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To Be With You 约定 Episode 16 Recap

Because of the hard training during that period, Wang Yaping was overwhelmed and fainted unexpectedly. Dr. Zhang expressed strong protest to Chen Changhai and his daughter, thinking that they should not continue to torture the patient in this way, or they would give up treatment. Chen Memorial was worried that Wang Yaping’s body would be getting worse and worse, so he summoned everyone to think of a way to make Wang Yaping accept the reality and give up his sports career without feeling hatred.

After repeated discussions, everyone sorted out a set of plans based on Wang Yaping’s over-concentration when playing. That was to use the pair training method to attract Wang Yaping’s attention, and then let Tambus use the remote control car to sprinkle the glass ball on Wang Yaping. At his feet, as long as Wang Yaping reached the glass ball, he would fall to the ground on the spot. However, in actual operation, Chen Changhai subconsciously rushed out to support Wang Yaping because he couldn’t bear it, and couldn’t bear his wife falling down, which led to the failure of the plan.

The first plan fell through, and Chen Changhai sincerely admitted his mistake amidst everyone’s complaints. Because of this lesson, Liu Ailun intends to use Wang Yaping’s shortcomings to find a breakthrough. It happens that Wang Yaping seems to be as stable as Mount Tai, not surprised, but her only shortcoming is being too polite. Chen Memorial deliberately knocked down Wang Yaping’s favorite clothes, rushed to wash the clothes with her, and took the opportunity to throw insects in the laundry tub, which would definitely scare Wang Yaping.

As a result, during the smooth implementation of the plan, Chen Memorial made the same mistake as his father. He couldn’t bear to see Wang Yaping fall, stupefied by stealing chickens and losing rice. After two consecutive failures, everyone learned a profound lesson. Tambus decided to take the next strong medicine. First, let Chen Memorial put sleeping pills in Wang Yaping’s milk, and then wait until Wang Yaping trains, and then fall according to the device he designed.

However, the effect didn’t work. On the contrary, Wang Yaping had a foot on her own. Seeing this opportunity, everyone hurriedly gathered around and sent her to the infirmary. Dr. Zhang also cooperated with the acting and simply and rudely announced that Wang Yaping was seriously injured and put on a plaster, claiming that he must rest for three months, causing Wang Yaping to give up training.

Even though the plan was successful, Chen Changhai was not in a happy mood, especially when he saw Wang Yaping crying while packing her luggage, simply stopped her, and directly announced that she would serve as a coach assistant during the recovery period to help him train those players who had the opportunity to break through. , And strengthen training after the foot injury is healed.

Wang Yaping accepted Chen Changhai’s proposal, but she asked herself to choose the players she wanted to train. She set her target on Chen Memorial, stupefying that the father and daughter were at a loss. Chen Memorial herself is not good at playing, especially she can’t endure hardship, so she didn’t listen to Chen Changhai’s advice at all. Instead, she had to fight against Wang Yaping to prove that she was a waste of training anyway.

In the next few days, Chen Memorial’s performance was indeed not as good as expected. Wang Yaping was speechless in terms of physical fitness or football skills. As a bystander, Chen Changhai couldn’t help feeling that both mothers and daughters were stubborn, and there was no one to admit defeat. Just when Chen Changhai didn’t know how to mediate, Wang Yaping took everyone to celebrate Chen Memorial’s birthday. Chen Memorial did not feel such a beautiful moment since he was a child. He was immediately moved and determined to give Wang Yaping a try.

Under Wang Yaping’s arrangement, Chen Memorial lived a hellish life every day, even in a dream, she couldn’t escape the shadow of playing table tennis. Chen Changhai knew about her daughter’s difficulties, so she was discussing how to change the status quo. Chen Memorial went to the playground to draw lines at night and tried to reduce the lap distance. Unexpectedly, Tambus would help her secretly by modifying the weight of the weightlifting and table tennis. The trajectory of the movement.

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