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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 23 Recap

Li Sha was in a daze at the starburst fragment. The pavilion owner erased Yin Xiao’s memory until he found Li Sha was following him. Aren’t all Li Sha done in vain. For the first time she knew that chasing boys was so difficult. When Yuan Yi and Linglong were walking on the street, suddenly someone around him was manipulated by thoughts. Yuan Yi became vigilant.

Almost instantly, the bone erosion swung his sword down from the sky. When the two of them fought, Linglong was beside him with divine power. He tried to struggle with his mind, but after all, he was no match for the power of the divine master. He slapped the corroded interforehead with one palm. Even if he planned to cut first and then play, he still lost.

Huo Tu Xin saw that there was bullying of men and women on the street, but he was about to get out of his head. Wu Yuan stopped him and saved someone who could not save everyone. Such a strong one would become a thorn in the eyes of some people, but Huo Tu Xin would not listen. Advise, go up is a good pass. That night, Huo Tu Xin rushed to the Fuyan Lou with Yin Zhuang.

This is the source of all evil that Huo Tu Xin said, the place to be smashed, the silver makeup is not what it used to be. After having the power of thinking, a brothel in the district just moved In the matter of fingers, the fireworks venue suddenly heard the wailing of a group of men, the screams of the bodyguards being beaten, and Yinzhuang could even use his thoughts to help Huo Tu Xin block the sword.

In the foundry shop, Yuanyi was about to talk to Linglong about Pingjianghou, but the defendant had not yet opened his mouth to save the defendant and shut up. Besides this, he could say something else. Yuanyi got close and then got close, but suddenly naughty wiped Linglong. At the corner of her mouth, there is something dirty at the corner of her mouth, which is obviously teasing her. Fortunately, when Huo Tu Xin came back, Yuan would accept it as soon as he saw it, and left first with a wink. I went to Wuyuan.

Today, I accidentally injured some people in the fight with bone erosion. Instead of seeking treatment for Linglong, the people rushed to Pingjiang Houfu instead. Because the people in Pingjiang Hou will receive huge compensation for hurting the people, almost comparable to the annual income of ordinary people. The reason why Zhu Xi can stand in Pingting is not only by force. He not only owns Pingting, but also has the hearts of the people here.

Wei Sheng Yan heard that Yin Zhuang and Huo Tu Xin went to smash the brothel today. As long as it is the people that Yin Zhuang wants to save, he will properly arrange the women who are rescued from the brothel to ensure that they are safe and happy for the rest of their lives. Maybe he and Yinshi were just a deal at first, but he couldn’t escape the long-term love. He really admired Yinzhuang and was willing to do what she wanted for her.

The mask man came to Linglong’s dream again. Linglong was erased from memory. Seeing the mask man’s true face again was as surprised as the first time he saw him. He didn’t know how much the pavilion master liked her expression. At this moment, someone outside the dream called her, and the masked person wanted to touch her forehead again, Linglong eagerly bit down and left the dream.

In Zhaodu, Xisu went to see the high priest, and couldn’t sit still after the candles in Pingting. Soon after the high priest and Xisu came to see the king, it was hard for the candles to be exhausted. Whose it was, he immediately found Jun Shang and asked him to be named Pingjiang Hou, but Zhu Xi is still there, but there is something wrong with it. Zhu Li asked Yuan Yi to help him lead Zhu Xi, and the other matters only need to wait for good news, as a cooperation exchange, Yuan Yi also needs Zhu Li to help.

Yuanyi came to the teahouse alone to find the pavilion master of Nianguang Pavilion. On the other side, he sent someone to inform Linglong to come later. He sat down and negotiated with the pavilion master. He vaguely knew that Nianguang Pavilion had hidden the market for many years and must have been avoiding someone, so as long as Yuanyi had the ability to let the news fly out, the pavilion owner would be jealous, and he could use this as a threat to learn that Nianguang Pavilion was true. The purpose of the pavilion is that even if the pavilion master will jump over the wall in a hurry, causing him to die here today, then Linglong will come soon, and the pavilion master will be more than worth the loss, so this game is better than anyone else.

Linglong had already reached the entrance of the teahouse, Li Sha stopped in a weak voice, and could not hear her almost small voice. If Yin Xiao hadn’t repeated it, no one would have known that she had come to block the way. Seeing that Yuanyi was unscathed and Linglong fell asleep very tired, Pavilion Master Mengzhan nodded her eyebrows again and told her about Nianguang Pavilion in her dream. The role of Nianguang Pavilion is to protect the god, including teaching her to use divine power and to preserve her consciousness. It was Nianguang Pavilion who melted the exquisite Yijing into her body to restore her sanity.

However, the divine lord will always completely replace Linglong. What Nianguangge can do is to preserve her consciousness. Linglong can only feel it, but can no longer control her body to express. This is the best result. This replacement process lasted from a few months to two years, knowing that Linglong certainly didn’t want to tell Huo Tu Xin, but Mengzhan still felt that Yuan Yi should know about it.

Until the night came, Linglong was still in her dream, Huo Tuxin carried her home and heard Linglong’s babble, she asked her mother Jiner in her dream, is she part of the plan of someone behind her? When I came to Zhihuo, met my father, and finally gave birth to her, whether it was or not, please Mengzhan not to tell Huo Tu Xin, because Linglong knew he would be sad. I slept for a long, long time.

After waking up, Linglong was relieved to see Yuanyi and his father. Everyone sat around a table to have a meal, chatting while eating, talking about Yinxiao causing a big trouble named Lisha, and also bringing together Huotuxin and Yinzhuang.

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