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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 8 Recap

Ning Yi counted the things he could do, and wanted Su Tan’er to keep himself. Who knew that Su Tan’er kissed him directly, Su Tan’er hid after kissing him, leaving Ning Yi to have endless aftertastes in place. Ma Kangxian, a member of the School of Male Ethics, is very optimistic about Ning Yi. He is different from others and has no prejudice towards his son-in-law. He feels respect. Qin You also appreciates Ning Yi very much. Watching Su Jiada at the Puyuan Poetry Conference tonight It shines, and it feels like the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward.

In the five years of Jing Han, the country fought against Liang Guo to monopolize the tribute of the Wu Kingdom. The people of the north did not have a living. In Wudu, Emperor Wu Zhe was listening to the report from Minister Liang Pingzhong. Profit. The emperor did not want to face these political affairs, and sent away the ministers. He Yuan, the emperor of the Wu Dynasty, often heard that the confessed Sui cloth had no suppliers, and sent his men to Jiangning to find new suppliers.

The next day Ning Yi recalled what Su Tan’er had done after kissing herself, but couldn’t figure out what she meant, so he found friends from his male ethics college to come up with ideas. Everyone had different opinions, and Ning Yi was still at a loss. When Ning Yi came to the cloth shop, the shopkeeper was arguing with his subordinates. The people under his staff highly praised the uncle Ning Yi. What he said was like a decree, which made the shopkeeper very unhappy. Su Tan’er looked at Ning Yi. She was a little shy, and she took the initiative to signal that she wanted to prepare a Zen for the beloved, so that the people under her would retreat. Seeing this, Ning Yi sneaked up to Su Tan’er and quickly fled after kissing her. Su Tan’er was also overjoyed.

Wu Qihao went to the shopkeeper of the Su family, and Ning Yi was so brilliant that day at the Puyuan Poetry Club. He deliberately sought out the shopkeeper of the Su family, wanting to put him under his sect and do things for them. On the other side, Ning Yi came to Nie Yunzhu’s booth and wanted to patronize their business, but he didn’t expect that Nie Yunzhu’s craftsmanship was not very good, so Ning Yi gave them the method of making preserved eggs and gave them a way to make money. Ning Yi returned to the Nande College, Qin Youxiang was playing chess with Ma Kangxian, Ning Yi was funny and humorous, and soon became one with them.

The subordinates sent by the Wudu Taishi had arrived in Jiangning. The Wu family warmly received Song Duwei, chatted with Song Duwei happily, and quickly reached an agreement. On the other side, the envoy of the South Korean also met with the second room of the Su family. He is Su Wenxing’s uncle. He came here this time to help his family and let them stock up on old cloth. Su Tan’er also heard the news and knew that Yasukuni might add a new year cloth. After thinking about it, she got a measurement, but he deliberately did not mention it in front of the old lady.

What Su Tan’er guessed was probably the truth. Ning Yi overheard the conversation between the main envoy of South Korea and Su Wenxing, and witnessed the transaction between them. The main envoy of Han insulted Ning Yi at the dinner table, and Ning Yi knew about Su. Tan’er wanted to win the business of Suibu, and decided to work hard with her. Although he hasn’t figured out how to deal with it yet, they can still compete with Jiangnan Silk.

Su Tan’er was a little anxious, she had to get the silk from Jiangnan before the second room. But they didn’t know that Wu Shi was also searching for silk in Jiangnan, the purpose was to make Su Shi cloth nowhere to go. His obsession with Su Tan’er was very deep, in order to defeat Ning Yi and get Su Tan’er, he At all costs, he absolutely wants them to hold their heads up on Suibu.

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