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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 24 Recap

Zhuqi came to congratulate Linglong for recovering, and gave her the little beetle that her father had given him. Seeing that Yuanyi had no opinion, Linglong accepted it. But Linglong’s expression dodges, Yuanyi realizes that Linglong is hiding something from him. Sure enough, the only thing Linglong could hide from was Huo Tu Xin. He knew how happy his daughter was to regain her sanity. After Yuanyi learned the truth, he began to blame himself. If he hadn’t come to Linglong, the latter would not happen. , Linglong can still live a carefree life instead of eventually becoming a consciousness that can only be seen and cannot be said in Yijing.

Huo Tu Xin and Yin Zhuang who were brought together by Linglong to fetch the wine, there was nothing wrong with Yin Zhuang. Huo Tu Xin took a step to reveal embarrassment, and he faced Yin Zhuang somehow easily. Yinzhuang told Huo Tuxin what Weishengyan said about the long-term love and the original words. He was a little angry for a moment, but what is the right to be annoyed? Who is Yinzhuang? Is it possible to be jealous? . The expression that Yinzhuang had originally raised became lost again, Huo Tu Xin had no guts to express it.

Linglong doesn’t feel how difficult it is to accept the truth of living in Yijing. On the contrary, learning to accept the truth is actually a kind of relief. Don’t escape, don’t break free. Before she disappears, she must match the silver makeup and Hutu Xinzai as soon as possible. Together, even if she dies, Huo Tu Xin will be accompanied by silver makeup, and a few years later, there will be a child who will make Tu Xin happy like Linglong. Secondly, Linglong will work with Yuan Yi to master the power of God. Helping him return to Zhaodu was a guarantee Linglong made when Fei Tian died.

Yinzhuang and Huotuxin came out of the wine shop, one had to walk alone, the other held the wine jar and had a drink. Yinzhuang walked to the old site of Fuyanlou, which has become a restaurant, which was specially made for her by Weishengyan. Wuyuan followed. Yinzhuang knew that she had always been a hard-mouthed girl and was probably worried. She only followed, but found some irrelevant excuses and sent her back together. It was the first time Yin Xiao saw Yinzhuang who took the initiative to deal with someone like this, and Yinzhuang had indeed changed.

On the street the next day, the Yin brothers and sisters saw Lisha disguised as being held by bad guys with illusion, but Yin Xiao didn’t care at all, and went straight until Lisha dressed like silver makeup, Yin Xiao pinched her. neck. Yinzhuang saw that Miss Lisha’s neck was bruised, and her brother was too heavy. Who knew that when Lisha heard this brother music blooming, he always thought that these two were lovers, they were brothers and sisters. , It turned out to be jealous after a long time.

Yuanyi and Linglong were invited into the fantasy world by Mengzhan, where they were taught to use the power of the gods. Yuanyi’s sword and Linglong’s power could complement each other. The more tacit cooperation between the two, the stronger the power. Their goal is to grab Mengzhan’s necklace by their ability, and if they win Mengzhan, they can no longer appear in Linglong’s dreamland. However, with their current strength, Mengzhan was no match for Mengzhan. Mengzhan also guessed that Linglong was afraid of being too violent in front of her handsome king.

The handsome monarch, that means Mengzhan is lurking beside her, reading almost all of Linglong’s memories from childhood, including the things about Yuanyi in the diary. Linglong hugged him with one arm, and the little girl said about her face, she took advantage of the hook and shoulders, and Linglong smoothly pulled the necklace from Mengzhan’s neck, Yuanyi watched the two hook and shoulders. Some frowns, what kind of eyes does this man look at Linglong?

Yinxiao was entangled with Lisha, one head and two big ones. When passing by the teahouse that day, someone followed him, and Lisha was right there again, and he simply took Lisha’s hand to pretend to be intimate, so that people would not notice the teahouse. This can be regarded as forgiving her. Li Sha returned the starburst fragment to him. He did not remember returning it the previous few times. Mengzhan erased his memory. Even this Li Sha hoped that he would not be angry, and Yin Xiao could not be angry. , But now Lisha wants to shut up.

Linglong was busy matching Huo Tu Xin and Yin Zhuang, and decided to find Lisha to make a fantasy. Let him first confess to the silver makeup in the fantasy and practice his hands. Then he would not be nervous when facing real people. As a result, Linglong just left. Silver makeup is here. In the face of a fake, Huo Tu Xin had to confess his liking, but Linglong who found Lisha just came, Huo Tu Xin no longer had the courage to speak.

Yuanyi asked Mengzhan to read his past and present, and saw the truth about the approval of the Earth Fire. Although Linglong had never told each other about the sins of Yuanshi and Yinshi, he still knew it. He also knew that Mengzhan had repaired Linglong’s Yijing. , So that she can at least live in another way, but Yuanyi is the one who will kill her from beginning to end. In addition, Mengzhan could read the memory of Linglong’s mother in that piece of Yijing, who was the divine lord of Yuantu Great Emperor.

The god of five hundred years ago, the memory of Yuanyi five hundred years ago, do you want to know? Since Mengzhan can ask this, it means that it may be detrimental to the Yuan clan, but he did not say anything about it, mostly Nianguang Pavilion and Yuan clan Only when there is a connection did it conceal it. It may not be good to know some things, but Mengzhan hopes Yuanyi will know about five hundred years ago.

Suddenly there was a warning signal from Lisha, it was Weishengyan. It is not difficult to see that Mengzhan and Lisha are more or less afraid of the micro-inkstone. Because Lisha’s mouth is quick, he has missed Huo Tuxin’s confession of silver makeup just now, and the micro-life inkstone is almost black for a moment. Sink down. The strange thing is that Wei Sheng Yan ordered Huo Tu Xin not to stop him from entering the mansion. The old housekeeper thought he wanted to kill him, but there was actually one person who needed to deal with before that. Mengzhan has never erased the memory of Weishengyan, not because he dare not, but because he can’t. He can do nothing.

Linglong learned that Yuanyi knew the truth about the Fire Trial, and she kept scolding Mengzhan. She didn’t hide Yuanyi, but was afraid that he would be sad when he knew it. No one expected Yuanyi to know it. Compared to the cruel truth, Yuanyi What’s more afraid is Linglong’s not telling. Turning back, the two saw Yin Zhuang looking for Huo Tu Xin. When talking about Huo Tu Xin’s preference for Yin Zhuang, why didn’t he be more straightforward, Yuan Yi interrupted at the right time. There was Wu Yuan beside Huo Tu Xin. If this matter were placed on Yuan Yi, how would he choose? He would probably choose Linglong just like Huo Tu Xin.

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