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To Be With You 约定 Episode 13 Recap

Born in the 1970s, Wang Yaping was a professional table tennis player. His biggest dream in life is to participate in the Olympics and win glory for the motherland. However, her abilities are limited and she is not top-notch in the intensely competitive “national football” sport. In the end, she regrets retiring and chooses to marry Chen Changhai, who is also a table tennis player.

Chen Changhai loved his wife like a fool and was responsible for his family. He welcomed his baby daughter soon after getting married. In order to commemorate the love between the two, he named his daughter Chen Memorial. In the spring breeze of reform and opening up, in the era of rapid development of the real estate industry, Chen Changhai, with the unyielding spirit of sportsman and hardworking hands, soon owned his own decoration team and turned the decoration team into a rather talented one. Even a large-scale decoration company is named Cheng Yaping Decoration.

Also for the happy life of her family, Wang Yaping resisted the burden of taking care of her family. However, her life got better and better, but she suffered from a strange disease called “anterograde amnesia”, not only forgetting her family, but also herself No one remembers it. Since the medical profession has not yet figured out the mechanism of this disease, even after treatment by the most authoritative experts, Wang Yaping still has no improvement.

Since then, the sanatorium has become a part of Chen Changhai’s father and daughter’s daily life. As time goes by, Chen Changhai will take his family to take pictures every year, trying to make memories in this way. Because of this, Chen Memorial had the dream of becoming a director since she was a child, until her dream came true, and the literary talent she cultivated by the way also allowed her to have a smooth career in the film and television industry.

In the past ten years, Chen Memorial has grown up and can get a place. Chen Changhai has gradually grown old, but he has taken care of his wife unimpeded. The whole of China has undergone earth-shaking changes. First, it joined the WTO, followed by manned spaceflight. In addition, there are the Beijing Olympics and the international military parade. Larger cities have already been connected to subways. All parts of the country can be reached by high-speed rail in a few hours. Human footprints began to spread all over the world.

Although Wang Yaping is also in the midst of these changes, it is a pity that her memory is still more than ten years ago. This news makes Chen Changhai and his daughter feel complicated, both hope and confusion. As the attending doctor in charge of Wang Yaping, Dr. Zhang believes that Wang Yaping’s current state is a major improvement. As for whether he can completely restore his memory, family members’ efforts are needed. They should follow her life trajectory and must not be stimulated by modern things, otherwise the consequences Unimaginable.

According to Dr. Zhang’s instructions, Chen Changhai first figured out what year Wang Yaping’s memory fell in. After various trials, the two finally determined the specific time. When Wang Yaping lost to Li Cailing, who was also an athlete, this incident left an indelible regret in Wang Yaping’s heart. Chen Changhai pretended to be Chen Changhai’s fourth uncle, and Chen Memorial became the cousin of Chen Changhai. , There are miserable words, so I had to cooperate with Wang Yaping’s memory.

However, Wang Yaping always thought that she had fainted in that game, so she wanted to return to the team for training, and hoped to have another game with Li Cailing to determine the outcome. Doctor Zhang and the nurse stopped in every possible way, but Wang Yaping wanted to sneak away. Fortunately, Chen Changhai and his daughter showed up in time to prevent Wang Yaping from escaping from the nursing home.

On the way home, the father and daughter discussed how to solve the current troubles, while also trying to find a way to find Li Cailing and Wang Yaping to play a game. It was a pity that it was said lightly, but it was difficult to practice. Chen Changhai went to Li Cailing in person, but was rejected by the other party. Just as he and his daughter returned without success, they were awakened by the flyers on the street.

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