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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 6 Recap

Ning Yi looked at the stick that Wu Qihao had thrown away, and recalled what he had said about Puyuan Poetry Club. When he returned to his penthouse, Su Tan’er’s mother brought a group of people to persuade him to drink. Ning Yi couldn’t refuse, but they could only help him to Su Tan’er’s room. Su Tan’er was a little nervous when she saw her mother pouring wine into Ning Yi and sending it to his room. Ning Yi couldn’t stand it anymore, so she rushed towards him, raised a hammer and started smashing the wall.

The people outside thought they were having sex and couldn’t help but feel a little worried when they heard such a big movement, especially Su Tan’er’s mother worried that her daughter’s body would be overwhelmed. In fact, the two of them were just creating an illusion. Ning Yi returned to his penthouse, and the room between the two of them was opened up. Su Tan’er had already said to Ning Yi. Ning Yi also listened very patiently. After hearing about Su Tan’er and her father, Ning Yi was somewhat Feeling sorry for her, he also heard the words of the elder, knowing that the two of them are too stubborn.

The Su family gathers righteous clans once a year. The old lady took out his palmprint and decided to give it to Su Tan’er. At this moment, someone called the old lady. At this time, Ning Yi was distributing Su’s business card from the college. He didn’t know that there was a problem with the account book at home. The account book of Dafang was replaced. At this critical moment, there was a problem. Su Taner had to ask the old man for two.

Time. In just two hours, Su Tan’er wrote down all the accounts silently. The second room originally wanted to say that Su Tan’er was making false accounts. At this time, Geng Nursing Hospital hurriedly called back Ning Yi and Ning Yi. He took out all the papers as soon as he appeared and was able to verify the account book written by Su Tan’er. He didn’t have any intention of grabbing credit, so he withdrew after submitting evidence.

The second room refused to admit defeat, and was still desperately denying Su Tan’er’s ability to be a female classmate. Seeing that the old lady was hesitant, Su Tan’er was a little worried. At this moment, she was not optimistic about her father’s appearance. His father spoke for her, the old lady. Very much agreeing with what Dafang said, and handed the palm print to Su Tan’er in public. Seeing Su Tan’er get the palm print, it can be regarded as fulfilling his dream of being a father. The elder master just wanted to live with Su Tan’er, but he was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Ning Yi, and the elder master left angrily.

In the evening, Su Tan’er and Ning Yi celebrated together. Su Tan’er got her palm prints and was in a very good mood. She decided to drink some wine with Ning Yi. Su Tan’er’s mother was laughing outside the door, and the two really followed her plan. Drinking. Ning Yi took out the preserved preserved egg from his room, and brought it to Su Tan’er as if offering a treasure, forcing Su Tan’er to take a bite. Although it felt strange when he had the entrance, he felt still after eating. Yes, Su Tan’er is only satisfied.

Ning Yi saw that she was a little bit drunk and deliberately molested her. Su Tan’er had a fight with him, and suddenly remembered the Poyuan Poetry Fair a few days later, she insisted that Ning Yi accompany her, Ning Yi bargained with her. They said that they would go with her only after adding more money. Ning Yi seemed to be aware of something. He turned around suddenly a little embarrassed when he looked at the beauty close at hand. After the two reacted, they suddenly realized that the pot of wine in front of them turned out to be the tiger wine that Su Tan’er’s mother gave Ning Yi directly. That’s why the two were so hot and unbearable, Su Tan’er scolded Ning Yi shamelessly.

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