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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 26 Recap

At night, a motorcyclist went to Chinatown to find a supermarket owner. He came to want supermarket owner Wu Xiaoguang to join their chamber of commerce. This is the third time that the chamber of commerce has sent someone to persuade Wu Xiaoguang. Wu Xiaoguang was somewhat helpless and asked the driver to tell the chamber of commerce’s thanks.

Chairman, he has already paid the membership fee to the second uncle of the Wu family, and he really has no money to give to the Chamber of Commerce. Seeing that he didn’t have any money, he acted like making trouble. Wu Xiaoguang collapsed and begged him bitterly. Stop messing with him.

The driver took advantage of Wu Xiaoguang’s back to him and shot Wu Xiaoguang to death. Wu Xiaoguang’s wife, Huang Juan, came out to check out the gunshots and found that her husband was lying in a pool of blood and had long lost his breath. Huang Juan called the Chinese Embassy. The Chinese Embassy called the police station and asked them to leave the police. When the police arrived, they asked Huang Juan about the situation, but Huang Juan couldn’t cry.

Deputy Director Liu of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the South American Department received an anonymous letter for help, in which he accused the gang organization of collecting protection fees. Deputy Director Liu asked Assistant Xiao Liu to sort out the letters and other information from overseas Chinese in the past year. He immediately went to the Director. According to the report, after discussions between the two foreign ministries, the Ministry of Public Security sent a working group to country A to fight criminals and evil, and was specifically responsible for the case.

In Country A, Wu He, the chairman of the Wu Chamber of Commerce, has sent his subordinates to find out. It was the Xie family, Xie Chu and Xie Qiang, who killed Wu Xiaoguang. The subordinates wanted to make trouble in the Xie’s house, but Wu He stopped them. ,

Let them find out if Xie Chu and Xie Qiang still go to Huaqing Hall often. At Huaqing Hall in Chinatown, Xie Chu, president of the Xie’s Chamber of Commerce, was taking a bath with Xie Qiang. Xie Chu left early, leaving Xie Qiang alone in the bathhouse. People from the Wu’s Chamber of Commerce came and shot Xie Qiang and Xie Chu. So escaped.

After Xie Qiang’s death, his father Xie Arong and his younger brother Xie Fei came to Country A to mourn. Xie Chu said that he had found a clue and would definitely avenge Xie Qiang. On the other side, the working group also came to country A, and Zheng Minjie, a staff member of the embassy, ​​arranged a place for the working group. Not long after they arrived at the station, Wang Minzhang from the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau came. He and two other police officers rented a house in the Chinese district and were already investigating the situation.

Gao Xiaotian and others went to the embassy to learn about the local overseas Chinese, and Zheng Minjie began to explain to everyone. Gao Xiaotian asked them if they had any criminal facts about a certain gang. The embassy counselor said that they had visited the Chinese community before, but their cooperation was not very high. The local police did not know the crime situation of the Chinese gang. Gao Xiaotian saw that he couldn’t get any useful information here, so he decided to go to Chinatown to see the situation in person.

When everyone saw a burnt shop in Chinatown, they asked passers-by about the situation. The passers-by only said that it was burned by others, but did not say who it was. Several people happened to stroll into Wu Xiaoguang’s supermarket. They guessed Huang Juan’s identity and showed her identity. Huang Juan knelt down excitedly when she heard that she was a policeman and told them about Wu Xiaoguang’s death.

The Wu family, the Xie family, and Luo Bin, another gang leader, all heard the news that the domestic police came to Country A, but none of them took the arrival of the domestic police seriously and felt that the domestic police could not control them. However, they still sent people to the working group’s station to inquire about the situation. The working group also noticed that there were cars outside the station that kept circling around. Wang Minzhang asked the working group if they wanted to live in another place, but Gao Xiaotian disagreed.

Early the next morning, Gao Xiaotian and Yin Zhihang went to the local police station and met with the deputy chief of the police station Carlos. They hoped to get the support of the local police in the next work. They asked about Wu Xiaoguang’s murder. Carlos said that they were out of the police, but because of language barriers, they could not get any information, and although there were cameras in the supermarket, they did not capture the shots.

Gao Xiaotian asked them for surveillance information. Carlos agreed and asked Gao Xiaotian how many people had come. When he learned that there were only six people in the working group, Carlos was a little disappointed, saying that Gao Xiaotian should bring more people, because the local gang is very cruel and Gao Xiaotian made another copy of the case data and left.

Xie Chu actually knew that Wu He killed Xie Qiang, but he didn’t talk about it because of Xie Fei’s presence. On this day, he took advantage of Xie Fei’s absence and told Xie Chu about it. Who knew Xie Fei was outside the door. Overhearing, Xie Arong asked what Xie Chu was doing when Xie Qiang died. Xie Chu said that he was doing something else. Xie Fei couldn’t help but rushed in and asked Xie Chu to give himself a gun and kill Wu He by himself, but Xie Arong Refused.

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