conversation, Sheng Huainan no longer stayed for a while.

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