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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 31 Recap

Jiang Baili desperately needed a reason to take a look at the Gobi. It happened that Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan had solved the plagiarism incident by Chen Yongle, and helped him get the invitation from the Netherlands to join. Jiang Baili could come to the student union by spreading the word. Chen Yongle was very grateful to Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan, and promised to get rid of the vice of plagiarism, and willingly accept the school’s punishment for plagiarism.

During this period, Jiang Baili couldn’t help but secretly look at the Gobi many times, and secretly cheated when the other party couldn’t help chasing it out. Gobi was very concerned about which man was with Jiang Baili for the New Year’s Eve. Most importantly, this was also the first time Jiang Baili refused his invitation for another man.

Jiang Baili didn’t want to let Gobi misunderstand anything, but the student association also loves Gobi women and deliberately satirized Jiang Baili not to attract any man’s attention. This kind of irony is unacceptable to any woman. Moreover, in front of a man she likes, Jiang Baili admits that she is being pursued by other men, which also makes Gobi’s expression crack.

Sheng Huainan still pursued Luo Zhi with perseverance, and when he followed silently but failed to get results, he actively asked to be the tutor of Tiffany brothers and sisters, and took the opportunity to approach Luo Zhi. After a good day and on the way home, Sheng Huainan once again confessed to Luo Zhi to ask for the relationship. Surprisingly, the two of them did not agree, and Sheng Huainan was once again thrown on the street by Luo Zhi.

One second before Gobi held flowers, he begged Chen Mohan to forgive him and promised that he would never contact Jiang Baili again. The next second he brought a bunch of snacks and asked Jiang Baili to find review materials for him. Gobi remembered what Jiang Baili liked to eat, and used a dinner as a thank you, but when Chen Mohan checked the post, Jiang Baili hid under the table.

In order to find something unique, Zhuo Chen would give up the final exam and go to the snow-capped mountains to search for it alone regardless of safety. When Ye Zhanyan heard the news, the first feeling was whether it was moved, but unbelievable. After all, in her cognition, men are all selfish species.

Since Luo Zhi approached Zhang Mingrui in order to avoid Sheng Huainan, Xu Riqing also felt a crisis. Today, he specially dressed beautifully and asked Zhang Mingrui to go to the library. When it was time for lunch, Sheng Huainan, regardless of whether Luo Zhi was willing or not, took the initiative to sit down at a table and transformed love into a formula with her. Zhang Mingrui and Xu Riqing were confused.

Sheng Huainan hopes to establish a relationship with Luo Zhi, but he has made Luo Zhi too insecure before, and therefore he cannot get a definite answer. Sheng Huainan was frustrated and came to the rooftop to relax. He accidentally saw a flowerpot protruding. He was bored and wanted to move the flowerpot back to its original position, so he saw Luo Zhi’s confession carved on the wall.

At this moment, Sheng Huainan knew that whether it was the last time he heard the song on the rooftop or the answer left on the wall, it was always just Luo Zhi. Even if there was no deliberate lie, he and Luo Zhi had a clear heart, and this discovery made Sheng Huainan jump like a child.

Sheng Huainan specially made an appointment with Ding Shuijing and took back the diary belonging to Luo Zhi. The reason why Ding Shuijing no longer lied to instigate discord was also from her own feelings that she missed them purely in high school. If Luoyang were also willing to purely admit the feelings in her heart, Ding Shuijing might have let go of this unwillingness long ago.

In the library, Sheng Huainan sat beside Luo Zhi happily, and put his hand on the back of her chair very naturally. Zhang Mingrui and Sheng Huainan tease each other secretly, temporarily letting the relationship between Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan ease.

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