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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 53 Recap

When Wang Zhang’s carriage was about to leave the city, the Queen Mother’s men arrived and declared that Xiao Qi had assassinated the emperor and had been encircled in Mt. Lianyu. Wang Yan heard this but refused to believe it.

At this time, Pang Gui led his men and horses to fight with the Queen Mother When he got up, the general who defended the city was once a subordinate of Xiao Qi, he hesitated, and finally chose to help Wang Yan, open the gate of the city, and let Pang Gui go first. He came to resist the queen dowager’s troops, and he had the appearance of death as the guard of the city.

Hu, Wang Yan and his party fled smoothly. After leaving the city smoothly, Wang Yan stopped Pang Gui and said that they needed to split their troops. Pang Gui and her went to Lianyu Mountain to find Xiao Qi’s whereabouts, while the others went to Jiangnan to find Wang Su, but none of them wanted to leave Wang Yan. After some discussion, Su Jiner followed Wang Yan and Pang Gui to Mt. Yu Yu, Aunt Xu and A Yue took their children to Jiangnan to find Wang Su.

On the way, Su Jiner secretly opened the window and dropped something while Wang Yan was asleep, leaving a mark deliberately. Wang Yan was awakened by the sound of wind and rain. Seeing Su Jiner was opening the window, Su Jiner quickly said that he just wanted to see where he was. Then he changed the subject and said that he was afraid. Wang Yan believed in Su Jin’er. Seeing that Su Jin’er was scared, he comforted Su Jin’er a few words. After Wang Yan’s carriage left, He Lanzhen and his party chased him up and saw the mark left by Su Jin’er.

He Lanzhen asked Huyeqi to catch up with Wang Yan’s carriage, and brought Wang Yan back unscathed, leaving his queen behind. After Huyeqi left, He Lanzhen led his men to solve the Dacheng soldiers who were chasing Wang Yan. On the other side, Jin Quan was also looking for Wang Yan with someone. He guessed that Wang Yan would definitely go back to Jiangnan to join Wang Su, and then he led people to follow him in the direction of Jiangnan.

In the south of the Yangtze River, Wang Su met a begging man on the road. The man begged while showing the mark of the Wang family. Wang Su looked at it and took the man into his tent. The man said that Wang Lin was After avoiding the chase and feigning death, Wang Lin unfortunately contracted the epidemic because he hadn’t taken care of him well. Wang Su hurriedly followed the man to find Wang Lin. Wang Lin refused to let Wang Su approach, but Wang Su ignored him and knelt beside Wang Lin.

Wang Yan and the others drove the whole night. Pang Gui suggested taking a break. Su Jin’er went to the river to fetch water and secretly put medicine in the kettle, and gave Pang Gui and Wang Yan a drink. Zidan asked Su Jin’er to bring Wang Yan to him, but Su Jiner knew that if she brought Wang Yan to Zidan, after Zidan became the throne, Zidan would marry Wang Yan regardless, but this would surely make his subjects They complained, so for Zidan, she obeyed Helan Zhen’s arrangement and fell in love with Wang Yan, just because Zidan couldn’t marry Wang Yan.

At this time, Hu Yeqi chased him up and ordered his men to take Wang Yan away. Su Jiner said that he would have nothing to do with Huyeqi and the others in the future, but Huyeqi still thought about Su Jiner, pushed Su Jiner into the car, and insulted Su Jiner. .

News of the capital reached the imperial mausoleum. After learning that Zilong had died, Zidan immediately led his troops back to Beijing. The seriously injured Xiao Qi woke up from a coma. He was rescued by a farmer. But when the farmer rescued Xiao Qi, only Xiao Qi was seen. Hu Yao was also missing. When Xiao Qi was able to get up, he approached the farmer. After inquiring about the news from outside, the farmer said that Zilong died, and that it was King Yuzhang’s rebellion.

Now the head is still hanging on the city gate, while Princess Yuzhang escaped from the city. At this time, Wang Zhang had already woken up. She found herself in Helanzhen’s car and hurriedly stopped the carriage, but after getting out of the car, she realized that she was already on a grassland.

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