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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 27 Recap

The person who came out of the room called himself Shi Nian and was a teacher of Canghui Academy. Tang San couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Haotian Douluo. In those years, he asked Tang San to find a way to enter the final of the Soul Master Competition, and he could meet Haotian.

Douluo, he kept saying that he wanted to be friends with Tang San all the time. Tang San felt that he was very kind and obedient to him. He told him to tell Dugu Bo that if he wanted to get rid of the poison in the body of their grandparents, he would come. Canghui Academy is looking for time. Tang San remembered one by one, and went to see Dugu Bo with a smirk.

Dugu Bo looked at him like this, and didn’t know what to do for a while. Tang San was in a daze when he heard the familiar voice in his heart calling his name, beside him. There were still a lot of blue silver grasses before Tang San suddenly woke up. Not knowing what happened just now, Dugu Bo believed that he was controlled by the Spiritual Martial Spirit.

Yu Tianheng asked Xue Qinghe to come forward to resolve the conflict between the Silanke Academy and Prince Xue Xing. Hu Liena turned to Xue Qinghe to open the door. He flatly refused, and Yu Tianheng had to leave in pity. Dugu Bo brought Tang San back to the cave. Tang San asked him to take out 2000 Gold Soul Coins, so he replied that he would exchange his blood with Dugu Goose with Blue Silver Grass. Tang San didn’t want the teachers and classmates to worry, so he wanted to go back and report. Safe.

Dugu Bo led Tang San to Lan Ba ​​Academy, and saw that the entrance was full of people from the Royal Academy, and Dugu Bo stunned them one by one. Tang San entered the door to see Dai Mubai and Yu Tianheng in a duel. Dai Mubai was defeated again and again, and Dugu Bo put his soul skills into Tang San’s body.

Tang San briefed Ning Rongrong about what happened. Xiao Wu was hung outside the gate of the Royal Academy. He was so angry that he replaced Dai Mubai in the battle, knocking Yu Tianheng to the ground with one punch, and Prince Xue Xing had to take the people away in grief.

Tang San came in to see Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu finally woke up. Dugu Bo urged Tang San to go back to save Dugu Goose as soon as possible. Tang San and Xiao Wu hurriedly said goodbye. Xiao Wu wanted to go with him, and Dugu Bo took them back to the cave together.

Tang San didn’t want Xiao Wu to see the scene of changing blood, and wanted Xiao Wu to hide, but she insisted on watching it by the side. Tang San summoned Blue Silver Grass to be implanted in the body of the Dugu Goose, and exchanged their blood through the Blue Silver Grass.

Yu Xiaogang learned that Tang San was going to exchange the blood of Dugu Goose, worried that Tang San couldn’t hold on and neither of them would survive. Yu Xiaogang awakened Tang San Pao and asked him to track Tang San’s taste. Tang San tried his best to transfuse the Dugu Goose, his physical strength gradually weakened, Dugu Bo cheered for Tang San on the side, if they stopped halfway, they would both have to die, Xiao Wu input martial arts power for Tang San behind, Tang San was able to Continue blood transfusion for Dugu Goose.

Dugu Bo sensed that someone was approaching the cave and hurriedly came out to block it. Yu Xiaogang, Lande and Liu Erlong used the martial arts combo technique-the sacred dragon. Dugu Bo summoned poisonous smoke to surround them, and Yu Xiaogang summoned Luo Sanpao attacked. Xiao Wu tried her best. She spent all her martial arts power and all the spirit abilities of the two spirit rings, and finally fainted to the ground. Tang San continued to transfuse blood for the Dugu Goose and finally poisoned her body. All solved.

Dugu Bo’s painful killer against the Golden Triangle, Yu Xiaogang desperately protected Liu Erlong. Thanks to Tang San’s timely appearance, Dugu Bo learned that Dugu Goose had been completely detoxified, and hurried in to check. Liu Erlong witnessed Yu Xiaogang using his body to protect her, Rand also testified, Liu Erlong was enthusiastic.

Rand wanted to take Xiao Wu and Tang San away. Tang San wanted to watch Dugu Yan wake up with his own eyes. After Xiao Wu woke up, she had nothing left. Tang San wanted to return her martial power, but she didn’t have a spirit ring, Tang San wanted to use this method to detoxify Dugu Bo, Dugu Bo politely declined, as long as Tang San rescued Dugu Goose.

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