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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 5 Recap

Not long after Ning Yi fled, he saw a young girl falling into the river. He saw that no one noticed this, so he jumped into the river to save people. The person he rescued was Nie Yunzhu, who lived alone, because the clothes were soaked, so he left. Go down to dry the clothes. Su Tan’er went out to find Ning Yi, but found that he was missing. Geng Huyuan’s eyes dodged, and at first glance, he was hiding something. After taking Ning Yi’s script for Geng Huyuan, Su Tan’er didn’t expect Genghuyuan to be like this After being bought, Su Tan’er threatened Geng Nursing Hospital with a script, and Geng Nursing Hospital immediately took Su Taner to find someone.

They found Ning Yi’s luggage, and then listened to the voice to find Ning Yi. He was catching a big goose in Nie Yunzhu’s yard, while Nie Yunzhu was drying his clothes. When they arrived, Ning Yi was returning to the room to change. As a result, Nie Yunzhu accidentally spilled water on him. Su Tan’er happened to witness Nie Yunzhu helping him undress when he came in. Ning Yi couldn’t argue, so he could only explain to Su Tan’er after going home.

Su Tan’er left angrily. Ning Yi followed them back to Su’s house, and was locked into the wood house by Geng Nursing Hospital. The elder angrily walked in, and was about to beat people indiscriminately. Ning Yi hurriedly replaced him. speak. He felt that the elder was harming himself, so he began to blame the elder. He heard that Ah Da and the elder were very confused. Ah Da hurriedly explained the previous things. Upon hearing this, Ning Yi also hurriedly expressed his attitude and everything he did. They were all helping Su Tan’er to get the palm prints, and they had no other intentions.

So when Su Tan’er came to save people, she saw Ning Yi and Ah Dazheng chatting happily, and they didn’t look like they were beaten. Ning Yi finally understood the heart of the old man. In fact, he also loved his daughter, but he didn’t. Good at expressing. Ning Yi began to follow Su Tan’er to the cloth shop, to train the staff in the shop, and to reform the cloth shop together. Although Su Tan’er was puzzled, she believed in Ning Yi and decided to try it with him.

Many of Ning Yi’s actions made everyone a little bit confused. After making sufficient preparations, Ning Yi began to clarify Su Tan’er. His purpose in coming to Xinmen Art Museum was to investigate several other houses. After observing the shop, he found that the location of Sujiabuhang was unique, so he made a special parking space. Ning Yi also analyzed the situation of the Su family’s industry. Su Tan’er immediately understood what he meant when he heard the instructions. If you want to serve the people accurately, you must have corresponding measures so that the poor people can also be able to buy fabrics.

Su Tan’er understood Ning Yi’s painstaking efforts, and was very grateful to him. Facing such Ning Yi, Su Tan’er was a little moved, but she was a bit at a loss. She didn’t know how to deal with it, so she quickly found a reason and left the art gallery. Ning Yi accidentally discovered that the elder was actually very concerned about his daughter, but he was reluctant to say more. The elder often went to the cloth shop to check their operations and knew everything about Su Tan’er’s preferences. Ning Yi advised him to spend more time with Su Tan’er. Chat.

Su Jiabuxing got a parking space, and all the big families who came to buy cloth came to Sujiabuxing. Li Xian came to Sujiabuxing that day, just seeing Su Taner’s recommendation to Ning Yi and admired him even more. Ning Yi has a good way to greet the guests. Su Tan’er looked at him and suddenly felt that he was a little good. Seeing him looking over, she quickly looked away. Wu Qihao went to the Xinmen Art Museum and bought all the girls. They were not allowed to go to another house. I don’t know what he was doing. Mama Yang didn’t care about anything else as long as she got the money.

The business of Sujia Cloth Co., Ltd. is getting better and better. Their weaving speed needs to be improved. Ning Yi has already made preparations and built a loom. The old man is very pleased. The benefits during this period are very good. The old man is right. Su Taner praised again and again. When Ning Yi went out that night, a group of people in black surrounded him. Wu Qihao led Huomu Men to kill him again. Ning Yi knew that he wanted to kill himself last time. Just as Wu Qihao was about to do it, his father rushed to stop him, and Ning Yi survived.

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