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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 21 Recap

In Linglong’s sleep, there was a voice calling her from far and near, which made her enter a dream state. The heartbreaking and regretful things she experienced in the past appeared one after another, and disappeared like smoke. These things are told Her god is simply a god, but a container, a monster in the eyes of everyone.

At this time, a voice was guiding and tempting again, forcing her to have to awaken the power of the god. She finally saw that it was a mask talking, but she couldn’t help it. Then the situation changed, and she returned to herself. Linglong woke up with the index finger of the owner of the mask on her forehead. The thin rustling voice outside the door made her vigilant, and when the man pushed the door, it was almost as if the exquisite dagger was about to stab Yuanyi.

After that, the Yin brothers and sisters were summoned, and several people listened in detail to what happened just now. It was from Nianguang Pavilion, but Yuanyi had been there at the door, and there was no one coming in and out, making the window even more impossible. Yuan Yi sat on her couch this time, watching from a close range. Yin Xiao sat in the courtyard, and when he checked the star sword, he found that a piece of the sword was missing, probably related to the blue-clothed girl named Lisha.

Linglong fell asleep and fell into this dream again. The masked person claimed that he taught Linglong how to use the power of the gods. By the way, she also disliked her for learning too slowly. Linglong didn’t believe it. The two fought each other. In the end, she was awakened by her index finger. When she came to Linglong, she was going to be blown up with anger. When she turned her head, Yuan Yi and Yin Xiao were both beside her, but just now Linglong shouted so loudly that they had no response at all.

Huo Tu Xin and Wu Yuan came to Fuyan Tower, where there were graceful and charming women everywhere, from the girl to the old bustard, Huo Tu Xin wanted to push far away. Hearing Wu Yuan said that the women here are very hard. As for the hard work, Huo Tu Xin can think of the worst thing to let the woman do a lot of work, without food or drink, and other things can’t be thought of. When the girl next to him was refused to serve, the girl was shocked. The old bustard saw that the girl was not liked by the guests and ordered someone to pull her down. Huo Tu Xin realized that the girl here meant to pick up the guests.

If Wu Yuan hadn’t escaped, wouldn’t it be the same day. According to Wu Yuan, she was sent to the brothel together with Tachibana. Among them, the smart and beautiful girl would be selected and sent to a beautiful girl who was not beaten or scolded. At the place of Yushi, Tachibana asked Wuyuan to watch, and she sneaked into the room to check the list, but she didn’t show up again without knowing what she saw.

Later, she changed her name to Fuyanlou’s Oiran Tachibana. In the past few days, she has been helping Huotu Xincha about the plague seventeen years ago, and there is no obvious connection with the real owner of Fuyanlou, Zhu Xi, so there are few other clues except to ask Orange Qian.

Weishengyan was stared at by Yinzhuang, but he didn’t realize that he was being stared at all. Instead, he prepared good wine and food, and the best books in the market to relieve his boredom. Who knows that books are mostly flattering words. Wei Sheng Yan was embarrassed for a while and blocked his sleeves because Yinzhuang didn’t like him staring at her. The fourth son, Zhuqi, was injured by a dark arrow that day.

Fortunately, Linglong was present and Jin Guangyisa rescued him. Today, he came to the door to thank him, and Linglong accidentally learned that Black Hunter has a strong sense of smell. So I asked him to repeat the route that Linglong had disappeared and regained memory based on the smell. As a result, the road to the teahouse stopped abruptly, that is, Linglong only walked here and disappeared.

At this time Yuanyi saw Yin Xiao behind him not far from Lisha following him. The girl with great illusion skills was hit by Yin Xiao turning her head and Lisha returned the astral sword fragment to him. Yin Xiao was shocked. She can break the stars. The next moment Yuanyi and Linglong stood opposite each other, blocking Lisha’s retreat. In a hurry, she used illusion skills to separate the three to create a hallucination. Everyone was helpless in their illusion, but there was no one. Taking a step, the Yinxiao Starlight Sword shattered close to Lisha’s room, and she had to solve the illusion.

Fuyanlou, Huotuxin and Wuyuan finally waited for Juqian. When Juqian pours the wine, she took the opportunity to attack Huotuxin. Wuyuan quickly stopped her with eyesight and took off her bracelet. She saw her on her wrist. A tattoo red flower. Huo Tu Xin was too impressed with this flower. Jin’er also had the exact same tattoo, and numbers were engraved on the petals. This was the only difference. The orange light was twenty-three, and everyone’s was different.

In the teahouse, with the starlight sword against Lisha’s neck, Linglong asked her about Nianguang Pavilion. She pretended to be confused. Yuanyi and Linglong gave up questioning her, and instead walked towards the corridor behind the door, where they must be leading local. If you leave Yinxiao and Lisha, you must avoid the sword against your neck. Lisha offered to take Yinxiao to a place.

Discussions are still in the Fuyanlou. The girls who were selected were tattooed and locked in a turret. Orange Qian was also locked in it. Through the crack of the door, she saw someone executing a girl. She looked like a monster. The bones were growing outside and were strange in shape. Huo Tu Xin thought of seeing Jin’er and Linglong transforming. Tachibana Qian also said a more terrifying thing, in fact, there was no plague back then, it was just a guise for murder.

On the day the plague spread, Orange Qian escaped and met someone who had seen him once before. As long as that person tapped their foreheads with their index fingers, people would listen to them. Linglong crossed the corridor, and the voice of the masked man appeared behind her again. She knocked off his mask with the palm of her hand. It was the teahouse owner.

There was no time for the two of them to be shocked, so he fainted by the point of his index finger between his eyebrows. Li Sha took Yin Xiao to her room and took out some spar powder to him, saying that it could improve the defense of the Astral Sword. What did this have to do with Nianguang Pavilion, Yin Xiao was about to leave when suddenly a hand outside the door curtain nodded his brow.

In addition to Fuyanlou, Wuyuan and Huotuxin analyzed the context of the dragon, and they always felt that this incident was not only related to Zhuxi, but also Nianguang Pavilion played a role in it. The three people who were nodded between the eyebrows, Yuanyi and Linglong began to want to trouble the black hunt again, but this method seemed a bit familiar, and Yin Xiao, who came from the other side, drew the sword and saw that the star sword was missing a fragment. .

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