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To Be With You 约定 Episode 14 Recap

Because of Wang Yaping’s “self-healing” ability, the father and daughter are very beginning, but Dr. Zhang said that this kind of situation is very rare. If Wang Yaping suddenly learns the truth, it may cause mental confusion. The best recovery plan is to let her continue. Stay in the ward and slowly accept the truth.

Chen Changhai was obsessed with table tennis until his wife, especially when Wang Yaping asked for rehabilitation training and was discharged from the hospital, and even asked to “return to the team”, so he and his daughter came up with a wonderful plan, that is, try to recover for 20 years. The former table tennis training center called on partners from all walks of life to stage a big show.

Although the plan was extremely troublesome to implement, the father and daughter relied on their extraordinary perseverance to successfully complete the preparations and set up a crew called “Menghui 1997”. The main personnel include best friend Zhong Yi who is in charge of art; friend Tam Buss is an engineer, Liu Ailun needs to provide scripts, as for Chen Changhai to play Wang Yaping’s coach, and the suitor Chen Changhai himself.

When everything was ready, Chen Memorial, as the chief director, contacted a group of amateur table tennis players and Wang Yaping’s old coach in private. Then he went to the nursing home with Chen Changhai and officially “notified” Wang Yaping that he was directly connected to the training team of the national team. Selected to start Wang Yaping’s alternative treatment.

That night, after receiving confirmation from the old coach, Wang Yaping took the luggage and boarded the coach to the training base with everyone. Because of the time and route set up in advance, Wang Yaping did not find any abnormalities. Even if there were some small episodes during the period, Chen Changhai basically dealt with it in time.

The so-called “Shanbei Table Tennis Training Base” is actually the site carefully decorated by the construction team led by Chen Changhai. When Wang Yaping saw the training base in front of him, he believed it was true and couldn’t help feeling a lot. In order to better take care of Wang Yaping, Chen Memorial and her were assigned to the same dormitory. As a result, it was not long before Wang Yaping arrived in the dormitory, and she almost caused a big trouble, thanks to the surprises afterwards.

Because Wang Yaping is getting older and her appearance is not as good as before, everyone is afraid that she can recognize clues from her appearance, and there is no mirror installed. However, Wang Yaping is curious about things without mirrors. Seeing that Wang Yaping’s curiosity became more serious, Chen Memorial summoned everyone to discuss how to deal with it. In the end, Tambost invented a filter mirror, which is actually whitening and dermabrasion. No one except Wang Yaping can take pictures.

This incident was barely fooled, and the next step was to assemble training. Since arriving at the training base, everything has been developing in the direction everyone expected, and Wang Yaping’s body has gradually improved. But what made Chen memorial most unexpected was that Wang Yaping was much better than others in terms of physical fitness and playing skills, so that she had won many battles and even began to fall into self-doubt, thinking that everyone was alienating her.

Chen Memorial never thought that amateur table tennis masters would be so vulnerable. If you follow this method, I am afraid that Wang Yaping’s memory has not recovered, but people suffer from depression. Based on this, Liu Ailun inferred that Wang Yaping was unable to integrate into the group, and she was filled with no one to tell her, so she had a feeling of escape and self-isolation.

In order to alleviate this emotion, Chen Changhai appeared in front of Wang Yaping as himself, and in the next few days, he frequently wooed her and confessed. The other students screamed. Wang Yaping focused on her career and didn’t plan to fall in love at all. So she couldn’t stand Chen Changhai’s pursuit. She threw a basin of footwashing water from the window, stupefyingly pouring Chen Changhai into a soup chicken.

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