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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 29 Recap

When Sheng Huainan watched from the floor-to-ceiling window at the two people who communicated very closely, Gu Zhiye couldn’t wait to show up, and could not help but persuade Luo Zhi to stay away from each other. The corner of Luo Zhi’s eyes turned to Sheng Huainan’s small gesture of stealing Gu Zhiye’s business card, and he deliberately teased him and returned to the exchange meeting without looking back.

At this time, Gobi was already drunk, but was still forced to drink by a girl who admired him and couldn’t. Chen Mohan, the current girlfriend of Gobi, only felt ashamed. Although Jiang Baili announced loudly that she had broken up with Gobi, she couldn’t help but stop the wine.

Jiang Baili patted Gobi on the shoulder, praised the other party generously, and congratulated him on the success of the exchange meeting, and then walked away. It was not until Luo Zhi chased out the exchange meeting that Jiang Baili finally stopped depressing her emotions and hid in her arms and wept bitterly. But even though she was extremely lonely in her heart, Jiang Baili had to leave first, not willing to disturb the world of Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan.

Looking at Sheng Huainan turned out to be even more rascal, grabbing Luo Zhi’s bag to force her not to leave, and immediately returned to Luo Zhi after explaining the affairs of the exchange meeting. Sheng Huainan suddenly hugged Luo Zhi to express his confession. Although he could not explain the reason for his fluctuating heat, he eagerly hoped that Luo Zhi could accept his sincerity with trust.

Sheng Huainan unwilling to confess, let Luo Zhi escape. She had admired Sheng Huainan for many years, but now how could she resist such a confession? Luo Zhi subconsciously wanted to calm herself down, but she was still asked to leave by a text message from Sheng Huainan.

As the countdown approached, Gobi was abandoned by Chen Mohan, only to think of Jiang Baili’s company. Gu Zhiye took away Jiang Baili who was sitting alone on the street crying, and directly grabbed the phone and refused for her. With Gu Zhiye’s encouragement, Jiang Baili was not as humble as in the past. It is her biggest wish for the New Year to quit Gobi in one year.

Countdown to the New Year, Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi set off fireworks on the balcony, playing together and counting down together. A new year, a new beginning, to be able to spend with the beloved and welcome a happy future, this is a rare and precious moment.

On the first day of the new year, Luo Zhi got an invitation from Sheng Huainan, and Gobi gave up begging Chen Mohan for forgiveness for the first time, and instead asked Jiang Belle to have breakfast. The two cheered each other away, stayed away from the scumbag, and refused the invitation. Then, Gu Zhiye’s invitation surprised Jiang Baili. After all, the two of them drove together for a night drive. In the face of the humorous and gentle Gu Zhiye, Jiang Baili did not mind trying a new relationship even though he could not give up loving Gobi.

Under Jiang Baili’s various pleadings, Luo Zhi agreed to accompany her to the invitation, but when he saw that the other party was Gu Zhiye, and still kept stalking her, Luo Zhi’s impression of this man was even worse. Before the start of a meal, Luo Zhi took advantage of Jiang Baili’s time to leave and warned Gu Zhiye to behave, and then left alone.

By coincidence, Luoyang called, but Luo Zhi encountered Sheng Huainan who was entangled with Ye Zhanyan on the way to the appointment. Ye Zhanyan deliberately behaved intimacy with Sheng Huainan in front of Luo Zhi, and forcibly stopped Sheng Huainan who wanted to come forward to explain.

Facing Ye Zhanyan’s provocation, Luo Zhi would no longer only evade like in the past. She chose to turn her head and face Ye Zhanyan, and asked the other party to return the diary. The diary is the most private item, and the means by which Ye Zhanyan and Ding Shuijing obtain it will certainly not be fair and honest. Ye Zhanyan has always slandered Luo Zhi’s character, so naturally he would not admit his villain behavior in front of Sheng Huainan.

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