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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 26 Recap

Ning Rongrong is not interested in the Golden Triangle. He just wants to know the relationship between Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang. Rand admits that Liu Erlong likes Yu Xiaogang very much, but Yu Xiaogang is in love with the head of the Wuhun Palace Bibi Dong, from then on, the Golden Triangle was dissolved. Osike wondered if Rand had anyone he liked, and Rand hurriedly changed the subject.

Yu Xiaogang told Liu Erlong about his experience over the years in detail. Liu Erlong learned that he had not contacted Bibi Dong, so he was willing to change the name of Lan Ba ​​to the Silanke Academy, and let Yu Xiaogang take the students to the competition in a fair way. , Liu Erlong also asked Lande to be the head of the garden, and she and Yu Xiaogang were both teachers.

Hu Liena negotiated with Xue Qinghe. Xue Qinghe found out that she was not Hu Liena, so he tied her up with the spirit of the six spirit rings. Hu Liena had to admit that Hu Liena was dead, and she was Bibi Dong’s daughter Qian Renxue. The purpose was to replace Dai Mubai and obtain the kingship of the Star Luo Kingdom. Hu Liena used the spirit abilities Bibi Dong imparted to her to release the weapon spirit without any effort, and Xue Qinghe was immediately dumbfounded.

Qian Renxue showed the Ye Mingzhu on her chest, and immediately exchanged her body with Xue Qinghe. She used Xue Qinghe’s body to give orders not to allow anyone to enter the room and let the guards put food at the door every day. Liu Erlong changed the brand of Xueyuan to Schranke, and gave the head of the garden to Rand.

Then Liu Erlong took Yu Xiaogang and Rand to sign up. Because Prince Xue was a hindrance, he forced them to owe Wuhun. The hall’s 2000 gold soul coins were returned before they were allowed to sign up. The three of them discussed and decided to make money on the spot. They also took out the drama written by Osike. Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were not acting as princesses, so Osike had to ask Ma Hongjun to act as a frog. princess.

Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and others cleaned the inside and outside of the Academy. Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun bite the bullet and cooperated with Osike on the street to make money. Osike was fully engaged. He acted very seriously and deeply.

Well received by the audience. Ning Rongrong sold Tang San’s god crossbow to his father at a high price, and he immediately notified Tang San. Tang San thanked her for her help. Ning Rongrong hoped that Tang San and Dai Mubai could enter the finals smoothly. Tang San also wanted Shi Lan. Ke Xue Yuan became the best, and the Slan Ke team was number one in the world.

Xiao Wu saw a vendor selling rabbits on the street and felt that the rabbits were very pitiful. She wanted to release all the rabbits. Ning Rongrong hurried over to find her. Suddenly, the two of them found that Tang San was missing and hurried back to the Academy to report. Until it got dark and Tang San hadn’t returned yet, Lande and Yu Xiaogang went through the ins and outs of the matter, and people who suspected the Royal Academy took Tang San away.

Tang San woke up in a daze and found that he was caught in a cave. He turned around inside and out. He heard someone calling his name from a distance. Dugu Bo suddenly came and forced Tang San to explain to Dugu Goose. Regarding the poisoning, Tang San admitted that Ye Zhiqiu asked him to poison the Dugu Goose, but he didn’t really poison him. He just lost his mind when absorbing the spirit ring of the human face devil spider, and the poison bottle accidentally leaked.

Dugu Bo is a Poison Douluo, he is best at using poison, but he is also powerless against the poison in Dugu Goose. It is a highly poisonous poison that changes at any time. Dugu Bo is very strange. Tang San is also poisoned. He cannot survive. Forcing Tang San to take out the antidote, Tang San had to admit that he was invincible, because there was the venom of the mandala snake and the venom strain of the human face demon spider in his body. No poison could harm him, so Dugu Bo forced him. Drink a venom test.

Xiao Wu broke into the Royal Academy to find Tang San, but was blocked by the guards. Xiao Wu was enraged and knocked them stunned with three punches and two kicks. Yu Tianheng heard the news and rushed to stop Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu refused to forgive, and resorted to He tried his best to attack him and was knocked out by Yu Tianheng on the spot.

Yu Tianheng wanted to send someone to inform Lan Ba ​​Academy to pick her up. Prince Xue Xing resolutely refused to do it and ordered Xiao Wu to hang outside the gate of the Academy. Rand, Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong came in time to rescue Xiao Wu. Prince Xue Xing threatened Rand, but Rand ignored him and left with Xiao Wu.

Dugu Bo let Tang San drink a lot of poison in one sigh. He was still safe and sound. Dugu Bo tried to ask Canghui Academy for poisoning the Dugu Goose. Tang San didn’t know it. He also wanted to find out the secret of Canghui Academy. Go with Dugu Bo. When Dugubo walked halfway, he found that the jade pendant on his chest suddenly flashed red, and realized that he was also poisoned. He did not dare to go forward. Dugubo infused Dugu goose’s blood into his body beforehand. The closer the Hui Academy was, the more severe the poison was. Dugubo realized that Ye Zhiqiu’s target was him, so Tang San had to go to Canghui Academy to find out the truth alone.

Tang San came to Canghui Academy and exposed Ye Zhiqiu’s conspiracy to poison Dugu Bo to his face. Ye Zhiqiu took him to see the Yuan Chief. Tang San’s heart raised his throat, but he didn’t expect that the person who came out was not his father.

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