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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 52 Recap

Xie Wanru apologized to Wang Yan, and asked Wang Yan to help him raise Ma Jing and grow up. Ma Jing could grow up safely and stay away from the government. It doesn’t matter if he was inactive. Wang Yan wanted to go to Zilong to intercede, but Xie Wanru took Wang Yan. Not letting her go, the maid next to the queen mother urged him. Xie Wanru knelt down to Wang Yan, saying that Ma Jing would be Wang Yan’s child from now on, and Ma Jing would return Wang Yan for herself, and Wang Yan had to agree. He promised that he would raise Ma Jing well and teach him to read and write.

The hour has come. Xie Wanru glanced at the child one last time, then let Wang Yan leave, and went to death calmly. Wang Yan took Ma Jing away, but found that there was the Queen’s token in Ma Jing’s swaddle. Wang Yan looked at the token and seemed to understand what Xie Wanru meant by return. Wang Yan came to Shigandian with Ma Jing again and came to see Zilong for the last time. When he arrived at Shigandian, the queen mother was already asleep in exhaustion.

Zilong saw that Wang Yan was holding Ma Jing and opened his eyes. Wang Yan put Ma Jing next to Zilong. Zilong asked if Xie Wanru had left anything, Wang Yan said Xie Wanru. To explain, Zilong felt a little guilty, saying that he was sorry for Wang Yan before, and now I am also sorry for Xiao Qi. Wang Yan asked who had assassinated Zilong. Zilong couldn’t tell, he just said that it was all power and desire. Suddenly he felt a little flustered. He felt that he had decreed Ma Jing to succeed to the throne by pushing Ma Jing into the fire pit. He suddenly changed his mind.

In this deep palace, he believed no one, including the queen mother. He only believed in Wang Yan. No doubt, he wanted Wang Yan to take Ma Jing away, as far as possible. In the future, Wang Yan and Xie Wanru decided on Ma Jing’s path. While she was talking, the queen mother heard Zilong’s voice and woke up from her sleep. Zilong heard the movement and asked Wang Yan to leave quickly. After Wang Yan left, he hugged the child and left the palace. Soon after Wang Yan left, Zilong died.

Wang Yan commanded the carriage directly out of the city, and met Pang Gui on the way out of the city. Pang Gui went out of the city to inquire about the news when Zilong returned to Beijing. He learned that none of Ning Shuo’s army had returned, and he heard that Zilong’s assassination was related to Xiao Qi. He felt that the situation was critical, so he decided to return to the Yuzhang Palace to dismiss his servants and hide the guards. Wang Yan said that he had done a good job and asked him to leave the city with himself.

In the palace, Wen Zongshen persuaded the Queen Mother to focus on the overall situation and said that King Yu Zhang was dead. The Queen Mother thought it was Xiao Qi who assassinated Zilong. For a while, she felt that the grievance was worth revenge, so she asked them to get Wang Yan up and fight with Xiao. All the people involved in Qi were sent to jail. At this time, the servants came to report that Wang Yan had left the palace with Ma Jing in his arms.

The queen mother ordered the hunt and fainted because of the anger. General Li was ordered to chase after him. It was Wei Han who was guarding the gate of the palace tonight. He had just thought about his old feelings and did not investigate Wang Yan. At this time, he asked General Li about the situation in the palace and deliberately concealed that Wang Yan had taken the queen token. About the matter, he lied that it was the queen’s maid who had just left the palace. General Li asked a few words, rushing to chase people, and left.

After the empress dowager fainted, everyone hurriedly called the imperial physician for treatment. After the imperial physician gave the empress dowager acupuncture and moxibustion, the queen mother woke up slowly. Wen Zongshen asked the imperial physician about the empress dowager’s condition. Cure. Wen Zongshen asked about the Queen Mother’s condition, and then went to see the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother handed over all the important affairs of the court to Wen Zongshen. In order to consolidate the court, Wen Zongshen came to ask for the will of the Queen Mother. He felt that the country could not be without a king for a day, and he deliberately wanted to push the sons to go. The queen mother strongly opposed the throne, saying that Dacheng still has Ma Jing.

The most important thing now is to get Ma Jing back, but Wen Zongshen is worried that there is a case. If the throne remains vacant, it is not good for the country. The queen mother is very disappointed with Wen Zongshen. Asked who Wen Zongshen was, Wen Zongshen said that he was loyal to Dacheng and the emperor. The queen mother was very angry and drove Wen Zongs away. In order to find Ma Jing early, the queen mother sent Jin Quan to find him.

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