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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 2 Recap

As a son-in-law, Ning Yi can only be a target for everyone to point out. Everyone looked down on Zuo son-in-law, and Su Zhongkan and his son could be said to be very happy when they saw him being such a fool. They specially attracted several nobles, wanting to see Ning Yi make a fool of himself. In this case, the old man would not allow him to marry Su Tan’er. Seeing Ning Yi could not call out anyone, Su Tan’er was very worried, but she was a bride. Had to stand up for him.

Although Ning Yi was accused of failing to recite the guest’s name in advance, he had long thought of a better way. The Geng Nursing Institute brought a banner and invited everyone to leave their names as a blessing. The guests were very happy. After giving face and reading their inscriptions, Ning Yi began to call people, but he passed this level skillfully. Su Tan’er’s father was not present today, but the wedding was still going on as usual. When they were about to worship, a man walked into the lobby.

The visitor was Wu Qihao from the Wu family. He came this time for Su Tan’er and brought a couple of wives and children, claiming that they were Ning Yi’s wives. Everyone started accusing Ning Yi and Wu Qihao was prepared Then, let Ning Yi and the child shed blood to recognize their relatives. Ning Yi hesitated for a moment, but still did it. As a modern man, of course he knew that this method could not recognize relatives, so he took the initiative to recognize another son, and let Wu Qihao also confess his relatives with himself. Who knows them both His blood melted together.

Of course Wu Qihao would not recognize him as his father. Under the full view, he had no reason to say that the child was Ning Yi’s son. He would leave after breaking the bowl. Ning Yi shouted and forced him to apologize to everyone present. , So that Su Tan’er and her mother were a little surprised. The wedding can go on again. Su Tan’er and Ning Yi’s wedding is finally completed. Ning Yi’s heroic spirit is very useful to all the guests. He entered the wedding room and Su Tan’er is settling the accounts. This time she did not rush him to the guest room. Instead, let him go to the penthouse.

Su Tan’er’s father gave his uncle Ning Yi a mosquito repellent incense, and Ning Yi hung it beside the bed without much thought. The next day he went to offer tea to the old man, but he ate a closed door at the old man’s house and finally came. When he came to the second room to offer tea, he was humiliated by the second room Su Wenxing. Ning Yi stopped serving, and directly splashed the water on Su Wenxing’s face. The two fought. When Su Wenxing was about to rush up, he happened to be seen by his father. It was his pro-object who suffered heavy losses. After seeing Ning Yi’s good skill, Geng Nursing Hospital took him with admiration and specially took him to treat the wound.

Su Tan’er is busy in the cloth shop. The cloth shop will officially open tomorrow. Su Tan’er plans to go to the temple to pray for blessings, but the visa she requested is not very good, which makes her worry about opening the cloth shop. So he took Xiaochan back to the cloth shop and checked them one by one, for fear that there was something missing. With these things last night, Su Tan’er returned home with peace of mind. Every night she stayed up to check the accounts. This night was violent and rainy, and heard that there was an accident in the warehouse. All the muyun yarns could not get wet, but this night Heavy rain, the roof of the warehouse is leaking.

Seeing this scene, Su Tan’er couldn’t help but reddened her eyes. She had prepared the cloth for so long and would be destroyed because of this heavy rain. Su Tan’er cried and ran in the rain, trying to save her silk thread, Ning When Yi saw this scene on the side, he couldn’t help but feel distressed.

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