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To Be With You 约定 Episode 17 Recap

Since Wang Yaping became Chen Memorial’s coach, she soon put her obsession to become a national player on her, and started a series of devilish training. Chen Memorial was miserable about this, and he simply asked Tambus to design a bunch of props to try to avoid training. As a result, the two chatted together, but Wang Yaping made porridge for Chen Memorial and almost blew the kitchen.

In the next few days, Wang Yaping not only discovered the truth about Chen Memorial’s laziness, but even noticed that Tambos often appeared next to Chen Memorial, and the relationship between the two seemed a little wrong. Wang Yaping went to Chen Changhai to explain the matter, thinking that the person using the fitness equipment must be Tam Buss, so when Chen Changhai learned that Tam Buss was still pestering his daughter, he became furious and moved directly to the Tam Buss house with the tent. Here, it is convenient to monitor his every move.

In the middle of the second day, Chen Jiemian and Tan Busi were secretly dating outside the training ground. Chen Changhai saw that they were about to kiss him, and just about to rush out, Wang Yaping actually appeared first. The two young men stood in front of him honestly. Chen Changhai hated iron and steel. Wang Yaping heard Chen Memorial’s explanation, and what he had insisted on seemed to collapse suddenly at this moment.

Chen Memorial could never forget Wang Yaping’s disappointed eyes, especially she told herself with tears in her eyes that not everyone who worked hard had this opportunity. Chen Changhai also finally understood why Wang Yaping refused to accept herself, because she was cherishing it. The only chance in life is to choose between dreams and love.

Through this incident, Chen Memorial gradually began to self-reflection. She and Tambus restored the training props, and at the same time sincerely apologized to Wang Yaping. In order to make her no longer sad and to make her heal as soon as possible, Chen Memorial will not be a director from now on, and will no longer act, but will be an athlete seriously.

Chen Memorial did achieve the goal she set. In addition to rest, she spends the rest of her time on training. Chen Changhai sees it, and Wang Yaping also sees it. Although she has not taken the initiative to speak to Chen Memorial, she can In private, they care about each other silently. It was not until Wang Yaping delivered medicine and water without saying a word that the two people were truly reconciled.

Afterwards, Chen Memorial called everyone together again and planned to completely change the original script. She hoped that she could play the game with her own strength. Although it might be hundreds of times harder than others, she wanted to prove it. Mother watched and agreed to the game with her mother’s dream.

Everyone understands Chen Memorial’s ideas, and all give support. Under the training of Wang Yaping, Chen Memorial slowly figured out the tricks of playing and learned Wang Yaping’s serving skills. Perhaps because of the mother and daughter’s connection, Chen Memorial seems to have suddenly opened up, and his fighting is getting better and better.

However, as the days approaching the game were getting closer and closer, Chen Memorial became more and more flustered. Even in the middle of the night, he was still training hard, keeping his energy tight at all times. Wang Yaping believes that athletes compete not only with skills but also with psychology. If you feel that you cannot bear the pressure at this time, you will encounter a strong opponent in the game, and you will never win the tug-of-war. If you want to win the game, you will win the game surprisingly .

After repeated training, in the blink of an eye, the professional table tennis player led by Li Meiling started the match with Chen Memorial. At first, Chen Memorial had obvious advantages, but in the later stage he repeatedly lost his opponent.

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