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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 25 Recap

Kudi Liuli put the lotus lantern prepared by Pei Xingjian into the pond, and sent his grief to the dead mother. Pei Xingjian played a flute to greet the dead.

Song Tao knelt outside the palace gate and waited for Wu Cairen, repeatedly apologizing to her, regretting betraying Caiyue’s slander, and betraying Wu Cairen. Wu Cairen discovered that something was wrong with her early on and deliberately revealed the peony pattern in front of her.

Unexpectedly, Song Tao could not wait to report to Concubine Yang, thanks to Yuliu following her all the way. Song Tao wanted to stay with Wu Cairen, and after vowing to be loyal to Wu Cairen, Wu Cairen no longer believed in her, and asked Yuliu to inform Naibu Pan and send Song Tao elsewhere. Songtao determined that Concubine Yang would not let her go, and begged Yuliu to help her intercede, but Yuliu was helpless and persuaded her to do it for herself.

Concubine Yang sent people to follow Li Zhi’s every move, and learned that he cared for Kudi Liuli, and often called to the palace to drink. Concubine Yang sent Caiyue to spread the news that Li Zhi liked male style. The rumors soon spread. There was an uproar in the palace. Deng Qiniang wanted to embroider the customs of the West City. She asked Zhuo Jinniang about the embroidery stitches. Zhuo Jinniang flatly refused. Deng Qiniang was very sad. Kudi Liuli hurried to comfort Deng Qiniang when she heard about this.

That night, Ku Di Liuli and Pei Xingjian met at Yixin Palace. She gave Pei Xingjian the bedclothes made by herself. Pei Xingjian forbade her to make bedclothes for other men. Kudi Liuli made fun of him for not being like a man. She saw if she was a real man, Kudi Liuli flees in fright.

Jiang Nei’s attendant specially selected a handsome in-house attendant and sent it to the East Palace to please Li Zhi, but was turned away by the king’s attendant. Wu Cairen heard the rumor that Li Zhi was masculine and alluded that the other party was Kudi Liuli. Li Zhi reported the letter, but Li Zhi disapproved. Wu Cairen reminded Li Zhi to be more careful. Pei Xingjian also persuaded Li Zhi to distance himself from Kudi Liuli. Li Zhi repeatedly claimed that he had been discussing with Kudi Liuli recently, and did not care about the rumors.

Concubine Yang sent people to give Li Shimin soup and tonic every day, and she also inquired about Li Shimin’s physical condition. After waiting for a month, Li Shimin was moved by Concubine Yang’s sincerity, and forgiveness for the Obon meeting. Li Shimin’s favor. The rumors about Li Zhi’s masculinity became more and more outrageous, and Fei Yang repeatedly told Li Ming to be tight-lipped about these and never let Li Shimin hear them from their mother and son.

Regardless of the king’s servant’s dissuasion, Li Zhi often called Kudi Liuli to the East Palace. The servant recommended by Jiang’s servant was responsible for the incense of the East Palace. He acted in a hurry on the surface, secretly paying attention to Li Zhi’s every move. Pei Xingjian called Ku Di Liuli to the back door and repeatedly told her not to see Li Zhi in the East Palace, lest the rumors would hurt her safety, Ku Di Liuli fully agreed. Unexpectedly, the king’s servant also came in through the back door and forcibly called Kudi Liuli away.

Li Ming saw Wang’s servant brought Kudi Liuli to the East Palace, and heard that Concubine Yang was accompanying Li Shimin. He felt that the time was right, so he asked the servant to put medicine in the incense burner. After Li Ming arranged everything, he came to greet Li Shimin. Concubine Yang wanted to go to the lotus pond in the East Palace to pick lotus seeds to defeat Li Shimin. Li Shimin also wanted to go with him. He called Li Ming to go with him. Li Ming naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Due to the medicinal effect in the incense, Kudi Liuli felt red, weak, and sweating constantly. Li Zhi watched her sweating dumbly. Kudi Liuli was very uncomfortable. He wanted to take the drawing back, but he fainted without taking a few steps. Li Zhi quickly picked her up and let her rest in the East Palace temporarily. Kudi Liuli resisted in every possible way.

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