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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 4 Recap

After yesterday’s play, Ning Yi was sent to the male ethics college. He learned from his deskmate Li Xian and learned about the basic activities in the male ethics college. Li Xian and his friends bet on why he entered the college. At the school, when he said that he had gone to the Xinmen Art Gallery, everyone was shocked, and they gathered around hoping that he would say more. Ning Yi was very helpful and introduced his own experience of playing. Everyone was very yearning for it, but it didn’t take long before he was caught by the master.

Ning Yi was punished to stand. As soon as the master left, he urged a few to sit down and rest and inquire about their affairs. The men here are all sons-in-law and are looked down upon. They can be insulted at will when they are sent to the college. Ning Yi was very dissatisfied with this. Even if you are a son-in-law, you should have the dignity of a man. Husbands and wives should be dignified. There is no distinction between noble and inferior.

His bold words and lofty aspirations are very useful to other men in the college. He called out to resist. This big move Attracted the Master. The Master beat and scolded them, Ning Yi couldn’t bear it anymore, and went straight away, making the Master very angry. A group of students behind him watched him leave with admiration and admiration.

There was a new problem with the cloth line. The people who came to fetch the cloth had some duplicate numbers. Su Tan’er frowned and had a faint premonition. In the end, Ning Yi did not leave the Academy of Male Virtue. He was walking alone when he happened to encounter Wu Chao’s right-hand Qin Siyuan and Ma Kangxian playing chess. Qin Siyuan saw Ning Yi and asked him to play chess together. When Kangxian came back, They have started a new round.

Ning Yi beat Qin Siyuan in chess, which made Kang Xian admire him very much, so he wanted to make him a good friend right now. Kang Xian was the dean of the Academy of Men’s Virtue. Naturally, he wanted to ask why he came to the academy. Ning Yi didn’t say much. But made this friend. At this moment, the cloth line sent people to find Ning Yi, and more and more people in the cloth line appeared to have repetitions. The situation was very bad, and the officials would come to seal their cloth line. Su Wenxing said before that he would help. The requirement is to manage the cloth line with them.

Su Tan’er pretended to be anxious and agreed to his request. Just as they set up the papers, Ning Yi appeared and said that he was going to catch the thief. Su Wenxing looked dumbfounded, and saw Su Tan’er stand up with a smile on his face, and took it from the officers and soldiers. The ticket number is verified in public. It turned out that Ning Yi and Su Tan’er had already said to prevent someone from cheating. They were prepared for it, and forged ticket numbers need to use a seal. Su Tan’er will not harm herself, so it is the other holding the seal that is harmful. The second room.

As soon as the officers and soldiers were about to take Su Wenxing away, Su Wenxing began to point to his sister, threatening that if she sent herself off to an officer, she would definitely be pricked in the backbone. Ning Yi would not listen to him, let the officers and soldiers take him away. Before leaving, Su Wenxing broke free of them again, grabbed a man in charge, and pushed the charge on his head. Su Tan’er did not continue the accusation either.

After they returned home, Su Wenxing was beaten severely by his father Su Zhongkan, and beaten severely in front of the old man. Ning Yi pretended to be distressed and handed the second room a wooden stick. , Let him teach Su Wenxing, the old lady did not stop, Su Zhongkan had to do it.

Ning Yi and Su Tan’er left triumphantly. Ning Yi begged not to go to the Male Virtue Academy. This time he made a great contribution. Su Tan’er decided to let him go. After Ning Yi left, he asked Geng Nursing Home to accompany him again. One time at Xinmen Art Museum. Ning Yi and the old man met officially for the first time. After he said he was going to the Xinmen Art Museum, he remembered what happened before he was chased and killed.

He couldn’t help being curious about the old man, so he chased Xiaochan and asked. Regarding the grandfather, after knowing that he had a holiday with him, when he returned to the room, he remembered the things the grandfather had sent. It turned out to be fraudulent when he heard it carefully, and immediately began to pack his luggage, intending to escape.

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