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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 30 Recap

Although Luo Zhi’s surface was strong and unaffected, as the distance between her and Sheng Huainan got further and further, her tears became more and more uncontrollable. Luo Zhi didn’t understand why such a situation would be ushered in every time Sheng Huainan took the initiative to approach. She could no longer muster the courage to believe in any promise from Sheng Huainan.

After Luo Zhi vented in Luoyang’s arms, she sat down at the table in despair. It was not until Luoyang proposed to Chen Jing that she diverted her attention. It is a pity that this marriage proposal was not successful. Luoyang didn’t even know the thickness of the fingers of his girlfriend who had been with him for five years. The ring that was a few times bigger showed that he didn’t care enough about Chen Jing.

In fact, after five years of getting along, Luoyang and Chen Jing had their own way of getting along, and Chen Jing can always find reasons and advantages for continuing to get along with Luoyang amidst various shortcomings.

At the same time, Sheng Huainan mistakenly believed that Ye Zhanyan had deliberately done this encounter, and finally made up his mind not to entangle her again. Sheng Huainan misunderstood Ye Zhanyan, but at the moment when Luo Zhi arrived, Ye Zhanyan did deliberately get close to Sheng Huainan.

Seeing Ye Zhanyan’s fierce look revealing, Sheng Huainan felt that the woman in front of him had become completely unrecognizable. When two people are together, they should achieve each other and become better and better, rather than Ye Zhanyan becoming paranoid and terrifying like this. Sheng Huainan looked at Ye Zhanyan’s eyes gradually indifferent, and solemnly drew a line from Ye Zhanyan for the last time.

I don’t know if Ye Zhanyan really wants to give up, after all, she will soon study abroad. Ye Zhanyan took the initiative to ask Zhuo Chen to come out, promising that as long as the other party gave the uniqueness that belonged to her before she studied abroad, he would agree to the relationship, and Zhuo Chen naturally cherished this only opportunity.

The restaurant where Jiang Baili is dating Gobi for the first time, but this time the target is Gu Zhiye. She feels that life is wonderful. In the same restaurant, she is dating a man very like Gobi. Gu Zhiye didn’t want to compare with anyone, and he also formally expressed his desire to pursue Jiang Baili at this moment.

Although Jiang Baili couldn’t let go of the Gobi, she was still happy for Gu Zhiye’s pursuit, but this kind of happiness disappeared in the next moment. Gobi once again begs for perfection, and finally asks Chen Mohan for forgiveness, but the other party discovers that he is still in contact with Jiang Baili. Jiang Baili couldn’t help answering Gobi’s call and was insulted by Chen Mohan, but she was still concerned about whether Gobi would be bullied by Chen Mohan.

Under Luo Zhi’s supervision, Jiang Baili didn’t rush over to make herself boring, and Luo Zhi ignored Sheng Huainan and waited downstairs. Luo Zhi suddenly remembered that Wen Yuan once said that a woman needs to do something to get a man to care. She deliberately missed Sheng Huainan and deliberately got along with Zhang Mingrui.

Although Zhang Mingrui was willing to stand in the middle, Luo Zhi knew that he was ashamed, so he invited the ice cream, and the picture of them getting along so happily made Xu Riqing who happened to pass by jealous. Xu Riqing specially invited Sheng Huainan to meet, hoping that the other party would take action. Who knows that Sheng Huainan doesn’t mind Zhang Mingrui being close to Luo Zhi. The trust between Sheng Huainan and Zhang Mingrui is beyond doubt, and he even took the opportunity to beat Xu Riqing to let her understand Zhang Mingrui’s dedication to her.

From then on, Sheng Huainan would wait downstairs in the Luozhi dormitory early in the morning and wanted to sit next to him during class. Seeing that Luo Zhi left the position to Zhang Mingrui, although he would not misunderstand the relationship between the two, he would “stingly” hit Zhang Mingrui in the back of the head with a ball of paper.

Sheng Huainan tried his best to get close to Luo Zhi, no matter where he was, no matter what rejection he received, he did not give up. Sheng Huainan would follow where Luo Zhi went. When she turned around, she pretended to look up at the sun very artificially. It was once Luo Zhi secretly followed Sheng Huainan, paying attention to everything about him, and now the relationship between the two has completely reversed.

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