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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 3 Recap

The reputation of the cloth shop has long been spread out. Everyone came here admiringly. They were already outside the cloth shop early in the morning, but looking at the warehouse that saved the night but did not help, Su Tan’er was already desperate. They now only have thirty pieces of cloth left to sell. Ning Yi walked into the warehouse quietly, found a problem in the warehouse, and immediately thought of a way. The Su Tan’er and others here are anxious about this matter. If they can’t satisfy the customers, they will break their trust, which will have a bad influence on the Su family.

Su Wenxing came to gloat and gave advice to Su Tan’er and forced her to cooperate with Erfang to sell cloth. The customers outside the door had begun to quarrel and became increasingly dissatisfied with them. Ning Yi ignored Su Wenxing and pointed out several servants. Take the initiative to face the customer instead of Su Taner. Ning Yi went out and did not delay the opening, but announced the official opening. Su Taner decided to take a gamble with Ning Yi for the Su family and let Ning Yi solve the problem throughout the process.

Ning Yi tossed Mu Yunsha down in front of everyone. Customers saw these Mu Yunsha and they were stunned. They liked the cloth very much. Ning Yi announced at this time that as long as they participate in their activities, they may sell them for free. Drop this Mu Yunsha. Ning Yi imitated the activity of fighting knives and invited friends to bargain, which made everyone present very excited. Everyone didn’t care whether they could get the Mu Yunsha on the spot, so they went to find friends to help themselves bargain.

Seeing Ning Yi resolve this situation, Su Wenxing was stunned. Almost all the people in the city flocked to the Sujiabuhang. The opening ceremony of Sujiabuxing was successfully concluded. Everyone got their favorite ticket number. Yunsha, everyone left with satisfaction. After solving the matter, Ning Yi did not idle either. He grabbed the head who encouraged the people to make trouble and forced him to tell the behind-the-scenes messenger. It was Su Wenxing. Ning Yi broke his hand without saying anything. Up.

At the end of the knives and knives, the people in Erfang thought that they would definitely lose money. Who knows that after the accounts were calculated, the profit even exceeded expectations. Everyone couldn’t believe it. Erfang grabbed Ning Yi to raise the price by three times and scolded him, how did he know the final The average price is not much different from the initial expectations, and everyone is a little confused. The old lady was not dissatisfied with Ning Yi’s actions this time, and Ning Yi and Su Tan’er crushed the second room this time.

Ning Yi not only solved the crisis, but also found the physical evidence and personal evidence that the Erfang people framed them. He suggested that Su Taner stand still. Now that they knew who was doing the tricks, they waited and watched the changes and see if they returned. What waves can be revealed. Su Tan’er is a wise man, otherwise she would be born as a woman and would not fight for herself like this. Naturally, she understood what Ning Yi meant, so she responded to Ning Yi’s request and gave him five hundred taels.

That day, in order to go out, Ning Yi specially wrote a love storybook for Genghuyuan. When Genghuyuan fell in love with his script, he took the initiative to leave the house with Ning Yi and bought a lot of fun things. Finally, Genghu The hospital also took Ning Yi to the theater and saw the red card Yuan Jiner. When Erfang’s men saw him go to the theater, they secretly told the old man, who called Su Tan’er and let her handle the matter by herself. When Su Tan’er came to the theater, Yuan Jin’er was planning to give Ning Yi After changing clothes, they took people home, but Ning Yi, who was drunk, had no idea what he was doing. At this time, Su Tan’er had no choice but to let Ning Yi go to the Men’s Virtue Academy to be punished, and the old lady didn’t drive him out of the house.

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