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To Be With You 约定 Episode 15 Recap

Nowadays, the fake “training team” pulled up by Chen Memorial is full of conditions, which made Wang Yaping’s mood very unstable. In the end, Chen Changhai decided to take Chen Memorial to the provincial team coach Li Cailing. After learning about Wang Yaping’s situation from Chen Memorial, Li Cailing immediately stated that she would help Wang Yaping recover her memory and pursue her dream of youth.

After careful preparation, Li Cailing pretended to be coach Guo of the national training team and brought several professional table tennis players to the training base to review all the players including Wang Yaping. Fortunately, Wang Yaping did not recognize Li Cailing on the spot, and Chen Changhai was nearby, so Li Cailing personally guided Wang Yaping’s skills in the name of Coach Guo.

Sure enough, in this game, Wang Yaping still lost to Li Cailing, but although she was defeated, it was precisely because of a strong opponent that she felt better, thinking that she had not come to the province in vain and rekindled her fighting spirit. Seeing his wife fighting on the court with blood, Chen Changhai seemed to be back when he was young. Even Chen Memorial was deeply moved. He had never seen his mother so happy.

The father and daughter were finally comfortable after successfully easing Wang Yaping’s heart. Wang Yaping also deeply felt everyone’s care for her through this incident, and thanked everyone for the opportunity to let Coach Guo guide her. Wang Yaping saw the news of Hong Kong’s return from the morning news and learned that the Hong Kong return ceremony would be held in the next few nights, so she proposed to Chen Changhai to organize everyone to watch the live broadcast, but Chen Changhai refused on the spot for training.

The host played by Zhong Yi was recording the next day’s news. At this time, Wang Yaping slipped out of the dormitory at night. Chen Memorial noticed something was wrong, and suddenly found the time marked on the calendar by Wang Yaping, and instantly understood that she was going to the cafeteria to watch live TV, so he quickly called Tambus and the others to resolve the crisis separately.

Liu Ailun and Zhong Yi deliberately pretended to be dating couples in the cafeteria, which happened to give Chen Memorial a chance to take Wang Yaping away. Considering that Wang Yaping was unwilling, they took her directly to the window of Chen Changhai’s dormitory and looked through the binoculars. Xiang Chen Changhai’s room. Fortunately, Tambus was playing a video of Hong Kong’s return on TV in advance. Chen Changhai learned that his daughter and wife were watching the video with binoculars outside the window, and then imagined a family of three watching the return, and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Wang Yaping fulfilled her wish, and Chen Memorial and her sat on the steps outside, chatting, drinking beer and discussing life. On the other side, Chen Changhai thanked Tambos for his help and admired him. He wanted to win over Tambos, and invited him to the company to create value. He even offered to worship him. He didn’t expect that Tambos would actually like it. Chen Memorial’s thoughts. As soon as the voice fell, Chen Changhai suddenly became angry, thinking that his daughter was coveted, so he ran after Tambus all over the house, wishing to beat him violently.

Chen Memorial wanted to match Wang Yaping and Chen Changhai, but Wang Yaping thought that his career as an athlete was still very long, so he did not want to delay Chen Changhai’s youth. Since playing that game with Li Cailing, Wang Yaping has basically recovered her mental state, but she is not satisfied with becoming a national player. Instead, she has set her goal high and decided to fight for the Olympics, while also hiding her feelings for Chen Changhai.

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